Finding Time

If you read only one thing today, make sure it's this article by Anne Lamott. It's about finding time. Really good. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

{Anne Lamott}

When someone asks how you find the time to do all that you do, what is your answer? Mine is this: we make time for what we love. 

If you love to cook, you make time for it even when you're tired...because something about it revives you. If you love fresh food, it's worth it to go out of your way to the farmer's market. If you love nature, you'll find every excuse to be outdoors...because it makes you feel alive! If you love dolls, you'll find a way to take care of them, even it means getting up a few minutes earlier on a school morning!

{Laura Finley's "girls."}

{She likes to get them ready for the day
before she leaves for school.}

I make time for the things I love: my family, my home, Christmas cards, writing, photography, long conversations with friends.... The trouble comes when I can't admit that I'm loving the wrong things too much: connectivity, my iPhone, email, Pinterest, an orderly home, time alone....

Sometimes the things we love too much aren't really "wrong things," but we've let them become too big a thing. For example, I love an orderly home and time alone {both of those bless my family}, but when I make too much of those things {turning them from a desire into a demand}, I lose sight of more important things...like the the present moment with my family.

Sometimes the things we love too much aren't evident to others or even to ourselves, so we have to ask God to search our hearts. I love Paige's honesty in confessing that she has often loved what others have to say about her more than what God says about her...that it's easier for her to open the laptop than the Bible. Right there with you, sister. {Rejoicing in Romans 8:1 for both of us today! No condemnation!}

Back to finding time, I hope this day will be one of making time for what you love! And may what you love make you feel more ALIVE and more of who God created you to be!

Happy Friday!


  1. such wisdom my friend, such wisdom.
    i love this article by anne lamott.

    how precious that your maternal daughter gets her girls all ready before she leaves for school too.
    what a little nester.

    praying we can encourage each other to live balanced fruitful lives of service to those we love

  2. What a GREAT post. Just what I needed to read today. Perfect. xo.

  3. i *heart* anne lamott. she is about as real as they get.a real gft for a questioner like me.
    i mrrrrR443 ws 4ft5ghjk

    {this comment graciously helped by sweet caleb who is standing next to my computer saying "hawee!" to the small family photo on your blog}

  4. so true.
    Thankful for a God who speaks to our hearts and tells us when we are loving something a little more than we should....thankful for his sweet, tender, small voice that doesn't love us conditionally and doesn't condemn us.

    on a lighter note...I can't believe how many american dolls your girl has...you might single handedly be keeping that company in business.

    It reminds me SO much of my childhood. Remember the Cabbage Patch baby dolls? I grew up 20 minutes from THE hospital where they were all "delivered." Every single occasion that I could talk my parents into another doll, we headed over and watched the doctors and nurses deliver them straight from the cabbage patches.... what beautiful memories!!!

    I can't WAIT to take my daughter this year when she turns 5 for her very first cabbage patch doll.

  5. Tara, I know...out of control. Every single one is from my mother-in-law. One for Christmas and one for her birthday. I keep joking with my MIL that if she keeps giving dolls and accessories, we'll need to add on to our house jus tot hold it all!

    Cabbage patch dolls! I cried my eyes out when I didn't get one. My mom literally gave me a head of cabbage with vegetables as the face for Christmas one year. (Very clever, but I still cried.) She wasn't one of those wait in line/plan ahead moms, so I never got the real deal when they were popular. Maybe that's why I've let my MIL go overboard. :)

  6. you bless me with your heart words Linsey! I thank Him that He calls us deeper still..I thank Him that I have ears to hear and eyes to see..and a willing heart ( always a struggle that willing heart;)
    I thank Him for dear, sweet and real friends like you and those above. I thank Him for dolls and childhood. I thank Him for all of our differences that make the colors of this world deeper because we are here. I thank Him for today..that I am breathing and alive and that I don't have to worry about tomorrow...I can live in today. Thank YOU for bringing me to the feet of Jesus in this moment. A Monday full of His presence to you.

  7. I have been away from my favorite blog friends for awhile with our travels, but you were one that I checked in on tonight and I'm so glad I did. Such a great posting about a real struggle that we all face. I love Anne Lamott and her simple approach to Christianity I can so appreciate. Thanks for the gentle reminder friend! Glad you are well and making time for the things that matter most!

  8. Beautiful written and no truer words have ever been spoken. You've inspired me to find the time for the things I love. Thank you.

    ♥ sécia

  9. Love love love this. And oh so true. Thanks for sharing.

  10. She is a favorite . I love this and thank you for sharing it.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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