Christmas Open House

For my Houston friends...

Note cards, gift tags, stickers, memo pads...

{Same place as always. Wink!}

If you don't already know where to go,
send me a friendly email and I'll share the address.

Hope to see you on the 9th!


  1. I would SO be there if I could! ;)

  2. I wish I could be there!
    Happy Holiday Linsey!!

    xo xo

  3. I want to come! I will email you this weekend--not sure if I can get all my ducks lined up for a fun get-a-way from my neck of the woods. I have missed you tremendously! XOXOXO!

  4. wish, wish, wish I could be there....

    I guess there's no chance clicking my red shoes together three times will make it happen. :)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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