I Love The Way You've Grown

This is a first: late-night blogging in the bathroom with a glass of Cabernet and a dark chocolate cookie dough truffle. Talk about indulging! I'm not sure if I'm indulging in the last bit of summer...or if I'm just rebelling against the back-to-school grind. Either way, it's gooooood!

I'm determined to make the best of a new school year, but before I embrace it fully, I have to say this to my girls: I love the way you've grown this summer!

Laura Finley,
I love your bright blue eyes...

...the way they stop me in my tracks
and remind me to live life to the full.

I love the way you sparkle...

...the way you shine from deep inside.

I love the way you love...

...the way you snuggle up in my arms
and call me "Sweet Angel Mama."


I love your tender spirit...

...the way you sit still and ponder deeply.

I love the way you spend your time...

...the way you make the most of every moment.

I love the way you make me laugh...

...the way you share the sunshine in your soul
and make this world a brighter place.

I'm so thankful for another summer...for the long, lazy days that allowed my girls lots of room to grow and become more of who God made them to be!

Sweet Hallie and Laura Finley, I'll miss you when you're gone, but I hope you'll remember this as you start another school year on Wednesday morning: I love the way you've grown...and I'm SO proud to be your mama!

Happy Back To School Week!


  1. What a wonderful post. Truly amazing. Your girls are stunning.

    ♥ sécia

  2. such beautiful girls my friend

    funny thing. when i first typed it i typed "gifts" instead. instinctively went back & changed it to girls....but we both know
    what good & perfect gifts they truly are.right?

    sweet post my friend

    you asked me a question on my blog & i can't remember what it was..... shoot

  3. So sweet Lindsey - they are adorable girls and I LOVE the way you LOVE them. You are such a sweet mama and it shows. Be blessed and good luck with the new school year.

  4. What a beautiful way you have captured another milestone in your daughters' lives. They are beautiful and your mamma's heart is beautiful! Thinking of y'all (that word is growing on me here) as you embrace a new school year and delight in all that God has in store for them AND for you!

  5. Beautiful pictures of your sweet girls. You have had a blessed summer but your sweet spirit will continue to guide with great experiences and memories with the new school year.

  6. oh! my girls! i am so lucky to be their auntie! and your sister....sniff.sigh.

  7. ok Lins...this is the third post I've read and everyone has made me cry! Your girls are such precious gifts! My momma heart echoes yours. I too - will miss them so. We start Wednesday as well. I will pray with you on that day...

  8. First, blogging in the bathroom never sounded so good! Cabernet and truffles - get out! You make me laugh.

    Isn't the growth one of God's most profound miracles? Wow. You've captured it all right here. Wonderful...simply wonderful.

    Here's to a fantastic year...

  9. Even though I have never met them your wonderful photos truly tell the story of how unique they are..what a lucky momma you are!! My children teach me so much about myself....I pray that I have been as able a teacher to my boys as they have been to me!! This is a big year in our home as my youngest son begins his senior year and and my college sophomore prepares to head back to Ohio. I love seeing my boys become men...it's been one of the greatest joys in my life....I wouldn't have changed a thing...God always knows what he's doing!

  10. Reading your blog I am inspired to get off my computer and hug my little ones tight. Your family is very lucky!

  11. Aww... how sweet! What a special mama you are Linsey. Your girls are precious. You are precious!

  12. Thank you, sweet friends. Its a joy to share my girls with you, and the best part is that they love this post! My oldest cracked up over the last photo of herself...scrunched up face and all. Her laughter is like sunshine!

    Have a great week!

  13. Your daughters are so beautiful! Hope they both have a wonderful school year!

  14. gorgeous, linsey! what a beautiful post. best wishes for them as they start a new school year. i send andrew off next week. and then charlie in sept. though for him it's only 2 dyas/wk, a couple hours each day, but still so hard to send him off too. those truffles!!!! you didn't!! not sure i'd be able to stop after i popped one.

    xo, Tess

  15. What a sweet, sweet post to two beautiful girls!!

  16. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous. These pictures are stunning!

  17. Hey sweey girl, just wanted to pop over & say HELLO!
    I just love this post, the photos are GORGEOUS!
    amy boland

  18. your girls are beautiful and special....

    crazy....the way you describe them is exactly what I see in their faces...one full of JOY and SPARKLE and one full of TENDERNESS and PEACE.

    God shines through them...


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