A Tea and Cookie Date

I've started a new tradition with my girls: spontaneous after-school tea and cookie dates at our favorite neighborhood spot: Tiny's No. 5. When we need a little pick me up, this does the trick every time! I think you'll see why...and it's not just the cookies!

{My girls in their Go Texan Day getup. Yeehaw!}

All of this beauty in what was once a neighborhood grocery store...
the one I walked to almost every day as a child.

Here's to new traditions! 
Happy Weekend, sweet friends!


  1. What a great way to spend the afternoon. Lovely company with tea and cookies.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Oh I wish my kids and I could join you! What a great place...and what a history! I love the design and furnishings...and those cookies...wow!

  3. Sign me up! I'd love a tea & cookie date :) Maybe your next get together can be held here. I so wish I could come to one some time. San Antonio is really all that far away ...

  4. what an amazing place! You're making wonderful memories with your girls! I'm sure they love it so much when you do this!

  5. Sweet Emma and I do this every week with little baby Ella at our favorite neighborhood spot...old Tiny's! A cookie and lemonade for me and a cookie and cappuccino for Emma...sometimes we get adventurous and split the 3:30pm muffin too! Don't tell! ;) So fun that y'all do this too -- happy weekend! xo

  6. linsey, what a great place to share with your girls!!
    i love the details there!!
    they look so sweet in their texas ensembles too

  7. love this! what an adorable spot with a fun history. looks like you could of decorated the place!!
    xo, tessa

  8. What a sweet thing to do. I cherish the memories of things I got to do with my Mom.....because no matter what you buy them....it is the "time" you spend with them that is most precious.....

  9. loving this new tradition with your girls...they'll remember it forever. :)

    also, loving the pictures of this awesome favorite spot!!!!

  10. Oh, I wish I could transport that restaurant to Austin! I loved going there. It definitely adds a little sunshine to any day and what a sweet tradition with your girls!


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