Round Top Time!

It's Round Top time in Texas! Marburger is my favorite of the antique shows because of the beautiful booth styling and great looking goods {especially on opening day}, but Warrenton is where to find the deals. {Good map of the area here; and a new Round Top app here.}

So yesterday morning after dropping the girls off at school, I did the craziest thing. {Crazy for me because it was spontaneous!} I drove out to the country for some beauty hunting. Just me and my camera. People usually plan these things in advance with girlfriends, but I just felt a sudden desire to get out of the city and enjoy the day!

The sun was bright as could be in the big Texas sky, so not the best conditions for good photography {or my super fair skin}, but for those of you wondering what's out there, here's some inspiration for you!

You can guess which one I loved best!

Of course I came home with more than one.

Hand stamped by Jill Suzanne @ Tree Park.
{See map for specific location.}

Olive harvesting buckets.
You'll see them everywhere, but they're cheapest from the Turkish importers.
{Blanking on the name...in Bar W Field.}

Bar W {same Turkish importers}.

Faulkenberry's @ Bar W.

Spotted in Bar W Field.
{Can't remember the dealer, but mostly French finds...love!}

Concrete designs by Richard Taylor @ Excess.
{Excess is a must-see. Creative, trend-setting, higher end.}

Richard Taylor.

Cutest thing I saw all day...

Brand new baby kittens in Richard Taylor's booth!
{Not even his cat!}

Dave Lennard @ Excess.
{He makes these for Mecox Gardens; they cost less in the field.}

John Norton @ Excess
{Had to buy three of these since they came from Midcoast Maine!}

Olive harvesting bucket-turned-pendant light @ Excess.

More industrial lighting @ Excess.

More my style!

Did you know I collect crowns? Not ambitiously, but as I see them.
{They remind me of who I am...a daughter of the King!}

Moving down the road to Blue Hills at Round Top...

Best restroom in the whole area if you ask me!
{Unless you're a fan of port-o-potties.}

Back to the good stuff...

Wish they had an H like this!
Letters of all styles and sizes were everywhere.

Super long basket would be awesome at the end of a bed!

Bobo Intriguing Objects @ Blue Hills.

Belgian wine tasting table from Bobo.
{I bought it!}

Of course I spy an awesome dining table when I'm not looking for one!
Elizabeth Supple @ Blue Hills.

Elizabeth Supple @ Blue Hills.

I tried to walk away from that big ol' coffee table. {No way will it fit in my car!}
Texted my husband. He loved it...said "go for it!" Even offered to drive
a trailer up next week to retrieve it. What a guy!

Looks like we'll be making a quick trip back!
Maybe on Marburger's opening day?
We'll see!

Oh, and FYI: dealers were still setting up on Monday, and not everyone is there yet, but there was PLENTY to see. You'll see a lot more dealers this weekend and next week, but you can score some great finds if you go before the Marburger and Round Top dealers scoop them all up and sell them for twice the price the following week! {Crazy, but true. It's the way the game is played, my friends!}

So how about you? Any plans to drive out to the fields for some beauty hunting?

Happy hunting!

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your encouraging words about the Franklin Dream. I love that there are so many of you reading along who know how to dream big! I could learn a thing or two from you! No matter what happens or where we live, I'm thankful for this season of dreaming, praying, waiting and trusting. It's been SO good for me!


  1. that's so fun that you were so spontaneous! What a great day! LoVE the tables in this post. Have fun with your new coffee table!

  2. Wow! Good for you:) What a perfect day! I do have to admit, I am a little jealous! I wish I lived closer so I can soak up all that goodness! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Can't wait to see your tables in their new home:)

  3. Beauty hunting with your camera... now that sounds like a perfect day! Looks like you found all kinds of beauty! Gorgeous photos. All of them... gorgeous! :)

  4. Ooooh, I have always wanted to go there! I love your new table...please post pics when you get it all set up! And thank you so much for the wonderful words of healing you gifted me with today! I am doing well!

  5. What a lovely way to spend the day! I am a bit jealous. Everything is so pretty and picturesque. So glad you enjoyed your day and the table is perfect! :)

  6. Love that you went out there on a whim, how I wish I could do the same! I'm hoping to head out on Sunday morning with my partner in crime, good ole mom. ;)
    Thanks for giving us a preview, not I know exactly where to head!!

    PS- LOVE LOVE that wine tasting table, great find.

  7. Looks like so much fun and some great finds! Thanks for sharing the vendors and map - very helpful! Can't wait until the GBC women's retreat comes around this fall to make another trip out! - Rachel

  8. Warrenton is open already? I find those Round Top schedules so confusing. Was planning on a bluebonnet hunting trip for the weekend anyway, hmmmmm......

    1. Not everything is officially up and running, but still plenty of good shopping (more than I could do in a day). It was my first time to go this early. I liked that it was mellow and not crowded. I think dealers will be trickling in all through this week, so the weekend should be a perfect time to stop in!

  9. oh my GOODNESS!! this is awesomeness at its best..I want...
    thank you so much for sharing this Lyns
    praying your dream continues to come to fruition
    love you

  10. Hey, Love the post! Lots of vendors are out two full weeks prior to the BIG weekend (which will kick off a week from tomorrow). Right now its mostly the professional antiquers, decor studios and the like that are out shopping, scoping the best deals.
    Be sure you check out the new website all about the show at www.compendium237.com There is even an interactive (google) map of all the venues and such! Pretty handy.

    1. Thanks for the website info! I know some people who could use the inventory form so that they don't leave things behind! I use my checkbook and receipts to keep track, but for anyone who wants the form, here's the link:

  11. Ah! Wish I could see it all in person!

  12. Please show us that coffee table in place. Not sure about the base...what was it? Those type pieces make a room so interesting.
    xo Dianne

  13. I'm not going until Marburger next week. Hopefully I'll still find some neat things. I really like those olive baskets; hoping I find a few left!

  14. I loved your pictures and really appreciate a blogger who goes the extra mile on photos and info. Thanks. I live only minutes away from Round Top and get excited every spring and fall.

  15. Beautiful pictures and post! Don't you just love Round Top?! Like you said, I love going to Warrenton for the deals. I actually purchased the burlap and iron chandelier you pictured above last year when I was there. I have loved it! And I love Richard Taylor too! I bought the prettiest concrete lattice flower pot and 2 concrete lamp stands that have intricate detail. So sad I could not make it this year!

  16. It looks so amazing, I have to go some time! Thanks for sharing such great pictures!


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