Beauty in the Fields {Marburger}

Lord, what would You have me share today? The most obvious thing on this Good Friday would be to share some Easter Thoughts, yet I find myself itching to share the beauty I captured with my camera at Marburger on Tuesday.

I won't try to spiritualize shopping, but I will say that beauty, whether it's revealed in a sunset or in a field full of antiques, points my heart toward God. I find myself giving thanks for beauty in the most unexpected places!

Are you ready to see some serious beauty in the fields? Enjoy this overflow of inspiration from opening day at Marburger!

{Shades of Grey; turns out, one of these lovely ladies is a blog reader!}

{I bought this one!}

{Lovely styling by Judy at J Hill Designs.}

{2 Lucy's; sweetest blog reader ever. Thank you, Tracey, for all
of your sweet words of encouragement about what I share here!}

{My neighbor bought the Bibles. Aren't they awesome?!?!}

{Kimberly Williams, who you can also find at MAI.}

{You know I had to buy this!}

And to think that there was so much more!
Beauty abounds, my friends!

Happy Easter!

P.S. Did you know there's a new {free!} app that will serve as your Round Top guide? More on that here and here. Thanks for the scoop Gretchen! So nice to meet you in the fields.

P.P.S. I had to shoot fast because of the body-to-body crowds on opening day, so I don't have all the sources. If you know one, please let me know! I'd love to share!


  1. Oh my! Wish I were there with you. Love the pillows and I would want to come home with the entire tray of those gorgeous ribbons! Sigh... (Off for the weekend, so I want to wish you and yours a most blessed Easter!)

  2. Oh my goodness! Beautiful! I had so many favorites! I was just talking about this tonight! Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures! Especially since I live to far to visit:( Hope you have a special Easter!

  3. these are some amazing photos...thanks for sharing! i really hope to go someday...

  4. Wow lins- great photos and gorgeous stuff!!
    Happy Easter to you.

  5. lovely and beautiful in every way! I feel like there's a few items I may have wanted to purchase. Happy Easter!!

  6. i love that your heart truly does find beauty in the unexpected places my friend!
    amazing pieces...wow!!!

  7. what beautiful images....you took gorgeous pictures of everything!
    We share this in common..finding beauty in the most unexpected places.

    Isn't it amazing to feel overwhelmed by God's goodness and bigness when you see something beautiful?

    Happy Easter, Linsey!

    Hey...I got your comment about your husband being extra awesome at solving back pain. WISHING I lived closer to you! :)

  8. Awww, Linsey Lou...I miss shopping Marburger with you! Maybe in the Fall??? And seeing the picture of Judy's booth reminds me of that silly chair that went from your house, to my house, to COLORADO, back to my house and finally to a client's house!! Oh the miles that sweet little chair traveled!

    Happy Easter to your girls and to JD! We love yall much!

  9. I realllllly wish I could come shopping with you and Holly!!! Your pictures are beautiful!!! i love the pillow you bought too!! I hope you had a beautiful Easter today with your family. I was wondering if your daughter sang in church this morning. I hope you share it on the blog if she did!! much love, tessa

  10. Lovely shots and THINGS! Happy Easter to you and your family.

    ♥ sécia

  11. Beautiful, beautiful images. Many of the same things caught my eye, but I was in a slow and easy mode with a friend and had no blogging, picture taking desire whatsoever.....so, thank YOU. Could you not just take home every single thing in the 2 Lucy's booth? It was one of my most favorites! And that assemblage of red book covers with the dried flowers and the fragments....gorgeous. Oh I could go on and on, but thank you for sharing. Just lovely!!

  12. beautiful post...i am going to link to it tomorrow! many of the same things caught my eye..love love love the ribbon and i bought a louise philipe mirror in the field with the rounded corners but it was the same price at marburger...its not always more expensive


  13. I want one of each, please. Great stuff. Just got an olive bucket this weekend at Scott's in Atlanta for $40.

  14. I stumbled on your blog today, GORGEOUS pictures. Id love to share on our facebook if you dont mind. Please let me know if I can post a couple of your pics and a link to your blog- Id love to share them! And i hope you are coming to the fall show! If you do, be sure to check out the VIB program. www.roundtop-marburger.com


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