A Photo Walk Around Rockport Harbor

Rockport, Maine, is my favorite place in all the earth to take a walk. I usually step outside of my parents' house and turn right onto a dirt road known as the "Scenic Byway." I walk beneath a canopy of tall trees, up and down small hills, with a cool breeze and views of the most picturesque harbor you've ever seen...praying and giving thanks as I go.

But sometimes I change things up and turn left toward the little village. Have I ever told you how much this big city girl loves a small town village? My heart swells every time I pass through Rockport Village. To bring a bit of that old school beauty home with me, I took a walk with my camera. {I should try this at home; it really focuses your attention and increases your appreciation of the things that have become all too ordinary and familiar.}

Here we go...

...out the door and to the left.

...passing a neighbor's house and
peering into to admire her hydrangeas.

Homes along the water are often hidden
behind tall hedges and pretty fences.

Typical "Maine Cottage" feel.

Summer blooms.

Can you believe that's a house?

An old stone tower.
{I've never noticed this before. Thank you, photo walk!}

Old School Americana.
{The door sign says "Freedom."}

Love the windows to the side and above the door.

{Aren't you dying to know the history of this place?}

The library. We're regulars!

The opera house...where world famous musicians
are featured throughout the summer.

Industrial lighting...long before it was cool.

My favorite flower blooms abundantly here.

Quiet park overlooking the harbor.

Rockport Harbor...
home to lobster boats and small private yachts.

A favorite new "fresh and local" restaurant
housed in a beautiful old building.

Photography students fill this old building
in the summer months.

The Center for Maine Contemporary Art.
{One of my mom's favorite spots.}

Some of my favorite doors...

Thank God people still love
a restoration project!

Chippy and weathered.

A bird home.

My family's home.

Pipe Dreams...my Dad's baby.

View of the house from the boat dock.

A different kind of hydrangea grows in our yard.

Time to sit.

Next up...an island adventure!
Until then, happy day to you!
P.S. All images were captured with a prime lens. {Canon 50mm F/1.8} It's quite a challenge when you have to use your own two feet to zoom! Old school fun!


  1. gorgeous pictures! makes me want to be there. i use and really like the 50mm lens -- definitely forces you frame things up!

  2. Absolutely amazing! Those houses are MY pipe dream. Love the name of your dad's boat by the way. Truly looks like an incredible photo walk.

    ♥ sécia

  3. Your photos are beautiful! Love all the doorways and New England style - it makes me feel like I'm there.

  4. what a quaint village! Your parents live in the most amazing spot! You must've had a great time!

  5. Wow, Lins, you've done a great job capturing the magic and beauty of the place we love and share. That camera of yours is getting better and better! (:

  6. Looks wonderful! I was thinking of begging Emily C. to let us crash up at lake winnipesaukee in NH. The small towns there have a very similar feel and I'd love to escape this miserable Dallas heat! I remember your posts from last summer too....sounds like such a great annual vacation!

  7. Job well done beauty hunter! I love it . . . That's my dream vacation!

  8. Wow!! Gorgeous pictures!! Now that is waaaay quainter than my little Midwestern village!! There is no place quite like new england!! xo, Tess

  9. Love Maine!!! What a gorgeous little village! Photo walks are so fun, it's amazing what you can capture when you take the time to look. Love all your beautiful images!

  10. Linsey I am so glad you took your camera on your walk. I need to add Rockport Maine to my list of places to visit someday. I am a Calif. girl and this looks quintessential East Coast Charm to me. So beautiful and picturesque!! Kathysue

  11. oh how i wish i were with you:) no i can't believe that is a house!
    beautiful aqua and yellow doors, and i love the maine cottage feel. It is all out of a movie to me! beautiful! can't wait for the next photo walk...

  12. What an incredible summer getaway! Maine has been on our need-to-visit-list for some time now. I think these photos have convinced me to make that trip a priority! Love all the photos.

  13. If my family had a home there I'm not sure I would ever leave!! It's all right up my alley.



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