Lacanche: The Crown Jewel of My Kitchen

A stunning range is the pièce de résistance in all of my favorite kitchens. And when it comes to creating something beautiful, classic and elegant yet very hardworking, the French are masters!

{A gorgeous La Cornue via House Beautiful.}

La Cornue is the probably the most well-known of the French ranges here in the States, but I'd like to introduce you to the equally beautiful Lacanche, also known as "the Stradivarius of the kitchen." They come in all kinds of colors, sizes and configurations, but the black and brass is my favorite.

A Lacanche is the centerpiece in this Suzanne Kasler country kitchen.

A Lacanche works equally well here in a more modern kitchen.

And my own Lacanche...

When we walked through our house for the first time nearly six years ago and spotted a newly imported Lacanche, I knew we were home. {More on the story of our house HERE.}

Would you believe me if I told you I'd rather have a Lacanche in my kitchen than a diamond on my finger? It's that gorgeous...jewelry for the kitchen! And like any jewelry, sometimes it needs a little polishing.

{patina on the left; polished on the right}

Until recently, I hadn't thought to polish the brass. I'm pretty sure the French just let it go and take pride in the spotty patina that comes with everyday use. But I got a wild {some would say insane} hair this weekend.

{polished handles on the doors; unpolished brass knobs above}

On the most beautiful, blue-sky, crisp and sunny day we've had this year, I stayed inside and cleaned my Lacanche for three and a half hours...in my nightgown! Talk about a labor of love! After hours of non-stop rubbing {with lots of Bar Keepers Friend}, my wrists, hands and shoulders are sore. Not sure what that says about me, but it was worth it!

{I even polished the logo plaque.}

And sitting on top of my beloved French range...

...easy access to our wooden spoons and a Le Creuset teakettle.

It's a good thing I love my Lacanche with a patina just as much as with a shine because I don't think I'll be tackling that project again for awhile!

There are lots of messes in life that can't be controlled or cleaned up, and those are the ones I'm learning to embrace, but sometimes it feels good to give something within your reach a good cleaning...just to see what's possible.

Happy Monday, sweet friends! Here's to a week where anything is possible!
P.S. You won't find a Lacanche in U.S. stores or catalogs, but you can import one through Art Culinaire. I'm told they are less expensive than La Cornue, though like any work of art, they're an investment. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat!


  1. Wow, that is a beauty! I love how unique it is and remember the story of when you first saw it! What a great use of an urn with your wooden spoons - it's all in the details!

  2. The stoves are like a sculpture... beautiful yet functionable! I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing these great images!!! simply gorgeous. Have a marvelous Monday.

  3. I am glad it made you happy to do that hard work.....accomplishment always brings a smile!

  4. Yet another reason your kitchen is a top favorite of mine! I had to smile when I saw your comment about preferring it over a diamond ring. I tell my husband that all the time when he's searching for gift ideas. Jewelry is always at the bottom of my list with home decor & tableware at the top.

  5. Wow it really does sparkle now, great job!!
    Such fun seeing you yesterday, we need to do that more often.
    Have a great week.

  6. your kitchen is amazing.......truly beautiful.

    It's one of my most favorite!!!

  7. So pretty! What is most funny to me is you did it in your nightgown! I can't tell you how many time I have done that.

  8. that is simply gorgeous! wowza! I've always told my husband that I'd like a gourmet kitchen/ stove more than jewelry any day of the week! Someday I would Like a wolf so bad!

  9. oh i would love to cook a meal on that stove!!
    AND---i have to say--if i had to choose what tool i couldn't live without in the kitchen, it would absolutely be my WOODEN SPOONS. i'd say i'm very militant about them...pity the poor scull who puts them back in their drawer wet, or doesn't put them back at all and sends me searching the restaurant for them all!! :)

  10. I LOVE your stove!! Beautiful!!

  11. I, too, own a Lacanche (the black was also always my favorite but we ultimately ended up with a beautiful blue which I have come to really love). I would also choose it any day over a rock on my finger. I do agree that a couple hours of elbow grease is well worth seeing that gorgeous shine, especially the copper.

  12. So wonderful to see how much you love your range. We were all set to get a Wolf until our builder showed us a kitchen he renovated recently that had a Lacanche. It was love at first sight.

  13. what style is your Lacanche? It looks like a cluny?


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