Back To School Ramblings

This post could go anywhere...because my mind is all over the place! How about I just ramble with a few photos in between? {I couldn't resist the concrete walls and filtered sunlight at a nearby cafe.}

Yesterday was our first day of school, and my girls loved every minute. I can't say enough about how much we love Presbyterian School!

The start of each school year reminds me that His ways are better than our ways. It's a long story, but two years ago, God directed our steps from one school to another. Our story includes some heartbreak and confusion from a door that was slammed shut, but in the end, God's way for us has been better than anything we could've imagined!

So if the day was so great, and I love the school, why did I need a nap and an Excedrin Migraine when we got home? Big days do that to me.

Or maybe it was the perfume. After giving lots of hugs to people I hadn't seen all summer, I came home with someone else's aroma, and it was strong! {My youngest and I don't do well with artificial fragrances. I get headaches; she gets irritable.}

But it got me thinking: what aroma do I leave behind? When someone leaves my presence, my hug, my conversation, what stays with them?

Am I the pleasing aroma of Christ? Am I fruit forward? {Sounds like a wine description!} Do I refresh people with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control?

I'm longing to be a heavenly scent this year...in my home, my neighborhood, the hallways at school, here on the blog, in my business, at the grocery store.

Speaking of heavenly scents, look how we got to celebrate the first day of school:

We've just discovered that Crave Cupcakes uses natural ingredients {no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives...with the exception food dye in their red velvet cupcake}. Why can't all cupcakes/food be made this way?

{They even have a gluten free chocolate cupcake! Divine!}

My girls were thrilled! They're used to the way we eat and rarely complain, but a fun treat from a hip spot always results in a few extra squeals of joy. "You're the BEST mama EVER!!!" 

There's a lot more bouncing around in my brain...a new song from my oldest, a new font with great swashes, a few new tweaks around the house...but my tummy's growling! Time to scrape something together for lunch.

Wishing you a sweet, heavenly scented day!


  1. you are such a wonderful mama

    i love their portraits. the first one especially looks so classic & simply elegant.

    yummy yummy cupcakes :)

  2. beautiful pictures! i love that background -- sweet and sophisticated. hope the first week is going well. mine start monday, so we're busy getting all their supplies together, haircuts, etc. I'm going to miss their summer hair!

  3. Paige, thought of you with the cupcakes! That first photo is my favorite, too. You'd never know the sun was bright and hot (noon is generally the worst time of day for outdoor photography).

    I meant to mention to Houston peeps that this would be a great senior portrait spot. On Montrose just north of 59. Look for a gray concrete building/gallery on the east side of the street.

  4. okay loved the pics and the cupcakes were such a great idea. you are a wonderful momma! i love your thoughts on your scent and what you leave behind. that was really great girlie. i hope my scent trail is always sweet:)

  5. I could eat them up, they're so cute! Both the girls AND those cupcakes.

    ♥ sécia

  6. those cupcakes look fantastic! I've always thought about the aroma of my life. I really like your analogy!

  7. Awesome post. Your girls are adorable and I'm loving those pics. Scents are funny.....Savannah always has people at school ask her why her backpack smells so good. Never really thought about it. Cupcakes look yummy. Have a blessed weekend. xo

  8. Linsey, The aroma of Christ is evident in your blog. I think you have a kind, sweet,loving heart that reflects Christ in each post.

  9. Sweet Bonnie, thank you very, very much. Your words are a great encouragement. I pray that I'm as consistent in person!

  10. Aw, sweet friend I always am refreshed when I read what you have to say. I confess I am missing the back to school days of home tonight. Then I read your thoughts and remember that God's ways are always better. You are a treat, as are those fun cupcakes!

  11. love your sweet girlies and the concrete super:)
    The cupcakes look divine..were they;) and your post reminds me of a talk Grace's dance coach said the other day. About lifting others up just lifts up the whole team. How often out of our own insecurities we don't do that. It has encouraged me to think of that when I'm with other people. Your words reminded me of that.
    Your aroma?
    I think of you as transparent glass. You are so real in your brokeness and your pursuit of His healing and giving that to others whenever your led. You have touched my heart in so many ways. I am truly blessed to know you. Love ya and have a wonderful weekend. Off to eat now too:)

  12. Transparent glass. Wow. That may be one of the most meaningful compliments I've ever received. Thank you, Tiffini. What an affirmation of what the Lord can do.

  13. Oh my goodness, I've just discovered you from Karin's blog. I'm a Houstonian, so we must get to know each other. Lovely beautiful little girl. And, nevermind those cupcakes.

  14. A very thought-provoking post. It also brought back memories of Heaven Sent--the popular 1970's fragrance. I always found something Heaven Sent in my Christmas stocking as a kid.

  15. A very thought-provoking post. It also brought back memories of Heaven Sent--the popular 1970's fragrance. I always found something Heaven Sent in my Christmas stocking as a kid.


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