Dreaming About My Garden

Signs of spring are everywhere here in Houston, which reminds me...it's time to get my garden game on! Remember my little wine box garden?

Who knew that these images of my first-ever garden would travel all over the world via blogs and Pinterest? I was especially honored when the UK's Fennel and Fern asked to feature my garden {here}. My goodness! Fennel and Fern is the real deal!

But hello?!?! Does anyone know that I have no clue what I'm doing over here?!?!

I thought I'd have a little more of a plan this year {maybe even start some things from seed}, but it looks like I'll be winging it again {buying whatever plants are available locally}. As long as I can make a salad from what grows in my boxes, I'm happy! One thing I know for sure: if I over think or over plan, I'll never get around to the actual gardening. {Note to self here.}

For those who are curious about the fate of last year's wine boxes...they fell apart on me. {Early signs of that here.} This year, I'll start with new boxes and weatherproof them with a couple coats of Danish Oil {as suggested in one of my gardening books}. And if I were really serious about making these wine boxes last, I'd reinforce the corners with stainless steel brackets. We'll see if I get around to that step. {This is where serious gardeners should look the other way. The recovering perfectionist in me has to learn to let things go...even if it means an imperfect garden.}

The question I'm most often asked: where do I find the wine boxes? Some have joked that we must drink a lot of wine. Well...we kinda do! Blame it on my inner French girl...or our honeymoon to Napa and Sonoma Valley 14 years ago. {Note to my teenage friends: I didn't drink a thing until I was 21. No need to ruin your taste buds with the cheap stuff you see at parties!} Anyway...my husband and I enjoy tasting different wines and often go back to buy a case of the ones we like best so that we have plenty to share with friends. Naturally, we've developed good relationships with a few local wine merchants, and they are happy to reward our loyalty with a wooden box here and there. Larger wine merchants {like Costco or Spec's} will sometimes sell you their boxes. Or, if you're handy and crafty, you could make your own {and transfer or stencil your own lettering}.

It may be a couple of weeks before I have time to dig in the dirt, but I wanted you to know what was twirling around in my head in case you need a little inspiration to jump-start your garden dreams!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm dreaming about your garden too. I just love it.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Congratulations! And good job... I love those pictures and obviously everyone else does too! - Jalon

  3. We don't get to think about our garden until april or may BUT I did get mine all cleaned up and mulched last weekend so that feels really good! I can't believe how far your photos went! That must be SO fun! Happy garden planning.

  4. I remember seeing that last year. I love them. I just went to a garden class and bought a similar container to plant in. They suggest you place black garbage bags inside the boxes and trim down, then cut slits in the bottom of the bag and less water will drain out therefore, the wood will last longer. I planted mine 3 weeks ago - so far so good. How awesome how far your pics traveled. Love it!!!!

  5. Every spring I say I am going to garden...maybe this is the year! I love the boxes too and Costco is a great idea! Happy Tuesday friend!

  6. This is such a great idea- and so pretty!! You always inspire me!

  7. I remember your garden and wine boxes from last year...my how time flies!
    I am hungering for Spring!
    I now have space to plant something. Not much time to tend it so I need to be choosey with what I plant...
    little boxes of some sort would be just perfect for that wouldn't it?
    anyway friend...had a breather and catching up with friends.
    Happy Tuesday

  8. I see your wine-box garden on pinterest ALL THE TIME! Can't wait to see what you plant this spring! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely words about my Quatrine piece! It makes me a wee-bit giddy! Blesses me tremendously to have a compliment from you--your taste is positively beautiful!

  9. Linsey, I finally read your post on The Feingold Diet yesterday, better late than never right ;-) So I immediately wrote this looong email about your post and sent it off but it was returned? Do you have an email to share?

    Warmly, T

  10. so beautiful! So impressive & so manageable! I love that idea of using wine boxes...

    And Pinterest is so fabulous for sharing information! I just love it all...its what brought me to your blog!


  11. So glad you posted about your garden this year. It may be June, but I'm not deterred. I was sealing my boxes just yesterday afternoon; second coat today. :)


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