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Well, friends, it's official: I'm back in the kitchen and responsible for feeding our family again. You'd think with a gorgeous kitchen and a love of fresh food, this would be great news...

...but the truth is, I'm out of practice and under inspired. You see, I've been spoiled for the last four months. During my card season, my amazingly talented husband prepared meal after fabulous meal for our family. I know...DREAMY!

But now it's time for him to put extra hours into his business and time for me to feed the family. Fair enough, but where to begin? I need a pretty picture and a small number of fresh ingredients {preferably five or less} to get inspired. 

Last night, I had organic chicken in the fridge and was craving honey. {One of my favorite meals during my first trip to Provence 10 years ago was Roasted Garlic Chicken drenched in honey. I didn't have enough garlic to pull that off, but I was fixated on the honey.}

Thank God for Google! I Googled "honey chicken" and was mostly uninspired until I found this:

Lavender Honey Chicken
{I skipped the red pepper flakes.}

Talk about French-inspired! Anything with lavender reminds me of Provence and excites my senses. Thank you, Inspired Taste! I've never heard of this blog before. Have you? Great find! The photography is stellar, the ingredients are simple AND they provided side dish recipes!

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
{I had Baby Yukons on hand. Meant to be!}

I had broccoli that was on its last leg of crispness, so I roasted it with sea salt and olive oil {super easy}, but they suggested another great side that I'll definitely try next time:

The highest compliment of all: my family ate every bite and said these recipes are keepers! {Not to mention the house smelled like Provence!} I'll be adding Inspired Taste to my list of go-to food resources for sure! Here are a few others I like:

How about you, friends? Where do you turn for cooking inspiration? Any favorite recipes, cookbooks, blogs or websites? I'd love it if you'd share a link!

Happy cooking!

P.S. Note to family: tonight, it's leftovers! I'll replace the broccoli with roasted brussel sprouts just to give us something fresh and new. {Would you believe brussels are my youngest daughter's favorite veggie? Crazy! I wouldn't have touched them with a 10-foot pole when I was her age! She gives her daddy the credit. He makes EVERYTHING taste good!}


  1. what a sweetie pie you are for mentioning me! I truly appreciate it! Your chicken sounds quite yummy! My favorite chefs are Jamie Oliver and Donna Hay. Can't get enough of those two! I love how they try to make healthy eating simple enough for every day!

  2. That chicken sounds delightful! I'm throwing a French inspired wedding shower next weekend, perhaps I can get it down to bite-sized pieces. :-)

    Lady, I get so uninspired! And I cook every meal. I go through phases where I make 4 new things a week, and then some days I struggle to even come up with one old standby. Thanks for the resources! I've been using Pinterest at bit, but when I get the time, I hate to spend it on the food section. :-)

  3. Oh looks (and sounds) delish! After months in a two bedroom apartment I am craving being back in a functioning kitchen and cooking more for my family. I have a Barfoot Contessa roasted lemon and garlic chicken recipe that is my weeknight go to meal that is both easy to make and good enough for company. I love to read the boards on Cooking Light when I have time and like the blog "Skinny Taste" Also the recipe finder at Australian Women's Weekly magazine is a good source of inspiration...

  4. I go to Pinterest...but you guys are all my inspiration. :)

    I copy a lot of Lissa's recipes!!

    I've GOT to take more sugar out of my diet.....REALLY feeling it.

    Okay...question. Roasted Brussel sprouts...I tried them and hated them. And, I don't dislike ANY kind of food. How do you do them? How long do you cook them? Mine tasted so cabbage(y). I know they're supposed to, but tell me what I can do to love them!

  5. I love Lissa too...have her roasted chicken with corn on the cobb on my menu for this week. Looks so simple and I'm all for that lately:)

    your dinner looks heavenly. That seems like a fair trade - 4 on 4 off

    I LOVE Pinterest too..one of my top go to places.
    I am really wanting a blog, a cookbook something that is preferably gluten free and mainly vegetarian or vegan that is SIMPLE. Like you said 5 or less ingrediants or my kids..mainly my 17 year old son WILL NOT eat it. I don't have time right now to do anything fancy!

  6. I found your blog while researching clean, gluten free eating. I can honestly say I found so much more when I stumbled upon you! Thank You!

    Jamie Oliver is one of my favorites. You have now given me another one to follow. This meal sounds devine and I may have to try it out tonight.

  7. About brussel sprouts: Whole brussels are more pungent than halved or quartered. (I quarter mine if they're big; halve them if they're small.) Roasted is my favorite way to cook them. My mom blanches hers in boiling water for 2 minutes, then cools them in cold water before roasting.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S. Lara, so glad you're here! I love hearing from new visitors!

  8. That looks yummy! I just discovered Brussels sprouts about a year ago. They are candy to me! The kids hate them but I don't care! More for me! :)

    I have a funny story about them in fact. I planted 2 rows in my garden and they grew so big and beautiful. I kept waiting for some baby cabbage looking fruit to appear. By the end of the season I was angry at them and wanted to spit when I walked by that row. It wasn't until we pulled everything out that I learned the "fruit" grows on the stalk...hidden and tucked away by the huge leaves! They were loaded!

  9. Ok... yum. Seriously! And that gorgeous kitchen has to be fun to cook in! :)


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