Country Dreams + Winners

I've got rolling hills, stacked stone walls, four-board horse fences and big red barns on the brain. No chance of seeing those things in Houston, but I know where to find them: Franklin, Tennessee!

And because we all love great looking kitchens,
how about this one found in an updated Franklin farm:

{All photos borrowed from current real estate listings.}

When I was at Vanderbilt, I fell in love with Franklin. With its historic downtown and picturesque country charm, it's easy to love. But there's something deeper there for me. Between church, counseling and finding out that my mom was born right next door to where I did those two things, Franklin is part of my story...part of who I am. Funny how God works.

We'll be chasing down the beauty of Franklin in person soon...embarking on "Take Two" of a road trip that fell through two years ago. {More on that here if you're dying to know how hard it is for me to let go of expectations and go with the flow! I'm learning slowly!} I can't wait to show the girls my old stomping ground!

Now for the real reason you're here today!
The winners of the LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE giveaway:

I'm thrilled to send some stationery your way!
{Be sure to email me with your name and mailing address.}

Thanks to all of you who entered the drawing. It was fun to see so many new names! Welcome!

Blessings and hugs to you, sweet blog friends!


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners and can't wait to hear more about your upcoming road trip. Franklin looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy Spring break~

  2. so beautiful!

    contrages to the lucky winners!! xoxo

  3. Linsey,
    Whooo-hooo! I'm a winner! Only I can't get the email to go thru. If you don't mind emailing me so I can send you my address that would be great. I'm sorry to be such trouble.:)

  4. Wow, can you imagine living with those vistas? They better not take it for granted! Exciting to hear that you guys have an adventure on the horizon. I love having dreams to looks forward to! Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  5. I am a delighted to be a winner! Thank you so very much! I hate to trouble you, but I can't get the email to transmit. Could you email me - njsi1220@yahoo.com - so I can send my address?

    Thank you! I am so excited!! :)

    wishing I could transport myself there:)
    ENJOY every minute and we will want pictures upon return.

  7. great real estate stalking!! I am from Nashville and always like seeing images from home!


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