Table Switcheroo

Switcheroo. Did you even know that was a real word? Check it out. {My daughter thought the audio pronunciation was hysterical!} I digress....

After an intense season of card design, a quiet season of learning to be still and live in the present {which required taking a break from my business}, and a spring filled with food chatter and gardening, I needed a little switcheroo!

The creative, design side of me was itching for an outlet!

So after nearly eight months of feeling uninspired and not at all motivated by necessity {more on that here}, I finally got the itch to do a little nesting around the house!

It all started with a demilune
{that literally came to my doorstep}.

Too beautiful to resist and perfect for only one spot:

In the corner of my dining room.

I love the French wine crate idea, but they were too low, and I never got around to having a base made. That could take a lifetime the way I do things {back to that necessity vs. inspiration concept}!

So the demilune took the place of the wine jugs...

{Something else has changed since you last saw my dining room.}

And the wine jugs found a home in the opposite corner:

{These could also be used as end tables flanking a couch.}

And because one thing leads to another
{and because this didn't cost me a single penny}...

A little switcheroo at the front door.
{Gathering options from around the house.}

From this...

{First arranged here last August.}

...to this...

...all to satisfy a creative urge!
{Side table pulled from the sitting room you see in the background.}

Two details I love:

An agricultural prize and antique paperbacks.
{Both French and both found here.}

And then I got an even crazier, creative urge.
Remember the game table?

I tweaked the accessories last August {here}, but the honey colored pine has always felt like a mis-fit in this house. We've lived here five years {I've had the table for 12 and the chairs for 8}, but back to inspiration vs. necessity! Neither was compelling me...until now.

Inspiration kicked in:

I darkened the table and Tamara painted the chairs.
{Tamara also painted the chairs in my kitchen.}

{For the table: I soaked steel wool in vinegar for a few days.
Brushed on two coats. Too dark. Sanded. Added lime wax.
Sanded again. Thanks, Maura, for your ideas and inspiration!}

I knew I wanted the chairs to be more than French antique gray...
different than the desk you see in the background:

I love the way the chair color ties in with the lamp shade!
{Tamara is amazing. You can meet her at Urban Market today!}

If you haven't read my necessity vs. inspiration post, here it is in a nutshell: I only do things when I'm inspired {as I was with the table switcheroos} or forced by necessity {laundry}. Sometimes I go many, many months without feeling inspired, and that's okay. I give myself lots of grace to JUST BE these days. And when the inspiration does finally come, I'm thankful and enjoy it!

Now if someone could just convince me that
hanging these bathroom mirrors was a necessity!

{Mirrors have leaned against my bedroom wall for 8 months!}

We've been mirrorless in our master bath for nearly eight months...mostly because the new mirrors don't fit beneath the current light fixtures...and I'm not a huge fan of the current lights anyway...but haven't found any new ones I like. I'm about to ditch the lights altogether and just hang the mirrors!

I've already got a chandelier that makes quite a statement...

...so maybe I don't need more lighting/sconces/distraction.
Good enough! Time to hang those mirrors!

Happy Weekend, Happy Nesting!

P.S. It's a great weekend for Urban Market!
I don't need a thing, but with weather like this...


  1. I absolutely LOVE what you've done with the game table. My wheels are turning! Thanks!
    Ashley @ Home: Inside and Out

  2. Ashley - I should add that the darkening with steel wool and vinegar technique works on unsealed, bare wood. And a few more details: The steel wool will fall apart. Strain in so that you are only brushing on the liquid. It will darken before your eyes. I think I overdid it, hence the attempt to lighten with lime wax and he extra sanding. But I'm happy with the more layered look now.

    I have a fabulously talented friend who taught me the basics then encouraged me to give it a try! I don't know if I did everything correctly, but there's usually a way to make it look good in the end. :)

  3. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    I just stumbled on your blog the other day while googling zinc top dining tables. I am enjoying everything I see and read. I feel like I have found a hidden treasure. I plan to go to Urban Market tomorrow after church. It's a beautiful weekend for it.

    Jo Lynn

  4. Linsey I posted my first comment on your blog on the "Little Linsey" post and then it got lost in the blogger snafu the other day! I wanted to tell you how inspired I am by your faith and love of our Lord!!! And I really enjoy reading your posts (I'm into "real food" also). It just so happens I'm a dealer at Urban Market this time and I'm hoping I can meet you in person....hope you make it tomorrow! Look for my space if you come...I'm third to the right from the entrance. Regards, Lisa Cohen

  5. Love your house...wow! Those slipcovers are beautiful. I feel inspired suddenly to make some. Really pretty!

  6. My second time browsing through this post. I love your demilune table and your changes at the front door. Your house and style always inspires me!

  7. I have never heard of soaking steel wool in vinegar! I love ALL of your switcheroos and sometimes just changing things up in the house makes a whole new vibe.
    Me too Becky. When we move I want a loveseat to slipcover in dropcloth! and do you by chance know what your bathroom color is? I am thinking of what color I would like to paint the bathroom and I want this house filled with color!

  8. The color in my bathroom is Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore. Looks more blue than gray in my house, but you know how paint colors are: different everywhere depending on the light. :)

    The same color is also used in my bedroom and dining room.

  9. Fun post! Thanks for sharing your lovely home. :)

    ♥ sécia

  10. I just love your house and all of the touches you have been adding. That little game table and chairs is too neat! And for the record, you have the most beautiful kitchen ever...

  11. Love the new drapes Lins~ just noticed while re-reading this post today. YAY!!

  12. Good eye, T! Those drapes were the longest, most frustrating house project yet, but they sure do cozy up a room!

  13. i am dying to see the dining drapes up...what i can see is lovely. and I LOVEEEE the game table..it looks great..much more you, i wonder if i could sand off the paint on my hutch and give it that treatment..its an orangey pine!

  14. Hi,

    This is my very first time here and I'm really enjoying your blog. It's full of great things to see!

    Please, drop by if you have a minute!'

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  15. I came back for another peek.... your home is so interesting!


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