Shelf Styling {Part Deux}

I'm laughing that I would offer a "part deux" for shelf styling...as if I were the expert! Ha! Not at all. I just have an insane amount of open shelves in my house and finally had the time and inspiration to do something with them. {You nailed it Tessa! The girls are in school and card season hasn't started yet!}

I also have this crazy love affair with my camera and an obsession with details. So here you go...more up close and personal shelf styling photos! {Photographed with the awesome 50 mm F/1.8 lens; the same one I used for all of my Maine photos this summer.}

The family room:

Letters, old books, photos, fragments, a little sparkle...

...paperbacks with the spines ripped off
and bundled together.

The family room is an ideal spot for lots of family photos, but if you use too many {as I did before a friend helped me pare down}, it can feel cluttered. Or as my friend said: too much stuff makes it hard to tell what's important and meaningful to you. 

My sweet friend Alison got me started in the family room, then left the rest to me. I love the way she mixed things in from around my house...and used fewer things with more impact. But you know how it goes: steal a favorite item from one shelf and that leaves a hole to fill, so you steal from another spot. And that, my friends, is how you end up re-styling every shelf in your home!

Love the turquoise inside.
{Great painted bookshelf inspiration here.}

Personally, I like to see kitchen items in a kitchen,
not books and photos. But to each her own!

The bathroom:

Pretty trays are a great way to make little things
feel important {and create a cleaner look}.

I like my shelves to feel personal...
to hold memories, not just fillers and "stuff."

are some of my favorite personal treasures.

And last but not least,
my oldest daughter's bedroom.

I tried to style the shelves, but she has her own way...
lots of books in alphabetical order.
{We'll see how long that lasts!}

And baskets. Always baskets!

So how about you? Do you like to rearrange shelves? Are you a straight up book girl or do you like the mix? What do you do with paper backs or less attractive books? Any favorite things you like to see on your shelves? I'm just full of questions today! Can't wait to hear your answers!

One blog friend said shelf styling is therapeutic for her. What a deal! Me, I'm just glad it's over! I made a huge mess in the process, but I feel good about less "stuff" in the end. {Lissa will inspire you to want less stuff. I love her style!}

As with anything I share here on the blog, I hope you leave feeling inspired. {If seeing other people's lives discourages you in any way, I want you to know I pray against that every time I post. May God guard all of our hearts!}

The key is to stick to what feels personal, right and good for your family...whether it's shelf styling or anything else. And keep in mind that there's a season for everything. No need to force pretty shelves if this isn't your season! {Just buy some baskets and hide stuff! Baskets became my "go to" decor when I had babies. I love them so much that my husband now jokes, "Don't' you have a basket for that?" with everything in our house!}

Happy day to you, sweet friends! You are precious!

P.S. Did you notice all the empty frames and baby pictures on my shelves in this post and the last? Are you laughing? {Relating?} I've taken tons of photos over the years {and plastered lots of them here on the blog}, but haven't printed a single one in five or six years! Not even our first-ever family photos! At least I printed the Feather Nest beauties on Christmas cards! A time for everything, right?!?!


  1. I want some open shelves!!! Mine got ripped away for two (much too large) TV's.... yuck...

  2. so my very, very, very FAVORITE THING you wrote in the post is that you pray that people will not leave your blog discouraged in any way and I'm going to start praying that too! I was praying something similar but I really like the way you put it! Thank you for the mention! I think your home is dreamy and you have an amazing gift of caring for your family. And I certainly DO see that you ARE an expert in shelving arrangement! Have a wonderful evening! Lissa

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a well collected vignette on shelves...its like reading a book..it tells the story of the things that interest the collector. My problem is I am such a "collector" that I have a terrible time not bringing to many characters into the story!!!! Your shelves look wonderful and really do tell a story of you - love of family, some sparkle, nature, typography...all wrapped up in a sense of calmness and order. I think arranging vignettes is very similar to handwriting. When I had my booth in the Heights it became so apparent each dealer had a "signature" and when they would rearrange their space it was clearly their handwriting...I learned to love the individuality and uniqueness of how two people could take very similar items and create such different "feels"....And your shelves are a perfect example. And just like handwriting, it changes some over time if we relax and stop worrying about the rules we were taught in school...it becomes our own unique beautiful signature...

  4. Love your shelves. Just love them. And am laughing {with you} over the empty frames. I'm at that stage where every frame is filled with a precious infant photo of my first! Need to get that a bit more "balanced" with some pictures of Cameron! Love you--A

  5. i can completely relate to that. i am in dire need to print out some of my pics. geesh!

  6. This is such a dreaded task for me...you did a great job friend!

  7. Everything is perfect Lins- love it all! Your kitchen cabinet is my favorite.

  8. Ohh... I am loving all of this inspiration! I have lots of areas like this. I love the bundled books. Really want to try that. I love the rocks in a clear vase. Beautiful! :)

  9. I agree with Lissa. I loved that line about praying that people aren't discouraged in any way. It made me pause for a second and then it really made sense. I'd love to know what made you think of that.

    I adore the tray with the lavender, stones, and corked bottle with paper scrolls. I've got to know...what's written in those tiny scrolls? :-)

    And I'm absolutely in love with the Maine heart rocks and beach stones in the glass holder. I have beach glass and shells and stones all over my home. I love decorating with things from nature.

    Okay, one thing I don't get is the paperbacks with the spines ripped off. With your paper skills, have you ever designed book covers to coordinate with the rest of the items on your shelves and hide the paperbacks?

    The book shelves in my home office are purely functional--nothing stylish about them. The books are organized by subject matter and are mostly non-fiction and reference books. I almost always give fiction books away after reading them. I just don't have room to keep them.

    Thanks for another great post, Linsey.

  10. Looking great!!! You are right, personalization is the key. I wish you could come take pictures for me!

  11. I'm just smiling reading your post. I LOVE the end...and I'm laughing because I am in the basket season..if I had baskets!
    I am always inspired by you. I am enjoying watching you nest.
    AND I downloaded Jesus Calling on my daughter's ipod! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Great questions and thoughts, Margaret. It may take me a whole post to answer your first question about praying for God to guard people's hearts, but here's my short answer:

    I've had some experiences on both sides of the fence: the one who felt "not enough" as I looked at blogs and the one who made others feel "not enough" with photos I shared of my house (felt like a kick in the stomach to hear that because that was never my intent). Now that I know where those feelings come from (lies from the enemy, not truths from God or the intent of the blogger), I pray against them. My "Changing The Way I See" post offers a little more insight if you're curious.

    Haven't written anything on the scrolls yet, but want to! Words of truth and promise on one, a dream on another...oh, the power of words!

    Great idea on designing covers for paperbacks, but I'd never get around to putting them on. Kinda like not printing photos in 5-6 years!

    That's for making me think this morning!

  13. Oh, and here's the link to the "Changing The Way I See" post:


  14. love your home...love the way your shelves are clean and crisp..not too much but not too little...love that your home is filled with all the things that make it YOUR home.....I don't like "fillers" either.

    have missed connecting with you in bloggy world.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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