Talk About A Gorgeous Kitchen!

I love my kitchen to the max, but today, I'm enjoying and appreciating this beauty:

{For more photos and details, visit Traditional Home.}

So much beauty to absorb:

1. that ceiling!
2. wide plank floors with the perfect patina
3. gorgeous French range {looks like a La Cornue "Chateau" series}
4. regal vent hood
5. white cabinets & countertops with a dark island
6. mirrored corner cabinet
7. lots of windows and natural light
8. fresh, living things {tall topiaries & flowers}
9. copper pots
10. lanterns

SERIOUS beauty and attention to detail! I can't stop staring! I think I'll come back often to admire this kitchen. How about you?

Happy weekend!


  1. I've had this kitchen on my pinterest board. I love it too! But yours is still my favorite!

  2. Aww, thanks Julie! So sweet of you. I do love my kitchen, but this one is just so lovely in a different kind of way. Inspiring! Xo!

  3. I would LOVE to have those hardwoods in my house. We have hardwood that this Spring we are going to pull the carpet up and sand them down. I just have to decide on what color I want. Our house is SO small I think dark may make it smaller? anyway ~ looking forward to catching up some
    love ya!:)

  4. Ooh la la it is gorgeous!!

  5. those hardwoods are gorgeous.....on my dream list!

  6. Wow what a find! I love that kitchen. My kitchen windows are just like that and they make me happy every day. But that's where the similarities end;) Glad you are back to blogging. I always enjoy your posts and your point of view!


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