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I haven't switched gears from house cleaning to photo editing yet, but when I do, I'll have some real life beauty hunting that will make today's beauty hunting look shabby! {Pretty houses don't have a thing on the Grand Canyon!}

I've been cleaning and organizing in between trips to the neighborhood pool and reading Anne of Green Gables to my girls {don't you love this edition?}, but yesterday, I didn't want to clean. I just wanted to escape the mess, hide in my bedroom and dream of neat and tidy places. So I pinned a few!

Because nothing says "order" like a
clean entry with perfect symmetry!

Because even laundry is fun in a room like this!

Source: thingsthatinspire.net via LLH Designs on Pinterest

Because sunlight and white monogrammed

towels are so fresh and clean!

Source: housebeautiful.com via LLH Designs on Pinterest

Because my girls would love this:

{and because I love order and symmetry}:

Source: nurserynotations.com via LLH Designs on Pinterest

Because it's immaculate with clean lines...

even if it isn't exactly my design style.

Sometimes peering into clean spaces inspires me to get up and get back to it, but this time, it inspired me to doze off and take a little nap! All was quiet until I heard the vacuum cleaner. What? Who???

Would you believe I came downstairs and saw this?

{My girls cleaning!}

And this!

{My husband creating a master list.}

He started them out with this:

Then refined it on his beloved Macbook Air.

{A printable list the girls can use each week.}

And all the while,
my girls were working hard...

...with cheerful hearts...

...as their crazy mama stood around
taking pictures!


Daddy paid them...

...$2.00 plus a $0.25 bonus for a job well done.
{Surely they deserve a little more next time!}

It looked SO GOOD when they finished...
almost magazine worthy! Way to go girls!

All is clean except for my little corner...

...but there's always tomorrow!

Time for dinner...
a fresh and easy meal.

{frittata + mixed greens}

Followed by two more chapters of Anne of Green Gables.

What a perfect evening! And maybe it's just me, but when the kitchen is clean, the whole house feels cleaner. Thank you, sweet girls. You made this mama's day!

Oh, Happy Day!

P.S. Remember the chandelier that sat on my floor for eight months {here} while I waited for inspiration to strike? My husband spoke my love language when he offered to hang it over the weekend!

{Oh, the little things!}


  1. oh I just really like your girls right now! and that nifty chandelier! I have a corner in my kitchen that seems to be a catch all too! I really have to stay on top of it! Great style girl!

  2. Loved seeing all of your pins and loved seeing pictures of your girlies cleaning for their tired mama! I adore Anne of Green Gables...could read it over and over and over!!

  3. that laundry room is amazing! would definitely feel more inclined to wash clothes in there;)

  4. Aw, I love you Lins. And the other H's too.

  5. That laundry room is truly something!

    ♥ sécia

  6. welcome back! I can't wait to see and hear all about your trip!! How sweet of your girls & your hubby!! I've missed you!


  7. I love your kitchen and the little helpers are a wonderful addition! I have 'Anne' on my book list for when we come home this summer and can't wait to dive into it! Are you going to read the series?

  8. Linsey, I am the same way, if my kitchen is clean then the whole house feels clean. I am a fanatic about a clean kitchen and bathroom. How sweet of your family to pitch in and help you out!!! Love the images of the girls cleaning the kitchen!!! I am getting in an organizing mood again. Let's hope this time it last longer than the last time!!! happy Wednesday!!
    PS I did a post today that I would love to see what your answer to the question would be!!?? KS

  9. A clean house = HEAVEN. Love your photo journal. Special moments shared. Inspiring. Be blessed!

  10. What a great family and a beautiful kitchen! I have a "corner" too. ;-)

  11. Linsey, thank you so much for leaving such a heartfelt comment on my blog post today. I loved reading what you had to say about my question. Have a wonderful Wednesday,Kathysue

  12. I love happy helpers! Your girls are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

    My Cameron-Girl will grab a baby wipe and clean ANYTHING she can get her mits on!!!

  13. Yay, your new chandy looks amazing there!! I actually thought that first picture in this post was your updated front entrance. ;)

  14. Love your house! and you have such an adorable family. well done girls, keep it up!!!!! :)

  15. love ALL your pins..clean kitchen=happy mama..yes:)
    I have that cleaner..smells yummy
    I did the same thing when my oldest were your girls ages. I made a list..they did it and I paid them. They loved it.
    glad you got some rest, your chandelier hung and no worries...my desk looks like your corner.

  16. I love that laundry room and the bath in front of the big windows. Of course, where I live, I could just about shake my neighbor's hand through the window while I bathed.

    Your girls are sweet. :-)

  17. I love your home!! :) That laundry room is awesome!

    <3 Belly B

  18. Hi! I'm new to your blog and was wondering what color is on your walls in your kitchen? I love it! You've probably said it before but I wouldn't know where to look for it. Thanks!

  19. time spent with anne shirley is always a winner.
    what sweet girls!
    i love everything about your kitchen!

  20. okay girlie you showed your pins, but can i just say your house is more beautiful than those. love the chandies in the kitchen. my honey doesn't care for them. maybe i can show him your masterpiece and he'll change his mind. so pretty!!

  21. A few answers to your questions:

    1. Kitchen walls are Manchester by Pratt and Lambert.

    2. Yes, we'll read the whole series!

    3. Farmgirl, I'm with you...I think my home is more beautiful than anything I've pinned, too. Because it's filled with the ones I love...and with the peace of God!


  22. Thanks for sharing the name of the paint color. I have to ask you about your kitchen floor. It is beautiful. Is it tile and hardwood? Stunning! I would love to know more details about that gorgeous room. :)

  23. Hard wood with inlaid travertine. One of these days, I'll do a kitchen post. I love our kitchen!

  24. Hi friend, I have been looking over so many of your posts today...maybe I am just missing you! But I wanted to tell you that I just read all of 'The way we eat' posts and I am so inspired! I am going to look at the sources you mention, but have been thinking that when we go home there is no reason not to start fresh! You have me thinking! Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and hoping all is well in your world. Miss you!

  25. I adore this kitchen.... so beautiful and lived in! just the way it should be!


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