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C.S. Lewis nailed it when he penned these words. {He's brilliant...one of my favorite writers and thinkers of all time.}

Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts. It's a gift that hasn't always come easily for me, so I cherish the small glimpses God has given. {One of these days, I may have more to say about "the friendship ache" and what I've learned from it, but I'm still in process...not wise enough to reflect.}

Back to my reason for writing....

The biggest blessing that has come to me through blogging is friendship...transparent, authentic, cut-to-the-heart kind of friendship. I know...crazy and unexpected right? I sometimes laugh at it myself!

Two years ago, I would've argued that an "online friend" could never be a real friend. I scoffed at the idea of calling someone "friend" if you'd never spent real life time together. I even had thoughts that "online friends" were for people who couldn't carry on a "real life" friendship. I was so wrong. {Please forgive me for thinking less of you before I even knew you, sweet friends!}

What is really extraordinary about me making friends through blogging is that I'm a "Quality Time" girl {someone who feels loved and shows love through spending time with you...it's my love language}. I once wondered, "What's the point of sharing my heart with people who are so far away...people who have zero potential for spending quality time together?"

I've since realized two things:

  1. I am choosing to spend time on a person every time I read her blog...and even more when I comment. There are so many other things I could do with my time, but I always check in on a handful of blogs because I love the hearts of the women who write them. They are worth my time, and I hope my comments on their posts let them know that.
  2. I believe life is so much more than this world and the things we see right in front of us. My faith tells me that the fullest life is still to come. I get to spend eternity with my blog friends...talk about quality time! I get excited imagining our first embrace. We will know each other so much more fully there...almost as if we have see-through hearts. {A beautiful thought, isn't it?} No blogs and comments needed in that heavenly place!
Thanks to blogging and comment sharing, I am wildly blessed by a handful of amazing women in all parts of the world who I now call friends...real friends. Our friendship began just as C.S. Lewis described...with a "What! You too?" kind of moment. I love those moments, don't you?

And you know what? One of my new friends doesn't even have a blog. Our friendship grew out of my comment on someone else's blog {followed by her regular visits to my blog and lots of emails}. When we met in person for the first time, it was as if we'd known each other forever!

So all of that friendship rambling brings me to this: if you have one of those "What! You too?" moments while reading someone's blog, leave a comment. Even if you've never commented before...even if they already have lots of other comments. Your comment matters...especially if you might be kindred spirits! Only the Lord knows where your next gift of friendship lies. Funny, but it might be online!

And there's one point of business in all of this: I've been receiving a crazy number of Anonymous spam comments...dozens a day. No potential for friendship there, so I've said "no more" to Anonymous comments. If you don't have a Google account {which is free and easy}, no worries...you can use Open ID to leave a comment. And if you prefer to remain Anonymous, no problem...just type in anything you'd like as your name. {Though I love knowing who you are, sweet friends!}

I'm thankful for each and every one of you who chooses to spend time with me here. I don't measure my blog by its followers {or I would've quit long ago}, but by the friendships and blessings that have come from it. Time well spent. You, sweet readers, are precious!

Hugs and love,

P.S. I can't wait to share our Eagle Island {Maine} adventure with you when I'm back in Houston next week. Talk about another world! Time really does stand still in some places.


  1. I too love CS Lewis...had never heard that quote though. So true.

  2. You are darling!! I love that you said you get to spend eternity with your blog friends...what a heart for your friends.

    We are doing a study on the spiritual realm at church right now and the pastor quotes Screwtape Letters often which makes me want to read it! I haven't read C.S. Lewis since childhood.

    One last thing...I've finally found my zinc top table, which is how I found your lovely blog in the first place. Will post pics soon. Yay!

  3. I love this post Linsey...especially felt a connection when you said "Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts. It's a gift that hasn't always come easily for me, so I cherish the small glimpses God has given." I just know you all are having a wonderful time in Maine and look forward to seeing you when you return...then school is right around the corner...whew summer flies when you are having fun!!! Lisa

  4. I am just crying my eyes out! I wish you could know just how much I value our friendship! Me too...to your whole post but I have a handful of the sweetest friends that I know are there for me and me for them and I can't wait to spend eternity with our see through hearts...cause I love yours. A big hug and I know you are soaking up the sun and the Son in Maine...xoxo

  5. thank you! this was lovely. you are lovely! and it's so true too. you are very much a "real" friend to me. I talk about you, and my handful of other blog friends, with my non-blog friends or my husband, so they know you too even though they don't blog. And my boys have listen to your daughter sing. I sometimes think blogging friends might even know each other better because we see a glimpse into each other's souls on a regular basis. and we get uninterrupted time to "listen" to each other. you are one of the ones that makes this whole thing worthwhile! mwah!!


  6. Beautifully written post. I have several blog friends who are very dear friends. I always feel weird telling people that I met them online. But they may know me even better than my "real life" friends.

  7. this coulld not have come at a better time! you are the best Linsey Lou!!

  8. The style, design and content of your blog is so excellent LLH, this is a standard to which I can only aspire! Thanks for being a good example that I finally followed: blogging is so much fun. Hope you have a cool break in Maine. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Best, MHP

  9. What a sweet post. Love your blog and all that you have encouraged me to do. Thanks.

  10. I LOVED this post....it's kind of scary because it's like you read my mind.

    I've had to majorly narrow my reading down because it was taking up way to much family time, but I also have a handful that I have to keep up with, like yours.

    I hope we get to meet one day while we are still on Earth, but if not, I KNOW we'll meet one day in the forever after..... I am so glad to call you a new friend and, more importantly, a sister in Christ.

    looking forward to hearing more of your heart on the friendship ache one day....its part of your story....God uses all things to draw us to himself and to bring Glory to his name...

  11. right back-atcha -- love your comments!

  12. COULDN'T LOVE THIS MORE!!! Linsey, you are a cherished friend in my little world. I love how we're tied together, journeying as mothers, wives, beauty-hunters and more! You bless me wildly!!!

  13. Aww. You see...you are the sweetest blessings. If the only thing I walk away with after all this blogging is each of you, I am rich. Thank you, sweet friends.

  14. Such a wonderful post! I felt the same way about online friends before I started blogging. It is an amazing community.

  15. Awesome Post! My favorite by far....just like your blog. So glad that God crossed our paths. xo

  16. Beautiful thoughts! I have that quote saved in a blog post that I haven't completed. It's amazing how you can find a connection with so many people through blogging. I feel a little embarrassed when I try to explain it to non-bloggers, but the only way to truly understand it is to experience it. I met a blog friend this summer and it was as if we were life-long friends. How neat! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I can not even begin to explain how blogging has changed my life....in such a god way. I agree with every thing you say....and the friendship part is the best!

  18. What a beautiful quote, and a beautiful blog entry! I love reading your blog.

  19. Only you could put all of this into words and have it strike such a chord with us. As we've discussed on numerous occasions, just when we're down in the dumps and so frazzled for time to post on our blogs and are ready to pull the plug on the whole thing~ we remember all of those precious people we've met through our little blogs. Finding like minded people and sharing inspiration and friendship with them, near and far.

    Meeting you has kept me blogging, even in my darkest hour(s). ;)

  20. Thank you Lindsey, I am sure we all wonder about all of the points you have made... while we sit at our computers! Well said, I am almost positive that we all needed to read this post!

  21. Wow, you captured friendship so beautifully here. I think it is one of God's biggest blessings, but sometimes so complex to wrap our thoughts around. I am blessed by your words, as if you have voiced my own thoughts and feelings here! Thank you for giving yourself open and honestly to us and I feel truly blessed to know your heart and call you friend!

  22. You nailed this one! So true. And can I say thank you for stopping by my blog even tho I haven't had one desire to write there for the past month.

    Blessings to a real friend!

  23. More sweet friends. Do you know how precious you and your words are? Love you all!

    Robyn - Only blog when inspired...that my motto. No rules, no pressure, no schedule...just pure inspiration. If you're away for weeks, no worries! I'll be there when you're back.

    My other blogging mottos: "Live first, blog second" and "You run the blog; it doesn't run you."

  24. Blogging has opened up such an amazing world of friends. As you say, we are touched by words and images, and cherish them!

    It has given me a way to pay it forward!

    Art by Karena

    Be sure to Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

  25. "ME TOO" to this entire post...seriously - all.of.it! Thank you for your transparency.

  26. You are so right!! I love this post and your perspective :)

  27. Well said friend;) I always enjoy what you have to say and always sit here in agreement. Hope your summer is going well! Just checking in on my friend this morning before we head off to chuch. Happy Sunday!

  28. I couldn't agree more. Some of my dearest friends are online friends. They say it's more difficult to make friends as you get older, but I've found the opposite to be true online. I think it's much easier to find people with similar interests online.

  29. I don't know that I've commented before, however I just wanted to say I enjoyed this post and it rang true. I'm an American expat in the UK (which can be lonely) and happened to make one of my great friends here because she happened to read my blog from the US then a year later "happened" to move over here too! Amazing how that works, isn't it?
    I was drawn to your blog for your taste in home decor & love of all things French, but I keep coming back for your insight and positivity. Especially the way you obviously cherish your role as a Christian mother, which I find so encouraging.

  30. mn...I so appreciate your comment. Sometimes I don't know what kind of blogger I am (kinda all over the place!0. I love design, home decor and beauty, but I also love the Lord and deep things of the heart. So it's neat to know that you came for one thing yet have stayed for another. I'm honored. Thank you! And thanks for chiming in!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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