Tell Me About YOU!

A sweet blog friend recently asked me to participate in a "getting to know you" post with all kinds of fun questions. I loved reading hers, but I'm opting out. Because the truth is, I'd love to know something about YOU!

Beginning with...

Knowing who you are sure would inspire me! Imagine what a conversation over tea would be like if I did all the talking...and never even knew your name!!! Blogging can feel that way.

So after two-plus years of me rambling on about myself, it's your turn! Don't quite know what to say? How about a few questions to get you talking:
  • What INSPIRES you...or makes your HEART skip a beat?
  • What are you DREAMING about these days?
  • What would the PERFECT DAY look like for you?
  • Do you have a favorite HOBBY...or something NEW you'd love to learn?
  • What DRAWS you to this little ol' blog?
  • Is there anything you're hoping I'll say MORE about? Or photograph more often? 
  • Do you have your own BLOG? I'd love to visit!
I hope you'll indulge me with a comment today {even if it's just your name}, because I'd love to know who you are! {Email subscribers need to click here to leave a comment. Feeling shy? Send me an email!}

***Added note: feel free to tell me about you ANYTIME...even if it's months later. I'll still be here!

Love and hugs,

P.S. I have no idea how many people read my small potatoes blog, but I'm astounded to see that there are 6,000 people following my Pinterest boards. Not quite sure what that says! Write less? Oh, but the writer in me can't stand it! Plus, I love getting to know you here!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while now and love all of your home inspiration photos... which is why I LOVE following you in pinterest! :)
    As for me, I love home decor crafts, photography, Jesus, rambling on and "keepin' it real" over on the ol' blog, my boys, and reading about how other people's lives. We're all so different, so it's fun to see what works for others and makes people tick. :) Happy Friday!

  2. I read! I met you when you did your mini flea (which my sister and I loved!). I will send you an invite to my blog: www.shaewilson.blogspot.com
    I live in Houston and just like reading other Houston blogs to see what fun stuff people do around town, how they decorate, what they do with their kiddos, etc!

  3. I love your blog! I discovered it when I googled something and your blog popped up! (Of course I can't remember what I googled.)
    I enjoy your posts about your family and your faith and I am in total awe of your creative talent. I wouldn't change a thing.:)

  4. How fun for me to know your names! Thank you Hailey, Shae and Lisa!

  5. Hi Linsey!

    Love the beauty our Lord has created that you capture, both in words, thoughts and photos! It is always a nice "respite" to spend a few moments taking in your blog.

    I'm a homeschooling Momma with an awesome hubby and kids who has a passion for orphans. The perfect day will come this year when we bring our fourth child home from China where we will spend 2 whole weeks together bonding with him as a family!

    Would love to have you visit our little humble part of the internet! www.eastheadswest.blogspot.com
    Thanks for sharing your heart and your beautiful designs!

  6. What INSPIRES you...or makes your HEART skip a beat?
    My heart skips a beat when I see a beautiful home
    What are you DREAMING about these days?
    Simple days filled with contentment and love
    What would the PERFECT DAY look like for you?
    Waking up with my kiddos, enjoying a latte, going for a walk,, getting a massage, taking the girls to the museum or for a swim, read, and a quiet dinner with my husband while at the beach!
    Do you have a favorite HOBBY...or something NEW you'd love to learn? I just learned how to make a doll but I'd also love to continue more creative projects
    What DRAWS you to this little ol' blog?
    Your honest words and very similar taste in home design
    Do you have your own BLOG? I'd love to visit!

  7. Met you through "Cote" - came to your mini flea, BUT loved seeing the JOY of the Lord so present here. Then, you attended Captivating and I was on my way. My tiny blog has been dormant for a bit; {rough fall}, but a new year = peace-FULL! Hopefully we'll re-connect. xoxo

  8. Your questions are a great way to get to know someone. Beauty in nature, interiors, photography, food, and people invigorate me and makes me happy. I always am dreaming of pretty accessories, remodeling my kitchen and bathroom and adding to and embellishing my garden. The perfect day for me would be taking a trip with my husband and discovering wonderful restaurants and places of interest. A great day would be antiquing, visiting nurseries with lots of statuary elements and beautiful plants and having a good lunch with family or friends. When I learn something new about the computer or blogging or design of any kind it makes me happy. I was drawn to your blog because of beauty. I think you have a gift with words, photography and your spiritual faith is inspiring to me. Yes, I have my own blog and would love for you to visit. http://livingwiththanksgiving.blogspot.com
    You should be able to click on my picture and go right to my blog.

  9. I just love that a visit to your blog is just like a visit to your house for coffee. Love it.

    What am I dreaming about these days? I'm dreaming of my very own beagle puppy. Those ears, those eyes. I have puppy lust...

  10. love the truth and sweet friendship that i find here . . . love seeing bits of your home life, pictures of your sweet girls {they remind me so much of me & my sister}, and getting tips on gardening & cooking. love the genuine "you" that i find in your words. so glad you're back to blogging, blesses me to hear from you! ps dreaming about my quatrine sectional--due to arrive in feb or may!!!

  11. What draws me to this blog... YOU of course! I love to see what you are up to, see what you are creating, see what you are taking photos of. I love your blog just how you have it now. A nice variety of your life! Perfect. :)

  12. So--as I venture into the new world of slipped furn--I have a question for you. Are your slips linen? Do you clean them? If so, um, how do you do that??? I haven't a clue. Thanks for any advice you can give--I think it's going to make me want lots & lots of Quatrine pieces, but I'll have to set a lofty goal of one or two a year, I think! Big hug--enjoy your Sunday evening!

  13. Hi Amanda! I machine wash on cold with a gentle, natural detergent. I use the dryer, but don't dry them all the way. I have linen as well as linen/cotton blend. I LOVE my Quatrine furniture. I was very patient to accumulate the pieces I have. Worth the wait. People can't believe that my family room sofa is 12 years old with the original slip!

    1. Linsey, I am also a native Houstonian and just ordered my first two Quatrine chairs! I am waiting for the fabric to arrive and approve the fabric and then they tell me it'll be just two more weeks. Since I pounced on their promotion, I also am purchasing four custom pillows. Your raving about how much you love your Quatrine furniture really helped me make my decision and made me think about being patient in acquiring the things we really want instead of settling for something we don't really love just to have it sooner. Love your sweet blog! Vikki

  14. What INSPIRES you...or makes your HEART skip a beat?
    My Family and making my house a home
    What are you DREAMING about these days?
    A clean house with no laundry to do....
    What would the PERFECT DAY look like for you?
    Snowed in, family home, electricity working and pantry stocked....
    Do you have a favorite HOBBY...or something NEW you'd love to learn?
    I craft and decorate....
    What DRAWS you to this little ol' blog?
    I love your style...your home is beautiful and I love hearing and seeing your ideas....
    Is there anything you're hoping I'll say MORE about?
    Just keep doing what your doing....
    Or photograph more often?
    Do you have your own BLOG? I'd love to visit!
    yes I do...http://lookiewhatidid.blogspot.com

    You have pinned a couple of my things too...I follow you on pinterest too...

  15. Hey Linsey! I started reading your blog when I discovered your LLH Designs website. Your honesty and finding beauty in the simple things is what draws me in each day. Now that I have gotten to know you, your blog reads just like you are literally talking to me. I love that!

    Something about me: the world of interior blogs that I discovered 2+ years ago has changed my life. They are like a little private community where I escape a few nights a week. I am so inspired by everything I read and see.

    Hope you have a Happy Tuesday! And, a very Happy Birthday!

  16. My heart skip a beat when I see the smile on my hubby and kiddos and my heart overflows with hugs from them.

    I'm dreaming about a cafe with lovely furniture and accessories, all with tag prices ready for the taking -- and it's mine!

    A perfect day to me is I am at peace with myself regardless if I'm alone or among the crowds. No need to take control.

    My favorite hobby is junk/vintage hunting and being inspired by it to create something beautiful.

    Your place, your family, and you are beautiful. That's what drawn me here. You're an inspiration.

    Stay true to your voice and heart. It's not about MORE but about what you love to share.

    I have my own little corner at http://bendedspoon.wordpress.com/
    Not all that I write in there is important, sometimes it's very important -- depending on the need or the mood or the heart of the reader.

    God bless your beautiful family :)

  17. My name is Mary Beth--I found your blog about a year ago when searching the internet about food dye allergies. A quote you left on your blog one day, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" inspired me and helped me make a huge decision about returning to a very stressful job full-time. What inspires me is my family. As I sit here on the East Coast in January I am dreaming about the beach. You and I share a love--Midcoast Maine. I love your blog for its sense of style and beautiful images. Thanks for all the inspiration--glad you are back to blogging after your card season!!

    people who love well and intentionally, bright flowers at trader joes, pictures that say more than a thousand words, the three books I'm reading....and so much more!! :)
    a vacation.
    pajamas, reading, warm fire, good coffee and a great movie to finish it off.
    reading....and exercising when my back specialist will allow me to again!
    your writing...your honesty....your faith...your calming attitude toward life.

    great post!

  19. Isn't Pinterest great? I found you this morning and am so glad I did. I love having new blogs to read, especially ones written by women of faith. So a little about me~

    What INSPIRES you...or makes your HEART skip a beat?
    my children and family

    What are you DREAMING about these days?
    I've started my doctoral program in education and while I am a stay at home mom right now I am dreaming of the day I go back to the classroom. It was middle school/elementary school math before but my sights are set on teaching at the college level.

    What would the PERFECT DAY look like for you?
    Waking up to a picked up house without an alarm clock, reading a good book, doing fun things outside with my girls and husband, taking great pictures along the way, and ending with a lovely meal.

    Do you have a favorite HOBBY...or something NEW you'd love to learn?
    When asked 11 or 12 years ago if I had a hobby I was shocked that outside of work and the ballet classes I was taking I didn't have one. Fast forward to today and I have hobbies that border on obsession. For the last 8 years I have been obsessed with sewing and smocking clothing for my three girls. Now that they are getting older I have moved into photography which is quickly becoming an obsession as well! Like you, I also design Christmas cards and other stationery. I have a small business but I don't promote it because I don't want to have too much work!

    What DRAWS you to this little ol' blog?
    Well, from the short time I have been poking around I would say your truthful nature coupled with the light you are shining so brightly for Christ. What a beautiful combination!

    Is there anything you're hoping I'll say MORE about? Or photograph more often?
    I'll let you know after I read all of your posts but I'm guessing from the looks of I will love it as it is right now.

    Do you have your own BLOG? I'd love to visit!
    No~ been thinking about starting one though.

  20. Hi Linsey! I have been following your beautiful blog for a long time now. I started my own blog on Aug. 7th when my second daughter left for college and found myself an empty nester. I listed your blog on my blogroll because it is one of my favorites. I love your writing as well as your photography. I live in McKinney TX and have been here for 10 years. Before that we lived in the Woodlands which I loved. All the best and I look forward to your future posts!

  21. Inspires me?
    My family..the way fall leaves fly up around my car as I drive down the country roads around my home...the smell of old books...rustic antiques which make me wonder about the history they have been a part of.
    Dreaming about?
    Living in a farmhouse and owning my own lil shop of farmhouse furniture with my husband
    Perfect day?
    Crisp fall day in the Georgia Mountains with my family and no agenda.
    Antique pickn'- my husband and I's passion
    Draws me to your blog?
    I first discovered your blog via pinterest...I realized I was pinning the same things as you. :) Your blog is beautiful and real...I feel a sense of calm when I read it.
    Own blog?
    I just started one today...so it is still under construction but it's

  22. I Googled zinc topped tables and your link was one that came up. I'm so happy to find your blog/site. I moved in the last year to be closer to my family and my first grandbaby. Why doesn't anyone let us in on the secret of how wonderful being a grandparent is? I can't love this child any more than if she were my own. She makes my heart skip a beat for sure. The big blue eyes, pudgy hands, and oh my goodness, watching her sleep... I live in a very small town in southern Oregon (no stop lights). I'm a braille transcriber, and my husband is a teacher/football/baseball coach at the local high school.
    Would love more step-by-step details on the DiY link, like paint colors used, how you prep items, etc. Your before and after photos are so wonderful and inspiring. Especially love the pictures of rearrangements using new/different item combinations.

  23. Hi! I don't remember how or when I discovered your blog, but I've enjoyed reading it. I grew up in Spring, Texas so I loved seeing your house and I'm simply fascinated by your decision to move to a farm. I think a lot of us dream of things like that and so few of us actually DO the things necessary to achieve such dreams. I am an attorney in Fort Worth. I live in the city, which has its advantages, but I miss seeing lots of green. I have a blog called Professional Mother because I work all the time but I also have three kids. I adore reading, and I love being inspired by the amazing things other people do. Your designs amaze me. I have another friend who is fantastic at home decorating and I love to see her ideas. All of these outlets for creativity are wonderful because I am so lacking in that department, but one day I hope to write a novel. I love writing. It's so fun to me, even though I know it is a chore to others. I'm glad you're sharing your experiences with the world. I hope that all the Negative Nellies go away and stop visiting and sending you ugly e-mails. It's a shame that some people can't find the joy in life. Don't let them keep you from finding your joy.

  24. I've read your blog since before you moved to TN, I'm in Huntsville, just south of you. Commenting b/c I'm a former Caddo at Camp Ozark and now that I live this far east, I was looking for a camp experience for my kids. My daughter is almost 7 and I attended a Riverview Camp for Girls preview meeting today and wanted to pass it along to you. It's atop Lookout Mountain in Mentone, AL and we are excited about the Mother/Daughter weekend and also her first summer as a camper. You may already know about it, but wanted to pass along the info in case you didn't! Find it at: riverviewcamp.com

  25. I was doing a google search for garden boxes, and here I landed.
    My life story has been a drastic one over the last year and God is at work in our lives, for certain (Our son was born early at 1 pound, and he's now 12 months old!). I have a hobby blog (heydayliving.blogspot.com), where I do fun craft stuff with our girl.
    We are in the burbs and I'm praying my way to a country life and your blog is very inpsiring. Thank you for sharing!

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  27. I still love reading your comments here, sweet blog friends! Thanks for continuing to share!

  28. Hi Linsey - I have been posting comments and trying to get in touch with you for a while now. My email is jackieholzman@yahoo.com. I starting reading your blog when I too from Houston, found out that I would be moving to Franklin back in Dec 2012. Reading your posts made me so excited to get here and explore and see all the beauty around every corner. I now live in Franklin and have been here for about 6 weeks. I would love to meet for coffee and talk about Houston, Hunter boots (my fav), Franklin and your beautiful farm and chickens! I love your quote by C.S. Lewis "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one. It was tough leaving all my terrific friends behind but I know special friendships are in store for me in our beloved Franklin. You inspired me to take a drive yesterday so I went to Old Natchez Trace Rd & Moran Rd - OMG - I fell in love with that intersection - thank you so much for helping me with my move and transition here through your descriptive writing and lovely pictures! Hope to chat with you soon!

  29. So I am posting again - LOL! We have lived in Franklin for 9 weeks now. Its going well. We are exploring the Harpeth, antiquing, trying new restaurants (went to Loveless Cafe - loved it!), etc. I have kinda stalled on decorating my house - have lots of furniture that I need to refinish and paint in my garage before my family from VA comes to town. Saw your post about Percy Warner Park - we may go check that out soon - it looks very pretty. FYI that post that you took a picture of a huge barn on Moran Rd right by the Harpeth is Alan Jackson house - its for sale too! We went swimming/wading and fishing under the bridge, right were you took the picture on your post. The Franklin Canoe Co pulls their canoes out from there from the 2.5 mile trip. I love your photography. It inspires me to break out my camera and find inspiration - its all around me. FYI - found you on FB and sent you a message there. I am certain that our paths will cross at some point in this beautiful town. I am taken back by the absolute beauty of Franklin - God is great!

  30. •What INSPIRES you...or makes your HEART skip a beat?
    Seeing people show compassion toward my son who has Pitt Hopkins Syndrome: He will change the world by inspiring people to be compassionate. Good quotes committed to memory: "To have compassion isn’t the same thing as sympathy or pity. Pity will break your heart; compassion will open it." - Didi Ananda Ruchira.
    •What are you DREAMING about these days?
    Crisp KS fall weather, potato soup, moments without stress
    •What would the PERFECT DAY look like for you?
    My best days have been those when my house if full of family, every room, every sofa. I especially love the mornings as everyone makes their way to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. Our little family of four is 2 + hours away from any family so when they come, they usually come to stay for a few days. I LOVE it. Love the planning, love the hosting, love having them all here to share my air.
    •Do you have a favorite HOBBY...or something NEW you'd love to learn?
    I enjoy cooking big, decorating for the seasons, knitting (I learned from YouTube) and the feeling I have after every 6AM work out.
    •What DRAWS you to this little ol' blog?
    A friend referred me and I am hooked. Your faith drew me in. Your writing is so honest and encouraging. I am certain we would be friends if our paths crossed beyond this blog!
    •Is there anything you're hoping I'll say MORE about? Or photograph more often?
    Nope...you write and photograph as you are inspired. I love that.
    •Do you have your own BLOG? I'd love to visit!
    I don't update it as often as I would like, but if you go back to the December 2010 post and read forward you will meet my family, learn about my youngest son's syndrome and my personal journey as I acknowledge the lessons the Lord has taught me along the way. www.amymeghanclymeradamson.blogspot.com

  31. Hi Linsey, I just discovered your blog. My family moved to Franklin, TN about 10 years ago. I started my own small business approx. 4 years ago to help fund the adoption of our 5th daughter. It is called The Franklin Slipcover Co. and I would love for you to visit my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/franklinslipcover. I feel so blessed to have found our way to Franklin, TN. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. Have a great day, Christy


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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