Eagle Island {Where Time Stands Still}

Isn't refreshing to visit a place unfettered by striving, achievement, busyness and speed? I think that's why I love the islands of Maine so much.

I've definitely got a few favorites in Penobscot Bay...Isle au Haut, Brimstone, Holbrook, Pond Island, Butter Island...but this summer's gem was Eagle Island.

Eagle Island is primarily owned by a family who's been there for FIVE generations, and as you stroll the well worn paths through tall grasses...

...you get the sense that time really does stand still.

Inspired by raw, unforced beauty...



Warmly welcomed with island hospitality...

...and entertained by good, old-fashioned fun!

And just when you think you've seen it all...

...this old school house makes you wish
you lived in another time.

A time when school books were more like real literature...
clever, inspiring and well written.

{I love old books.}

A time when the world hung on a string...

...and good craftsmanship was the norm.

{A map painted on the floor.}

{The teacher's desk.}

There was only a pebble sized piece of chalk
and very little room {no erasing aloud}...but I left my mark.

I wish school were still so simple and cozy.

Speaking of school...we start two weeks from today. Sigh. I'm never ready. I just love all the free time with my girls each summer...especially these days. {8 and 10 are magical ages!}

How about you? Are you ready for the school routine? How do you ease back in? Better yet, how are you making the most of these last days of summer?


P.S. For those interested in a rustic getaway, Eagle Island rentals are now available HERE. The patriarch of the island {who has the most unique accent you've ever heard!}, said the funniest thing in response to his daughter's idea of a website for their island: "I've never been online. The only line I know is the one from my lobster trap to my buoy!" 


  1. what a beautiful destination
    & what beautiful images my friend!!

  2. This place is amazing. Love that painted map on the floor!

    ♥ sécia

  3. Your pictures are stunning and capture the feel and beauty so perfectly! And that school house - what a find! My kids would love to explore that old treasure! What a great summer you guys are having!

  4. Looks like such a pretty place. We stopped in Ogunquit, Maine during our New England tour a few years back and absolutely loved it! Especially the lobster rolls and the road side lobster huts.

    Your photos are gorgeous Lins!

  5. I would have LOVED that old school house!! Gorgeous pictures, Linsey! Gorgeous!! And no, I hate that summer is coming to an end. This week I'm busy pulling together Andrew's bday party. I've been wanting to do an outdoor movie night for him and his friends all summer, so that's the plan. Hoping for a rain free day + night, b/c I can't imagine all those boys inside my house!! Enjoy your last days of summer!!
    xoxo, Tess

    ps. got a little chuckle over the cherry coke t on your girl! :)

  6. Eagle Island was a great place for photography...simple subjects and beautiful light.

    Tessa, I know...super funny about the cherry coke tee. She doesn't even know what that is. We've never had a coke of any kind in our home, but she loved the colors! Target special!

  7. For ten minutes, I was on Eagle Island, as I gazed at your beautiful photos...and adored each one. You've been coast to coast this summer. Our country has some beautiful places indeed!

    Thanks for sharing your memories and pics!

  8. Linsey, Thank you for giving us a beautiful feel of Maine's beauty. I have enjoyed your posts very much. Your pictures capture the essence perfectly.

  9. this post is FULL of beauty..FULL. I enjoyed all of your pictures Lins..my favorite thing I think..is the sign that said
    Go to the door and open it. I can just sit with those words for a bit:)
    love ya friend

  10. Wow! It is so beautiful! I have been enjoying each and every one of your Maine photos. What a beautiful place. Maine in on my list of places I hope to visit one day! :)

  11. These are by far some of the best pics I've seen in blog land. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  12. what a wonderful trip you've had! and what a beautiful place!

  13. absolutely beautiful images....
    can't wait to visit that beautiful state next year when we travel the East coast.

    so, you guys just visited Eagle Island. You didn't stay there did you? It looks small for a family.

  14. Hi Linsey! Great shooting! I love your photos and I just love that you've shared all the goodness with us! I can't pick a favorite.

    I hear you about savoring the last of summer before school. I'm capturing all that I can with my built in camera - my heart and mind!

  15. Tara, we spent the night on our boat. {Wishing we hadn't because it was a choppy water, no sleep night.} They do actually have cabins that fit a family, but they are rustic!

    Robyn, love what you said about your heart and mind being a built in camera!


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