All That I Am {by Hallie Cecile}

Hello sweet friends! I didn't expect to be back so soon, but a new song from my very own little songbird is rocking my world today, and I'm excited to share it with you!

Hallie Cecile, also known as our Sweet Pea, Sunshine and Songbird, is only 10 years old, but even at this young age, she feels like she knows what God has made her to do. And she loves to spend time doing it.

She often rises before the sun just to make time for her music before school. No one asks her to do this. She chooses it. {It astounds me that while I'm desperate for that extra 30 minutes of sleep, she's desperate to play, write and sing.} She says her morning music routine makes her feel more awake, alive and ready for the day. It tunes her heart to God's.

She's focused, intuitive, hardworking and mostly self taught. She's had maybe a half dozen guitar lessons and a few months of piano {to help her read and write music}. But the songwriting...it just comes from her heart.

Hallie hears music in her head {which means she's often in her own world...something I've had to learn to be patient with over the years}. She can hardly get it out fast enough...always scribbling, humming and strumming. She then records a few chords and lyrics with her iTouch so that she doesn't lose one song as another begins.

{Her window seat is her favorite place to write.}

I don't know much about music or how "real" musicians operate, but I do know this: when my daughter pours her heart into a song, it's powerful.

I was just listening to a recording of her newest song {for the hundredth time} when all of the sudden, I burst into tears! Tears of joy, thanksgiving, awe, admiration and humility. Hallie Cecile...wow.

Hallie's gift as a singer/songwriter/guitar player is beyond me...beyond anything I could have given her or dreamed for her. I'm not always sure how to handle this gift, but one thing I know for sure: it's God-given. It isn't mine or even hers. It's His.

And a gift is meant to be shared. So here you go: here's my sweet Hallie singing and playing her newest song, All That I Am.

YOU are a gift, sweet Hallie, and you're using the gift that God has given you SO WELL. I hope it always brings you this much joy.

Sweet blog friends, I hope you enjoy Hallie's new song. Feel free to share it...or to leave a comment for her. I'll be sure to pass your sweet words on to her!

Happy Friday!

P.S. A huge thank you to Malcolm Brooks for encouraging Hallie to try a few new things this summer {improvisation!} and for recording her new song. What a blessing to have such a talented musician living across the street from my parents' summer home in Maine.

P.P.S. My husband had fun making this little video last weekend. Just some rough footage on his iPhone that he pieced together with the recording. You can also listen to a live, unedited version HERE. These videos are a fun way for our family to remember the way Hallie is right now. Thank you, JD.


  1. Linsey, That is absolutely beautiful! What a blessing to see God working in your children!

  2. Amazing!! She has such a pure, beautiful and rare gift. My husband is also in awe. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

  3. That was so very lovely! What a true gift from God indeed. That was such a blessing to listen to. God Bless!

  4. Love this kid to the heighth and depth and breadth my soul can reach!

  5. What a beautiful voice, so talented! Hallie, you rock!

  6. Sweet sweet music. Sweet sweet girl. What a joy to behold a young woman using her gifts to glorify her maker! Thanks for sharing. This was a blessing to my day!

  7. Naya and I jut watched it together and loved every second. She certainly has a precious gift Lins!! WIll she sing this at church tomorrow/soon?

    Enjoy your weekend~ we are staying in nursing colds/allergies and hiding from this heat.

  8. What a blessing this song was to my heart this morning! Your sweet child is truly gifted.

    Thank you.

  9. You may have two comments from me. I lost the first one so I will begin again.

    What amazing talent for one so young! It is a natural gift I can see that. She is so sincere, wholesome and genuine. Thank you for sharing. It has made me realize how God has a plan for everyone and how He speaks in ways we could not image.

  10. Wow! I am speechless. She is so young, but so in touch with her faith. And so incredibly talented. God is certainly smiling right now!

  11. Dear Hallie,
    Your Mama & I have become friends through our blogs. And I feel like I know you and your sister through pictures and stories. But seeing you in action and hearing you sing was a thrill for us. My oldest son, Andrew and 4 of of his friends happened to be building Legos in our dining room while I was sitting in the kitchen paying your song. Without asking, they all came in to see where the beautiful music was coming from and who the singer was behind the voice. Their comments were "wow, she is really good" and you certainly are one talented young lady. Keep writing and singing. And tell your mama to keep posting. We'll be the first to buy your albums one day!! (ok, maybe second, I'm sure your parents will get some sort of advanced copy!) And we'll be able to say we know you when....

    Mrs. Foley

  12. Dear Hallie, You are quite an accomplished songwriter...never mind that you are only 10 years old!!! I love your song, your guitar playing, your beautiful voice and most of all your inner wisdom in being true to yourself and your faith....
    Keep on writing and I hope to hear you in person someday soon!!!
    Regards, Lisa

  13. Beautiful, beautiful music. Loved every precious second. Hallie--share your talent with the world--sweet Girl, your loving Father will take you on an amazing journey!

  14. beautiful, hallie! it's so inspiring to see someone so young using their gifts and working hard. look forward to hearing more!

  15. Hallie Cecile, you had me in tears before the first 25 seconds of your song. I cried the whole way through watching you -- and how amazing you are and looking forward to all the special gifts I will come to see in my own children over the next few years. I can't wait to share your video with them when they wake up tomorrow. My oldest starts kindergarten soon and I just know he will find so much strength and confidence from watching you sing and do something you obviously love so much.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the rest of us. You are truly beautiful -- inside and out!!

    ~ Stacy
    Mom to Jimmy (5), Caroline (4) and Josh (2)

  16. crying tonight listening to her sing this beautiful truth.

    she is a gifted and precious child of God.

    His fingerprints are all over her.

    can't wait to see how he continues to use her in this world...

  17. Ok I know that I have already said this in another comment about Hallie, but every time when I hear Hallie playing guitar or singing or both, my jaw drops and I turn my mind blank and just listen to Hallie and forget about everything else and only hear and focus on her. Hallie you are a true performer whenever people look at you, they see a true performer/star/celebrity right in front of them. Hallie your loved by all and you will always be. Whenever I look at you, I see a future star right in front of me. I will always be there for you when you need me, I promise. When you perform at your first concert, I will be rather in the crowd or back stage(if you let me) cheering you on and screaming on the top of my lungs how amazing you are. Hallie you are the kind of friend that I have always wanted to have and the moment I met you, I knew that you were the kind of friend that I have always wanted and that your always amazing! Hallie I see a true star right there. Whenever celebrities listen to you sing, they know that your a true star and that your definitely one of a kind and that you have a big future ahead of you. Hallie people might say that your never gonna be a star9not saying that you are), but NEVER listen to them because their just telling lies. Hallie don't listen to what other people say about your musical talents because it is your voice and your career and don't let anyone take that away from you. Hallie your a very speial girl!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Hasenbank, your blessed with a young talented artist that is a future star and that has a very loving heart.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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