Refreshing My Table + World Market Finds

Thank you to those of you who responded to my "Tell Me About You" post. You're few in number, but big in heart! I'm grateful to know your name and love knowing there are kindred spirits on the other side of this computer screen. I hope you'll let yourself be known more often!

Now for a little inspiration around the house! My dining room table was in need of some serious refreshing {as in, get rid of the Christmas runner already!}. I'm a creature of habit, so I usually replace the Christmas decor with whatever was there before, but I'm always grateful for fresh inspiration!

I saw these on Pinterest Saturday morning and went to World Market Saturday night! That never happens! By the time I get around to buying something I spotted online, it's usually long gone! But my girls LOVE World Market, so we went out for a family sushi and shopping date. They were in heaven!

And to replace the Christmas runner, I found this one at BHLDN {Anthropologie's wedding store, but they have some lovely tabletop decor as well}:

I love the simple elegance.
Linen & cotton with lace at the ends.
{Looks almost heirloom for only $48.}

It helps me to look at things through the camera.
Photos reveal what I like and don't like about a space.

I prefer a flat runner to a gathered or styled one.
Effortless and easy...just my style!

Before we leave my dining room...
a little something funny.

Yep! The Christmas wreaths are still hanging.
No telling what the neighbors are thinking this time.
{They should see my mantle!}

Oh, and a tip: the apothecary candleholders
are shallow and need a little help. Here it is:

And now to share a few other
World Market finds that caught my eye:

I stayed true to my mission and only came home with the apothecary candleholders {plus some jasmine tea and a few dark chocolate goodies}, but the rest has been added to my "finds for the home" pin board. I love that Pinterest allows me to gather beauty without having to buy it!

Have you found a simple little something that's inspired you to freshen up lately? Sometimes that's all it takes...one little something.

Have a great week, Sweet Readers!

P.S. A little known fact about me: I've never liked Tuesdays. It tends to be my gloomy day. {Does it rain more on Tuesdays?} But tomorrow is no ordinary Tuesday, so I'll have to rally. Let the birthday marathon begin!


  1. Absolutely lovely!

    ♥ sécia

  2. Your table looks great. I ordered the metal rolling cart for Collins' bathroom once I saw that you pinned it. I thought it would be great to hold towels, tp, etc!

  3. gosh i LOVE world market & for items just like those!! so charming.
    your dining room is GORGEOUS. i would keep the wreaths up, the look perfect!

  4. wow, those are lovely! too bad, that store closed in our area. i have to go to the galleria!

  5. That store is really starting to impress me!!

  6. I love anything with numbers! Your dining room looks beautiful! Love that store too! Thanks for sharing.

  7. first, happy, happy birthday, my friend!! sending many beautiful wishes your way. if we were neighbors i would certainly find a way to make you some fabulous homemade, gluten free, dark chocolate cake!!!

    second, your home looks lovely as always!! our world market went out of business several years ago and i desperately miss it. somehow buying things online from world market isn't the same.

    and last...my funny pinterest story...i pinned a cute dress at 6:30 AM and by 7:00 I had ordered it. PInterest can be bad for me like that!!

    enjoy your day tomorrow!!!!

  8. World Market has been on my 'to go to' list since coming home and I have yet to make it! Your post is the little push that I need! I love your dining room and that a little something can do the trick!
    Is it your birthday tomorrow??!! If so, happy happy day to you sweet friend!

  9. Wax buttons!!! Love, never knew. I always just melt the bottom of the candles a bit, but they end up tilting later on. Nice tip.

    Beautiful table runner!! I have to stay away from fashion boards on Pinterest or I would buy immediately. I have no fashion sense so I'm a 'what's on the mannequin' buyer...everyone looks gorgeous on Pinterest so that would be bad news for me. :-)

  10. Love your new find! I was headed to WM for wine this week and might have to add those candleholders to my list (you know I love to copy you!!).

    Happy, happy Bday sweet friend, I hope this year is even better than last year. Sending you a big bday hug and I'll toast to you this evening.


  11. PS- I agree with Paige that you should keep the wreaths hanging in your windows. They really don't look Christmassy.

  12. I pinned those the other day too. I need to get there before they are all gone, I love anything with a number or a letter on it!! Your table is perfection, simplicity at its best, Kathysue

  13. First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Your new dining room tablescape looks great! and the wreath looks eucalyptus so it's good for all seasons! :)

    I love all those new pieces at World Market. I may have to head over there today. Only place I can find the Dutch chocolates we like.

    Have a great day!

  14. Hmmm, should have seen this before asking where your new finds came from! Since I love bottles, I may have to have some just like yours.

  15. I literally went straight to World market one hour after you posted the rolling carts to see if my store had them. they only had the 3 shelf, but i need the 4. Ill wait til they get more in stock!

    I hope you had a wonderful bday...love you much friend!!

  16. Your table is beautiful! And personally, I like the wreath! :) I wish we had a World Market nearby... so many great finds!!

  17. I love World Market and also want to make a trip to the Home Goods! Ideas and inspiration galore!

    Art by Karena

  18. I just found your blog and love it here! I am so glad I found you - I am your newest follower.
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing...

  19. beautiful Lins..
    I also love anything with numbers. My biggest freshen upper project was cleaning off my kitchen table. It had my sewing machine and TONS of other "stuff"
    I have been SO behind on visiting this last week and a half! So good to visit friend. So good to have you back

  20. Your post inspired me to stop by World Market this past weekend while on a shopping trip to Toys R Us. I haven't been in years and I forgot how many neat things they have. I took Avery with me and we went to Toys R Us first and then WM. When we were leaving, I asked her ( she's 3) if she had fun on our shopping trip and she said, "not at that last one; only the first one". Ha! I Would agree with her but swap the order of the stores.

  21. pretty sure I just blew up pinterest with your pictures from this post. :)

    love your table setting!


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