Quintessential Midcoast Maine

Let me just come right out and tell you: Midcoast Maine is a beauty hunter's playground! What a blessing to return to Camden and Rockport Harbor each year...thanks to parents who've put down some part-time roots up there!

I took way too many photos this year {living in the present moment with a camera in hand will do that to you!}, but for those of you who've never been, I thought I'd start with some "Quintessential Midcoast Maine" shots.

As you might have imagined...

...picture perfect lighthouses.

Schooners {"Windjammers"} on every horizon.

Flags waving from every boat.

Dinghys bobbing in the water.
{Rowing is harder than it looks, by the way!}

Maine-made Hinkley boats...

...for cruising among peaceful islands and into quiet coves.

Nautical maps for navigating Penobscot Bay.

Islands you can only admire from a boat...

...and islands you are free to explore.

Rocky beaches...
{See the heart rock? They're my favorites!}

...filled with treasures.

Always a handful worth bringing home.

Peaceful harbor towns.
{Rockport Harbor}

Lobster boats on their moorings.
{Rockport Harbor}

And yes, lobster.
{Not my favorite, but when in Maine....}

White adirondacks overlooking the water.

Hydrangeas in every color.

And the highlight for my girls...

...fresh-picked, wild Maine blueberries!
{Perfect for pie and pancakes!}

"The Maine Thing" is one of the best things I do all year. I hope you get to go someday! I highly recommend the Midcoast...worth the long day of travel! And if you love photography, check out Maine Media Workshops {where you can take a class with a world-renowned photographer!}.

Happy Weekend, Sweet Blog Friends!

P.S. For those who like to talk camera stuff: I challenged myself to use only one lens the entire trip...my Canon 50mm F/1.8. It's old school! {There's no zoom, so you have to move your feet...that's a prime lens for ya!} The results are razor sharp, and you can do cool stuff with the aperture to get a blurred background {called "bokeh"}. It's also inexpensive and extremely lightweight. The best bang for your buck as far as lenses go.


  1. Gosh...you can just tell from the pictures that the weather is no where near the stifling heat we have in the south. Everything is so green and blue....great pictures by the way!

  2. So so beautiful! I love the American flag pic and the treasures you are finding! Enjoy the beauty and family at your fingertips!

    That lens has been on my wish list...Christmas maybe?

  3. Linsey,
    Gorgeous photos. It sure is a beautiful place. What memories you must make there each summer as a family! We made our move from Phoenix to Houston two weeks ago I continue to love your posts (and now that we are "neighbors" I feel like I should leave a comment becasue I truly do love your blog!). . . thanks for the beautiful photography, the transparent thoughts and encouraging words. Bless your weekend!

  4. Well, I am very thankful for your "Maine Thing" as well. Your photos are [almost] as good as being there. I simply must get there!

  5. Hi Linsey, I am feeling the fresh cool breezes just looking at your beautiful photos. The summer here in VA has been extremely hot & humid this year. A trip to Maine would be wonderful! I love your blog and I must say that your kitchen is at the top of my list for all time favorites! So beautiful!

  6. Stunning photos! What an amazing adventure.

    ♥ sécia

  7. Sigh... I LOVE Maine. I grew up in Nova Scotia and we traveled to Maine quite a bit. I live in Atlanta now, but my brother-in-law lives in Maine so we still get to visit. It's just so beautiful.

  8. I love Maine! Those pictures capture the spirit of summertime Maine so well. The last time we were there was a couple years ago, I was pregnant with Charlie and I LOVE lobster, I ate it everyday we were there. I attribute part of his sunny disposition to my massive lobster consumption. I'm glad you are able to escape the TX heat and have such a special time with your girls. I'm sure it is the highlight of their summer too! Congrats to your sis too. Gorgeous baby!! xo, Tessa

  9. Awesome pics! The area looks amazing. Lucky girl!

  10. I love your pictures of Maine...I'm gonna pin them to pinterest under places I'd rather be.....

    it'll link back to your gorgeous blog!

    I can hardly wait to visit Maine next year!!!

  11. We just returned from our trip to Maine this summer. We have been traveling there since 2000, and we go to Acadia/ Mount Desert Island. It is the most special place. I understand that you live in West U as well. I would love to visit personally and compare notes. Please email if you are interested. Thanks for the great photos, Cheryl Boyd

  12. Acadia is amazing! Truly one of our nation's jewels. I haven't been in a while and definitely want to return for some hiking and exploring. I'd love to compare Maine notes!

  13. Oh my they are just breathtaking..just as I imagine. The lobster boats and the adirondacks chairs...It looks so crisp ( or is it the lens?:) You must have been in heaven with all of that beauty hunting...truly a dream. Those rocks and the harbor town


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