Kitchen Love {And The Story Of Our House}

I love my kitchen...every single thing about it! So I did the crazy blog thing of taking more photos than you'd ever care to see and am thinking about sharing a few.

But first, a little back story.

Five and a half years ago, I got the house bug...like any house loving girl does from time to time. Nothing too serious, but I was beginning to wonder what life might look like outside of our little 1950's home.

Not so good. I didn't see anything I loved, and certainly not for a price we were willing {or able} to pay. We'd been house poor before, and had no desire to do that again {not sure a marriage could survive that twice!}. We were celebrating our new debt free status {thanks to Crown Financial Ministries, faithfulness and steady plodding} and were feeling content to stay put and enjoy what we had.

Until my mom called...on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon. "I found your kitchen!!! You have to hurry. People are already writing contracts."

Huh? What? Where? I went to appease her, not thinking for a single second that it was really MY kitchen...or that we were moving anytime soon!

But there it was...in all its glory...with our names written all over it!

Here's what we saw that day:

...a 15-year old, well built home with a brand new,
to-die-for, French inspired kitchen!


The floors...

{hardwood with inlaid travertine}

The sink...

{hammered copper}

{love the ever-changing, always beautiful patina}

The chandeliers...

{never dreamed of crystal chandeliers in a kitchen
5 years ago, but loved it when I saw it!}

The glazed cabinetry and hardware...

The hidden spice racks...

{one on each side of the range}

And gasp...the La Canche!

{imported from France}

I couldn't believe my eyes! I had seen one of these in Provence years ago and have held it in my dreams ever since. But being the practical girl I am, I never imagined having one in my own kitchen...and wouldn't have dreamed of importing it. But she did it for me!

And let me tell you, when she saw that I knew what a La Canche was, her eyes widened. To this day, I think it's that little thing that separated us from the other offers that came in that day...the fact that we "got it" when we saw the French range. {Did I tell you the house was For Sale By Owner...for one day only...and my mom happened to see the sign while she was out and about???} So meant to be!

I was sad to hear that she wouldn't get to spend a single day in her dream kitchen {her husband's job moved them to California}, but I will always be grateful to her for this kitchen. It's as if she knew all of my wildest dreams {half of which I'd never even allowed myself to dream} and put them into place...just for me. THANK YOU, Jill!

A few more details...just for fun!

In Provence, there are always furniture pieces in the kitchen.
She had this custom built for this spot.

Found the lamp base at Marburger. The peeled
away places reveal a color similar to the armoire.

Replaced the bulky brown chandelier with this one recently...
after letting it sit on my floor for eight months!
Sometimes life is like that...and it's okay!

Bought this for a song years ago, but now see them for $$$.
I'm a sucker for tiered stands. Just feels so orderly.

My first shot at custom window treatments. Sketched some ideas,
played around with options and had them made.

Bought these at the Maine Antiques Fair.
{Silver frames with linen mattes from West Elm.}

Need some serious help here!
The old, dried flowers from a friend's wedding
need to go. Any new ideas? A topiary?

One last look at a kitchen I feel grateful to call my own.

Enjoying everyday beauty
with a thankful heart!

P.S. Holly Mathis did a great post {HERE} on kitchen lighting. I'm honored that she selected my kitchen as an example, but also enjoyed all of her other images and ideas. Have a look!

P.P.S. Since I'm often asked...the wall color is Manchester from Pratt and Lambert; ceilings are half formula; cabinets are Sherwin Williams' Alabaster with a glaze on top. I couldn't have picked better colors myself! Thanks again, Jill!


  1. beautiful. takes my breath away!!!! i love your flooring
    x krystie

  2. I love your kitchen, it is gorgeous. But most importantly that double hidden spice rack is going in my file! :)

  3. i love everything about it too! it's gorgeous. especially the built in hutch - love that! and the STOVE!! thanks for sharing more pictures, it would have sold me on the house! i was sold on ours after seeing the door knocker. hadn't even stepped foot inside and i already knew it was our home! a sad situation, i know! :) i should have held out till i saw the kitchen! it was (and still is) my least favorite room in the house. one day.

  4. I LOVE it. You are one lucky girl. I would sit in my kitchen and drink coffee all day. Awesome.

  5. I love your kitchen and the story of how you found your house! My favorite is the hutch piece, so beautiful. Most of all, I love your thankful heart because that always shines when you write. Happy Friday!

  6. The story behind the kitchen is [almost] as pretty as the kitchen. No accidents in life, right? It's absolutely beautiful!

  7. What a inspiring story! Thank you for taking the time to share. Your photos are great, too, btw.

    Kitchens are no doubt the heart of the home, and homes are the resting places of our hearts. Isn't is grand to think of what God is preparing for us in heaven? If he gives these good gifts here...for temporary what must eternal look like?

    Smiling & wishing you could make some french pressed coffee for me today :)Blessings...

  8. It is obvious why you love your kitchen so much. It is beautiful!

  9. You are such a ray of sunshine! When I was walking this morning I smiled as I shared with our Father of His bustin' loose girls:)
    This was an inspiring story! Wow..what a gift for you. Your kitchen is so pretty and I can totally see you in it. I love the sink. Never heard of hammered copper but I pinned it:) Isn't that so funny!
    Have a very fun weekend...talk soon

  10. Amazing.

    ♥ sécia

  11. Aww, it makes my day to know that the story (not just a pretty kitchen) inspires you. It's a story I'll never forget. Truly a God thing!

    I have the best readers/blog friends! Happy weekend to all!

  12. Love your kitchen :) What a blessing to do "work" in such a beautiful place!

  13. I love your kitchen! I'm passing on this pot to my Mom and Godmother. They will fall in love.

    By the way, I see a rosemary plant to replace the dried flowers.

  14. your kitchen is absolutely beautiful.
    I love every single square inch of it!

  15. Hey, we're soon going to have to pack up some roosters from G-ma's apartment. Aren't roosters very French so maybe you could find a place in your very French kitchen and forget about the dried flowers!

  16. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    Any chance I could find out where those beautiful chandeliers came from? I love your blog and can completely relate to the look in your daughter's eyes when she has eaten something she is allergic to! I have exactly the same thing going on with my son!!! You described it exactly! Thanks for all of your thoughts! Patti

  17. Patti - the crystal chandeliers were here when we bought the house. I honestly think they are from somewhere like Home Depot or Lowes. I had the wooden one made locally, but you can find something similar for a good price at Ballard Designs these days. Hope that helps!

  18. Your kitchen is just gorgeous! I love all of it!!

  19. Beautiful! What an inspiring kitchen and story. Are you countertops granite, marble or something else? Love, love, love!!!

  20. Just a soft beautiful kitchen....love it. Very true to your style.

  21. I die... Yours is a kitchen that dreams are made of! Tons of inspiration here. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!

  22. I love your kitchen, very clean and sparkly. I have the same counter stools, do you mind me asking where you got the chair pad/covers from? Are they custom and if so how can I get a hold of the person that made them for you? Thank You!

  23. Thank you, Kim. The counter chair covers are Pom Pom at Home. I bought mine in Houston (in linen), but you can also find them online at Layla Grace. Not cheap, but cheaper than buying fabric and having them made since I don't sew. I use random cushions underneath to soften the seat.

  24. Love the story of how you found your house...your kitchen is gorgeous! I am inspired by your mix of lighting. I just bought a rustic painted wood chandelier for our living room and had second thoughts because the dining room (with a clear site line from the LR) has a black iron chandelier dripping with crystals. I wasn't sure about th mix.
    I think I have the nerve to give it a try...meaning have hubby hang it for me.


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