Silenced by His Majesty

The Grand Canyon has left me quiet and still. Condensing such grandeur and majesty into words and images feels a lot like trying to chase the wind. How can anyone capture the heavenly scope and glory of this place?

My oldest daughter nailed it when she described the Grand Canyon as "a feeling." Absolutely! Stand on the Canyon's edge, and I promise you'll feel it. Not a single view is insignificant. Walk five steps to the left, 10 steps to the right...try to find words. Raise your camera up, try to focus...and you'll hardly know where to close the shutter.

I didn't know where to begin taking photos, so for the most part, I chased the sun...snapping wildly from sunrise to sunset. Here are a few of my hundreds {with two from my dad}:

You can't help but take hundreds of photos when you're visiting the Grand Canyon, but there's nothing like seeing it and feeling it in person. Have you been? For this beauty hunter, it was a real treat!

In awe of God's creative power,

P.S. Because my own photos didn't feel like enough {not that anything feels like enough at the Grand Canyon}, I bought one of those touristy books. The photos are spectacular, but I especially love the quotes from early visitors.

This one from author in 1900:
"The first view of the Canyon springs upon the visitor with the leap of a panther, and suggesting a deserted world, yawns at his feet before he is aware that he is within mile of it. It overwhelms him by its suddenness, and renders him speechless with its grandeur and magnificence."
And this one, from a doctor in 1895:
"There is a certain malady, commonly termed 'big head,' with which a large number of otherwise healthy people are afflicted. Prescription: Stand upon the brink of the Grand Canyon, gaze down, and still further down...and realize for the first time your own utter insignificance."


  1. Your photographs of the Canyon are beautiful. Indeed it is a glorious place. A glimpse of the splendor of the majesty of God. Thanks for this inspiring post! I enjoy your blog so much!

  2. Wow, I hope to visit it someday and stand at the edge of God's awesome creation. I read Psalm 104 this week and this is a perfect picture of His creativity. I love the blue picture and the birds and the girls. If those are photographs, I can't imagine the real deal.

  3. absolutely stunning. I hope to get there one day soon, I love places that make you feel like that. Puts things into perspective for me

  4. unbelievable. perfection.

    God is such a wonderful creator.

  5. I've never been and would love to go. I can imagine trying to capture its beauty..it would be impossible. Your girlies are so sweet and to say it's a feeling is so profound!
    happy weekend:)

  6. Oh I love all you've posted but the first picture is my FAVORITE! The quotes are neat, too.

  7. i;'ve never been
    but your images are breathtaking & obviously barely encompass the realness ...i can only imagine.
    i LOVE the scripture. was that just on the stone?

  8. Yes, Paige...the scripture plaque was hung right on the stone wall at a popular tourist spot. I was so surprised, but my heart was glad. How could you not sing praise amidst such grandeur? xo!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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