Silenced By His Majesty {Part Deux}

Something as grandiose as the Grand Canyon definitely deserves a part deux. It was a perfect beauty hunting adventure! Not only was there endless glory to chase with my camera, but I also enjoyed the beauty of the present moment. These images are reminders of moments when time seemed to stand still.

Walking up to the Canyon for the first time...

Someone encouraged us to look down
until we were right on the edge.

{The web doesn't do this panoramic justice.}

Great shot, Dad!

My youngest left her beloved iTouch on the rock
at sunset. We thought it was a goner.

But these guys {who camped out on the edge}
found it and kept it safe all through the night!

One of the most memorable things was
the helicopter ride over the Canyon.
{Thanks, Dad!}

A turquoise tributary that flows into the Colorado.
Something we never would've seen had we
not seen it from above. Incredible!

The girls loved the headsets.
My youngest talked the whole time!

Our one and only family photo...
a little windblown and dark, but not too bad
for handing your camera over to a perfect stranger!

One of the few of my husband and me.

One of my favorites.
Everyone looks so happy...
because they really, truly were!

My little foursome.

The girls LOVED life on the RV.
Here they are having a picnic under a blanket.

And I'd be crazy not to include this photo...
something we can laugh about now!

Yep, that's our rented RV...listing to the left with a blown tire...in the middle of nowhere {aka West Texas}...on a Sunday morning {not a whole lot of jumbo sized tire shops open}! I was strangely content with our circumstances {as were my girls}...despite spending 7 hours on the east edge of El Paso. There were a few unpleasant moments, but you know what? We were safe and now have a good story to tell!

Actually, there are LOTS of stories to tell regarding life on the RV {and life in the RV parks...a first for me!}, but those are better shared in person. If you need a good laugh, come on over! {Or just watch the movie "RV" with Robin Williams. I laughed SO hard when I saw it last weekend!}

A final thought: when my husband got all fired up about an RV trip to the Grand Canyon, I was a little underwhelmed. I was hoping for a trip to France. And a picturesque chateau...not an RV! {Besides, I'd seen a million photos and a 3D IMAX of the Grand Canyon, so I thought I'd kinda "been there."} But there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. {Or feeling it, as my oldest daughter wisely said.} As much as I love France, nothing takes your breath away like the Grand Canyon.  I'm glad we went...and definitely hope to return!

And now...I'm off to enjoy "The Maine Thing" for a few weeks!

Happy Summer!

P.S. This sign was posted at the entrance of a West Texas RV park. It was the perfect message following our tire blowout! Wishing you the same blessing if you're traveling this summer!


  1. looks AMAZING!! i hope we'll go one day, and i think an RV would be the way to do it! have a great time in Maine...

  2. i love your term "beauty-hunting"! i'd love to go on my own beauty hunt to the grand canyon someday.

  3. oh i can't wait to take my kids there one day! How incredible! Wonderful family photos. I will have to remember to keep my head down when we go!

    funny about the rv.... fun pic.

  4. love these pictures.
    can't get enough of them...for real.

    this is on our short list of trips to take as a family over the next 10 years.

    We're starting with the East coast trip next May/June since we're studying American History and Geography this year....this trip will definitely be the next one that we take a few years down the road.

    When you start to think of how short of a time you have with your kids....these trips become more and more important!!!

    LOVE the idea of keeping your head down to be totally surprised at God's MAJESTY in that part of the country!!!

  5. Have loved catching up on your blog this morning! Your kitchen is beautiful, love the 4th of July post, and your Grand Canyon recap!

  6. You do look happy and even though I have not meet you I feel such a kinship with your precious family. Between following your mother's blog and yours I feel as if I do know you and I look forward to each new post. Both of you express yourself so well. I have only flown over the Grand Canyon from a jetliner-not the same as a helicopter, for sure. Your pictures do display its grandeur and your words point me to our Maker and His Glory.

  7. What a wondeful and glorious trip! I loved the photo of your two cute girls holding hands and their expression when they looked up. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Aw, I love this post. I love that they kept their heads down, that you got the iTouch back, that you were safe during/after the blowout and that your daughter said that you 'feel' it. So great! You will have this forever and so will your girls!

  9. Oh Lins! So beautiful! And I will take you up on your offer to come hear more stories, since we got a little sidetracked last time....

    Btw, I don't think you and JD look alike, but I think JD may look more like your parents' child than you do! He looks so much like your mom.

    Freud much?
    (just kidding!)

  10. Missy, you've got me rolling! I've never looked much like anyone in my family, but JD looking like my mom may be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. You're a riot! Xo!

  11. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    What Missy may have meant is that there is a true joy in the face of your mom and JD that may be missing in someone else in the picture. This is what makes them look like they may be related. Peace shines through the face from within.

  12. Wonderful posts! I love your story of your trip to the Grand Canyon, and am inspired to rent an RV of my own sometime soon! I drove cross country from South Carolina to California after I completed basic training and was on my way to my first duty station. I took my best friend and we took 11 days to see as much of the country as we could.

    We got to the Grand Canyon early one morning and it was so foggy we walked right out to that edge and couldn't see a thing!! I was devastated. We were about to leave and be forced to continue on or journey when someone suggested we grab an OJ & a muffin first and wait half an hour or so.

    We fooled around and chatted and when we went back .. my heart may have dropped to the ground. All that majesty right there in front of me, that had been RIGHT THERE IN FRONT of me the entire time was remarkable! To think I almost missed it, it truly is a life changing, awe inspiring experience.

    A decade later and now a geology student I would give anything to go back and do it all over again. Taking my family with me this time would make it even better.

  13. Nope Anon. I meant they actually look genetically related.

  14. I am scared of heights and seeing your wee ones...I don't know how you did it but it is beautiful Lins! The family pictures with the Canyon as the backdrop is breathtaking.
    What is the go picnic? I've never been in an RV...I think of Robin Williams in some show where everything went wrong..that would be me:)

  15. i've loved these last two posts! what an amazing trip. i can't image a trip with my parents AND my children in such close quarters, i love them dearly, but they aren't very laid back, and I think you gotta be laid back for a trip like that. such wonderful memories, incredible adventure, breathtaking scenery, happy girls, what more could you ask for?! Enjoy your time in Maine. xoxo

  16. Tiff, I've never laughed more over a movie than I did over "RV." Watched it for the first time last weekend (twice) and about fell off the couch with laughter!

    Stacy, your story is amazing! I'm so glad you waited for the fog to lift! (It's amazing what can be hidden just inches behind a thick fog!) I know you'll get back there someday!

  17. Tessa, I just got a good giggle over your comment. Let's just say there were some "moments." And I laugh because I'm not exactly the most laid back person. Working on it, though!

  18. How amazing. How beautiful. What a wonderful trip! I have never been there... but is looks like a great place to visit! Loved the movie RV... hilarious!! :)

  19. So glad you took us with you via photos! I would love to take that trip with my family some time. I also want to raft the Colorado River. I can not however imagine making that trip in an RV! Good for you ALL! Wish I could hear the stories.


  20. PS... Missy might be on to something...funny how we "look" like the people we hang around. :)

  21. amazing!!!!!!
    i love your part of the story of your dreams of a french chateau vs the rv....i'm so impressed with you

    your girls are precious. i think mine would LOVE an adventure. at least 3 of them would anyway!!
    i pray we get there one day


  22. Your girls are precious! your story is amazing!

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