Our Sitting Room

I've designed each room in our home with love, so it's really hard for me to pick a favorite, but both my husband and my friends have a favorite room. It's situated at the very front of our house and is full of sunlight and color.

Welcome to our sitting room:

{As much as I love neutrals, color makes people happy.}

Most people would call this a formal living room, but we aren't very formal people, and unlike formal living rooms, we actually use this room...so the sitting room it is!

{The room was designed around a bold, red armoire
with a turquoise interior; purchased from a friend.}

It's the most colorful, yet also the most peaceful room in our home. When my girls want some one-on-one talking time, this is our room. {We can close a pair of French doors, which is really nice.} When a friend comes for tea or when my husband and I share our day over a glass of wine, we kick off our shoes and cozy up in one of our favorite chairs:

{All the cozy chairs in my house are slipcovered
and purchased from Quatrine, my favorite!}

And as we sit in those chairs, we love to admire
the newest addition to our home...a real work of art!

This is the real reason I'm proud to share this room with you today: because my amazingly talented sister painted that gorgeous masterpiece on the wall...just for me...just for this room...and I absolutely LOVE everything about it!

A close up:

I love all of the layers {flourishes, dots, writing}, the colors {perfect in my room}, her attention to the details in my room {see below}....

{My crown and keys made it into the painting.}

Holly loves to layer words and numbers into her work:

{view from the side of the painting}

And because she is UBER talented and can paint a landscape as fabulously as an abstract work, look at the little painting within a painting she added for her Provence-loving sister:

{I'm in love!}

Isn't she amazing?!?! All I did was give her the dimensions then step back and tell her that I trusted her entirely! It helps that she knows me so well {sisters are awesome like that}, but I don't discount for a second that all of her training, experience and God-given gifts as an artist are in full swing here.

Holly has a little Etsy shop {here}, and everything she does is wonderful, but as her big sister, let me tell you that she has her hands full with two precious baby boys {and one on the way!}. So if you'd like her to do something for you someday, give her a little extra time and grace! It will be worth the wait!

Admiring my sister today,

P.S. My song of the day: How Great Thou Art. I'm no Carrie Underwood {WOW!}, but I sang from the heart over my little nephew as we sat together today, and he was captivated. Sweet thing!


  1. Love the room! You have a great eye. Your sister is quite talented as well. :)

    ♥ sécia

  2. those chairs look like the best ever. and i love the new painting -- fits perfectly!

  3. aw! so honored to be featured! and cole soooo appreciated your singing today. lerv you!

  4. oh how I love this room. lovely, just lovely.

  5. You know I was in awe when I first saw Holly's painting in your room. It is truly amazing!! Love your new curtains too.

  6. This is my favorite room that you've posted! I just found you and "pinned it" on pinterest! glad you finally bit the bullet, it's addictive!!


  7. WHAT? your sister painted that??? wowza girl. she's so talented!

  8. Absolutely Becky/Farmgirl! I love your comment. So exuberant! Real artwork, created with passion and heart, makes such a difrerence in a room! As you know!

  9. I do SO love this room. I'd never get out of those chairs!!!! Your new addition is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! It's a HAPPY-JOY-JOY room. xoxo

  10. Linsey I love, love everything you have done!!

    The painting is absolutely amazing. It is perfect and it reflects YOU!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  11. Oh, so wonderful! I love that comfy chair! I love the fabric and how comfortable it looks.

    I'm a huge fan of your blog! :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. that is absolutely beautiful! Your sitting room's "vibe" is peace..Sweet peace.
    I could so daydream in that room. You and your sister are beautifully woven...and talented.
    She nailed you perfectly in that picture. I think it is time to go put the feet up and drink some hot tea yes?..smile

  13. I love that room - thank you again for inviting me over for tea and letting me cozy up in one of your big chairs! So great to meet your sister last weekend!

  14. When can I move in? That room fits me perfectly.

  15. i was perusing through some posts that i might have missed & came upon this one

    your space is gorgeous
    & the painting is breathtaking!!!
    oh my goodness linsey, i love it!
    off to visit her shop


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