Quiet Voice

This business of fighting for your dreams and trying to write about it isn't for the faint of heart! I'm beginning to think I need an embedded reporter! As much as I'd love to write from the "front lines" as we chase our dream, the reality is it's hard to write and fight at the same time.

The small post I did manage to write this morning has disappeared, and I'm too tired to try again. {It was about blessing the name of the Lord in the midst of sufferings.} Oh, well. Perhaps I should honor my quiet voice today.

Before I go, I want to thank you again for your encouraging comments and emails. I haven't been able to reply all of them, but I want you to know that your words have strengthened my spirit! They were just what I needed this week!

Happy weekend, sweet friends!


  1. Thinking of you and cheering you on!

  2. I know this to be true Linsey! And as wonderful as blog world is, the ability of a friend in skin and bone to look into your eyes and build into you from your unspoken/written words is crazy powerful. We know your words will come - in the best time - in God's time. :) Be blessed ~

  3. I love that sign! I can't remember how soon it is until the move begins but I'm sure it's daunting and that your thoughts can run amuck. But I admire your courage to do this! It's exciting!

  4. All will be well Linsey .

  5. "It really is hard to write and fight at the same time."
    oh my goodness...you took the words right out of my heart.
    THAT'S what I've been feeling, and I couldn't find words for it.

    I'm "fighting" to beat the chronic pain and to get my energy levels back to normal...we're in the middle of another move....and it has been SO hard to write...to be creative....to feel like myself...much less sharing it on the blog....

    thank you for the words...I needed them!!

  6. Ahh... I love this reminder Linsey. Love it! :)

  7. I am very new to your lovely blog but am touched by your honesty and vulnerability to share in the difficult times as in the good times. And I am no stranger to the hard times either. Many of us appreciate it when we know that others share their trials and tribulations with us so that we can not just commiserate, but relate and share and show that we too, care. Your words have touched all of us who have had the privilege to read them -- and to read the unwritten, read-between-the-lines cry of your heart. Praying on your behalf that our merciful God will show His strength through those weak times. Only believe, and you will see the Glory of the Lord. John 11:40.

  8. Hi Linsey. Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring blog. Surely, we will never meet in this world, but please know that I am praying Gods grace and favor on you and your lovely family. I'm sorry for the valley you are traveling through, but I know without a doubt that He goes before you and prepares the way.

  9. Linsey, If its worth having its worth fighting for! Take it from someone who knows how difficult this part is;)! My motto in life is "trust your gut, trust your gut, trust your gut".... you know the truth, now it's time to fight to make it happen!! If this were easy everyone would do it... and they don't. Sending you a BIG hug and lots of understanding...

    p.s. there is a lot of strength and power in the 'quiet voice'!!

  10. fighting and writing is HARD!
    I pray for His strength to be yours at each moment
    when you find yourself in need..that He be your first drink
    Drink deep friend..drink deep
    Giving you a big hug..get plenty of rest when you can
    and take time to just be..even if for 5 minutes.

    ps..i need to take my own advice;)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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