Happy Things

Thank you for such kind words following my last post. Blog friends are so sweet! My grandmother is still in the hospital {and my mom is home now pulling most of the load}, but I'm happy to report that I'm much braver now than I was on that first day. Celebrating that small victory!

Hospitals aside, there are lots of happy things delighting my eyes these days. I thought I'd share a few with you!

My very own peaceful retreat...

...with newly hung Belgian linen panels!
{More on that another day.}

Sunlight streaming in the windows...

...and a stack of inspiring books.

Pink, ruffly peonies.

{Too hot to grow them in Houston, but I'm happy for all
of you whose gardens are bursting with these beauties!}

Clean clothes.

{Finally got around to hand washing...three moths later!}

Snow cone fun.

{Purchased today at World Market.}

Happy girls.

{We love summer...the freedom, the extra time together...
even the heat is bearable when you have snow cones!}

A crisp treat for grown ups.

{Try the middle one...light and easy for only $12!}

Pinterest happies...

Source: slimpaley.com via LLH Designs on Pinterest

My bunny loving daughter would flip over this!

Word happies...

Thankful for so many happy things!


P.S. I almost forgot!
My girls and I have been cracking UP
over this Whole Foods Parking Lot rap!
Soooo funny!!!


  1. Lovely post. Your retreat is amazing.

    ♥ sécia

  2. So happy to hear you are handling it better. Your room is soooooo amazing. Love it. Your pics are great and the girls as cute as ever. Have a blessed day.

  3. girlie, i tell ya...your bedroom is amazing!
    sorry to hear about your grandmother. i must have missed that post.
    sending love
    & ps...love all your happies
    we just saw that cute lemonade today at our publix! :)

  4. Just added the link to the Whole Foods Parking lot rap. So, so, soooo funny! Especially if you're a Whole Foods shopper! It's definitely a happy, make-me-laugh thing!

  5. what a bunch of sweet quotes! I'm sorry to hear about your grandma! My grandma is starting to lose her memory and it will be a very sad day when she no longer remembers me. Your bedroom is dreamy.

  6. You take beautiful photographs. Do you have training? Do you download your photos to photoshop? :)

  7. Thank you, AW. I don't have training as much as I have a passion and practice. I am mostly self taught. For the most part, my photos are unedited. I resize them so that they fit within the tiny, low resolution web space here on the blog, but that's about it. I mostly shoot aperture priority. Investing in a good lens or two has made it much more fun! Not much photo editing is needed when you frame the shot well in the camera...and always take advantage of good natural light! My love of phrography is one of the main reason I enjoy blogging. :)

  8. lemonade snow cones!!! why didn't i think of that? andrew keeps asking and I was drawing a blank. your bedroom is gorgeous!! but not as gorgeous as your girls! :)

  9. Tessa, the awesome thing is that you can give them seconds guilt free! just crush the ice in yur blender then pour in a little lemonade. Xo!

  10. I love this post. You and I find a lot of the same things beautiful. Your room is gorgeous. I've been thinking of updating a corner of mine to make a quiet, comfy place for reading and thinking.

  11. those wine glasses---are they leaning slightly left and right?! they look so cool!

  12. I've been thinking of you often..and your mama and grandmother.
    We ARE bustin' loose together Lins! We are:)
    All of your beauty pictures bring me a bit of you..seeing through your eyes.
    Your daughters are just as sweet as pie..so much of you I see in them. Praying for you always friend! So wishing we could meet for lunch somewhere:)

  13. What a great post. Thanks for sharing! And I always love your wine recommendations!

  14. I am happy to hear that things are well...and victory is one of my favorite words! Sounds like you are in a good place...enjoying your summer days. Your bedroom is stunning, lucky you!

  15. I can hardly believe how beautiful your bedroom is...amazing. peaceful.
    a total retreat.

    will continue to pray for your family as you all care for your sweet grandmother...

  16. Your room looks gorgeous!!! I love that whole foods song too and made my family listen to it several times. They don't think it's quite as funny as I do. :)


  17. Snow cones do help with the heat. You know what also helps freezes. They taste so good.



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