H O M E !

After 3500 miles in this...

...and soaking up incredible moments like this...


It was an unforgettable trip...
full of majesty, unparalleled beauty
and serious family bonding!

{my girls, parents and husband}

But before I get too carried away sharing
photos and details, real life needs my attention.

There's this...

{that's only half of it}

...and this...

{leftover food to put away...and fresh food to buy}


{my unattended garden}

...and this:

{We lost a deep freeze full of free range meats,
and have some serious odor issues to battle.}

I'm trying to give myself lots of grace. I figure it took two weeks to make this  mess, and it's okay if it takes me two weeks to clean things up. {Without my ten-hours-a-week of housekeeping magic this summer, it may take me even longer. Grace abounds.}

I'll share more from my beauty hunting adventure as soon as my home has received a little loving. Until then, tell me...what are you looking forward to this summer?

Sending hugs and sunshine your way,


  1. I'm done. Even the clothes are clean and put away and now it's time to go again. Your garden doesn't look like it suffered too much even with all the heat. The meat....arrrrrgggggg!

  2. The trick in coming back to your real life is bringing all that majesty and peace home with your dirty laundry! The good news is that it is summer, the days are longer, the schedules are looser and time is on your side. Much luck getting your groove back!

    What am I looking forward to this summer? A trip home to the United States! Can't wait!

    Glad you guys are home safe and happy!

  3. welcome home!!!!
    what an amazing trip for your family. i can't wait to hear all about it.
    i'm just like you. it's hard to walk in the door & feel like you have the entire vacation time worth of things to do. ugh

    hope you feel energized, well rested & full of a lifetime of memories

  4. Beautiful memories are worth all the catching up. Sorry about your freezer.

  5. Love those images, especially your sweet family. Welcome home, take your time getting caught up and definitely don't worry about us. We are all our here patiently awaiting your posts full of lovely pictures from your adventure. Some of us are barely keeping our heads above water right now and can't believe they're here leaving you this long comment.
    Hee, hee,....back to work.


  6. Your unattended garden somehow still looks marvelous!

    ♥ sécia

  7. Your garden looks amazingly fruitful, so I have to ask - how are you keeping the squirrels away? They've devoured every last one of my cherry tomatoes. Yours look great and I'm so jealous!

  8. Welcome home! Looks like it was magical based upon the photo of you looking at the mountains! Bummer about the freezer....all the laundry and tidying will come together...just enjoy being home now and having such a beautiful place to do all the cleaning! Looking forward to getting together when you get settled.

  9. Oh have I been wanting to read your post when I saw it in my inbox. It is Saturday morning and I have some sweet time to spend and here I am with you. So happy your home and to hear about the family bonding.
    Just let that grace abound because hurry brings death as Ann V. says. Just enjoy alongside Him loving your home and putting it back with care. Savoring each load of laundry as an offering to our Father and love to your sweet family.
    We all will wait for your beauty hunting with great anticipation.
    and I just bet loving your home you will be given sweet moments to speak...missed you and glad your home and that you had two weeks of hunting...it went by so quick! love ya

  10. Oh I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you {the you I know in blog-world}! Your posts leave me grinning happily and looking for beauty! The laundry WILL get done, the smelly-smells WILL go away, and the best part, the new memories WILL last and last! XOXO--Amanda

  11. so glad you guys had a great trip! you've inspired me to go cross country in an RV. hope all the unpacking/housekeeping goes well...

  12. I am so glad that you got to go on that amazing trip of a lifetime! We want to do an East coast trip next May after we spend all year learning American History and Geography!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures...after you love on your home and that pile of laundry! :) Thanks for the REAL pictures. :)))

  13. WHAT a trip that must have been. Really, from the pictures it looked like so much fun. Of course the laundry....You might think about either just throwing every thing away or dropping it off somewhere where they charge by the pound :) That could definitely cut into the pool time :)

  14. All the pictures are really heart touching and breath taking. These are the beautiful ways of exploring the nature.

  15. glad you are back safe. im sure it must have been an amazing trip. good luck with all that laundry :-S the garden looks great!


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