Making Time for People

Is it Friday yet? Because I'm feeling like it needs to be! My blog brain is scrambled. I've tried to write a meaningful post all afternoon and my time is up. After lots of backspacing and deleting, I've got nothing. Some days are like that.

But before I surrender, I wanted to share this quote {maybe it's more for me than it is for you}:

{From Theirs Is The Kingdom by Robert D. Lupton}

My pastor shared this with me a couple weeks ago, and like the finding time article, it's got me thinking. I tend to be pretty protective of my time, but here's what I'm learning this week: people are worth my time. Even if entering in and pouring out is costly. {It almost always will be.}

That's it. Out of words, sweet friends!

Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. Those words are quite meaningful to me. Especially the part about relationships interfering with efficiency~ that is so my {subconscious} philosophy. Scary to see it in writing! Sometimes my introverted, type A self prefers to stay inside my shell but when I good friend, husband or sweet kiddo pull me out~ I appreciate it in the long run, even though they have to pull me out kicking and screaming! ;)

    Love this post~ thank you!

  2. loved your last two posts!! this week is dragging for me, painfully so. these posts always remind me to turn away from the computer, blogs, pinterest, etc. and just be with the ones I love. I am someone that always wants people around me. i forget that others need time to themselves more than I do. not that i don't need time away from my children , i need that. and even though I really want to go hang out with jimmy as he just got back from a business trip, I've been at it since 5:30AM today so i'm going to spend a little time just with myself on a jog. sorry, this comment isn't making much sense. i'm pooped. just want to say hi and i'd like to come over and play dolls with your baby girl!! :) xoxo, Tess

  3. love your recent post! life flies by and you wake up one day and your oldest is in college. 4 hours away. enjoy those little girls. xoxoxo

  4. so, so, so true.
    I pinned this to pinterest under "words to live by"

  5. Having always been a "doer" I am learning to be a "being" and with that comes a feeling of contentment at knowing I am present and authentic with those whom I encounter today.
    I still have plenty of "to do's" and do get through many of them...and those I don't are always calmly waiting for me the next day!!! I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be...as long as I keep my heart focused on what God has planned for me today!!!

  6. I love every word you all have shared here. Your response has been better than any any words I could've written. I'm glad this quote has inspired you. And thank YOU for inspiring ME!

  7. Lyndsey,
    You would love reading Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands. It is about interpersonal, redemptive ministry. I have read it over and over! For woman (especially mothers and wives) there is always so much to do and be busy with, but we can delight in the fact that much of our "work" is ministy in that it is person centered. Kingdom work for sure. Thanks for setting my mind upon that as I close out my day and wake to be used by Him again tomorow!

  8. Even though you thought you had nothing to say...it seems you put "nothing" together pretty good :) Love that quote....great words. Thanks.

  9. Very true. I would add that it's important to "affix your oxygen mask first" or you'll have nothing to give others. It's all about balance.

  10. This summer we started meeting with some friends every sunday night at the beach. sometimes we grill. sometimes it's just dessert but we sit in a circle and chit chat while the kids run all over collecting shells, making forts, etc. We've discussed what a treat this time has been for all of us and are trying to come up with ideas to keep getting together through the fall and winter. I'm going to make an effort to have people into my home more often!

  11. Lissa, love the way you are investing in people. I'm with you: wanting to be very intentional about having people in our home. I wish I could be a guest in yours and have you in mine!

    Christine, I love Paul Tripp. He's spoken at our church a couple times. Great book. Probably worth a re-read!

  12. Oh this is good stuff. I am such and introvert at heart so this is good stuff for me to be reminded of!

  13. Totally unrelated to this post, but I just checked out your boards on pinterest and I love everything!!!! I would like to join but don't personally know anyone who's doing it. Could you possibly send me an invite? (It's invitation only, right?) My email is ahwhitman@hotmail.com (in case your answer is yes!!) :) Thanks and love reading your blog. Find inspiration here all the time.

  14. or maybe it is for me? this hits my heart. How I thank Him for gently leading. This just has my head swirling..
    oh and the Jesus Calling..the sweetest thing for my soul..to surrender each morning. Like little nuggets to be savored all day long. still sending you thank you's:)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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