Little Linsey Stories

My girls often ask for "Little Linsey stories" at bedtime. Pleeeeeeeeease Mama! Just one little one? 

My favorite Little Linsey photograph.
{Taken by Aunt Judy in 1983.}

You'd think your own life stories would flow naturally. But for this mama, little girl stories don't come easily. All I can seem to remember are the bullets...with lots of gaps in between. And compared to my sister's elaborate {embellished?} retellings, my stories seem kinda...blah. 

But to my girls, even the shortest snippets of my childhood are treasures. So precious daughters, this post is for you. On the nights I say I can't remember any Little Linsey stories, here's a list to get me started:
  • I have a mommy who turned everything into an adventure. {Still does!} She took us to wrap houses, let me get my ear double-pierced and let me eat ice cream straight out of the container.
  • I have a daddy who scooped me up into his arms whenever I came running. He sang me to sleep while strumming his guitar {maybe that's where Hallie gets it} and practically did my math homework for me. {He tried to teach me, but poor guy...I never seemed to get it!}
  • I had a Granny who is one of the best people I've ever known in my life. She wore her pearls on special occasions {like when we went to get ice cream} and sported the cutest little red-rimmed glasses. Oh, and skirts. She always wore skirts...and Ferragamo flats on her long, slender feet.
  • I loved visiting my mom's parents in North Carolina...where we rolled down hills, picked blackberries and chased fireflies. I loved sitting in Grandpa's lap {he looked like Santa Claus} and loved eating Grandma's fried pies.
  • I don't remember a single day without my sister. We're night and day, but were always the best of friends. {We're only 13 months apart.} We didn't fight much...only about silly things like a new shirt we both wanted to wear first.
  • We loved running through sprinklers.
  • We helped each other sneak cookies from the cookie jar in the middle of the night.
  • We played store, lemonade stand, school, teenagers, runaways...always with made-up names. {Carrie was my favorite. I once introduced myself as Carrie to a new neighbor. Busted when she knocked on the door and asked my mom if Carrie was home!}

A puppet theater-turned-lemonade stand...
built by dad and curtains by mom.

  • I loved my baby blankets and dragged them around until they fell apart {or until my mom snuck them into the trash}. When she tossed the originals, I adopted a Winne The Pooh beach towel as my new lovie.
  • I sucked my thumb until I was in second grade. I claimed it tasted like chocolate.
  • I loved climbing trees...especially the Sweetgum tree in our front yard.
  • I was a slow runner...unless I heard the ice cream truck.
  • I tried to cut my own hair when I was four. Told my grandparents: "my mom lets me." My mom remedied the mishap with an almost buzz cut.
Little Linsey in Galveston...
with boy-short hair.
  • I spent four years without my two front teeth. It made for some cute pictures, but I was worried they would never come in! Eating corn-on-the-cob was impossible, and to this day, I still don't like eating it.
  • I loved to roller skate.
  • I learned to skateboard and wore parachute pants in the 80s. {Please make me tell you more about the 80s. Those were some seriously funny fashion years!}
  • I didn't like dresses, but apparently I liked wearing knee highs and black patent shoes while playing tennis in the street!

Little Linsey in her finest outfit!
  • I loved jumping off the high dive. Nothing really scared me back then.
  • I did cartwheels and walk-overs smack dab in the middle of my Granny's living room. She didn't mind a bit!
  • I dreamed of being a prima ballerina, then a Today Show anchor, then an Olympic softball pitcher {even though Softball wasn't an Olympic sport back then}. I wasn't afraid to dream big.
  • I pitched a LOT of softballs. Fast balls, rise balls, drop balls, curve balls, knuckle balls and change-ups. I still remember the exact way to throw each pitch, but it hurts to try these days! 
I could hardly look at these pictures in high school.
Such funny and intense faces! I was "in the zone." 
  • I loved, loved, LOVED summer camp at Camp Ozark. Tribal competition was my favorite part {Osage Rage!} followed by making friendship bracelets in the craft shed.
  • I used to record my favorite songs from the radio, make a "mix tape," then close my door and have a private dance party! {I'd sit by the radio all afternoon listening for my favorites!}
  • I used to wonder who I was going to marry. Someone I had known my whole life? Someone I didn't even know? Someone like my dad? What would he look like? {I married someone even more amazing than what I could dream or imagine!}
  • I always wanted to be a mommy. I thought I wanted boys {because I could teach them how to throw a football and a baseball}, but God gave me girls. And I wouldn't trade you for the world!!! I LOVE BEING YOUR MAMA!
Sweet daughters of mine, thank you for asking me to tell my stories...and for refusing to say goodnight until I share just "one little one." Our stories matter. They are part of a bigger, more beautiful story than we could ever imagine!

Blessings and love,
P.S. My youngest, Laura Finley, is just sure that she and Little Linsey would've been BEST FRIENDS! Sweet thing. I bet we would!


  1. PPS - and you would've been because little laura finley and little holly are soooo much alike! and we were/are besties.

  2. Those are precious! Thanks for sharing. My girls also love to hear stories about me, but especially about THEM "when they were little" Ha! They are 4 & 6. Sweet little things!!

  3. I loved reading this!!!

  4. this is so ... I'm speechless! I was engaged all the way through. Your pictures are just precious. You left me wanting more. This post goes down as one of my favorites!
    This seriously makes me want to make one of these for my girls..and boys;)
    thanks SO much for linking

  5. Makin me smile! What a great recap of your childhood. I agree with Tiffini...great pictures!

  6. So many more stories could be added to the list, and before we are done most will have been told. Funny how we both wanted boys thinking we had so much to share with them, but how lucky we are to have girls, girls to love, laugh and share adventures with. I close my eyes and see Little Linsey and remember.

  7. Lindsey, I've been reading your blog for a while but have never posted a comment...there is so much about you and your blog that inspire me!!! Especially your faith in our Lord! I thought about coming to your kitchen chat but it didn' happen....but I would love to meet you personally and I'm hoping you might be coming to Urban Mkt this weekend as I'm a vendor so I thought I would let you know so if you come I can introduce myself and we can meet! Then maybe I'll feel more comfortable commenting on your posts in the future!!!! Thanks and look forward to meeting you....loved hearing about little Lindsey!!!! Lisa Cohen

  8. So cute Lins I love it. I sucked my thumb for the longest time...possibly all through elementary school. ;) I'm sure your girls will love this post and the fun pictures. The lemonade stand photo and you on the bench are my favorites.

  9. Linsey, this is beyond precious and what a gift to your two girls, they will always remember this time and how it made them feel. You my dear are giving them such a gift!!! Happy Thursday, Kathysue

  10. I love the "snippets"!

    They tell your girls such a wonderful story.

  11. those are such good pictures. it's such a blessing to remember the good times.

  12. This was such a fun post! Just love it! I feel like I know little Linsey now too!! And your new dining room addition & decorating switcheroos look beautiful too! I was a little distracted by the pretty red cupboard in the background of your sitting room though - fabulous!!


  13. Granny also always tucked a tissue in her sleeve and had a clock (or two, or three) in every room. I think I still have that clock story somewhere...


  14. Oh, and cutting off your hair must run in the family or something, because today she turned 4, and chopped off her bangs. At the hairline. Oy.

  15. Alison! Hi!!! I wondered what happened to our clock story. Funny that she had so many. And yes, cutting your hair off at the hairline must run in the family. I chopped mine in the middle of my forehead! :)


  16. Loved reading all these and I too wanted to be a Today show anchor. But I think the one loved BEST of all reading about your memories of Camp Ozark. Our children go there too (so far just the boys but Kate will go when she is old enough). My boys told me that Ozark is their happiest place on earth and they can be 100% totally themselves there. They LOVE it. Harry has won the FIT award twice and Order of the Arrow once. He LOVES tribal comp too. And they are Osage too!!!!

    Will your girls still go to Ozark?

    1. So awesome that your children get to experience the INCOMPARABLE Camp Ozark! LOVED that camp! I hope my girls will go...maybe next summer? I just wasn't ready to send them as little girls (and they weren't begging). We're such homebodies!

  17. Oh we DO have so much more in common to cover!
    And 3 Peanuts ... we also have mutual "blog" friends!
    So fun to unravel the connections!
    Love & Blessings,

  18. So funny to see your childhood pictures. I happened upon your blog, and realized that you and Holly were our neighbors. I'm Kate McEntire (now Jeter), and my family lived on Tangley next to yours. Small world!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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