Kitchen Chat/Feingold Diet {Part Deux}

Finally...the promised "part deux" from the kitchen chat. I ran my mouth so much that I can't possibly remember everything I said, but one thing I did was give the ladies a peek inside my refrigerator and pantry. Sometimes it just helps to see how someone else shops.

So for my online foodie friends who are interested in a peek behind otherwise closed doors, here you go!

A pretty typical stash for us:
eggs, veggies, fruits, cheeses, hummus, chicken salad, etc.

The more colorful, the better. Vibrant color not only inspires the chef and the eaters, but it's a sign of freshness. Natural color is gorgeous, don't you think?

A peek inside the freezer:

The top half of our freezer.
{I'm a huge fan of Bell & Evans tenders & nuggets.}

And stored in the bottom half {not photographed}: a few frozen veggies for the days we're in a pinch, but we prefer fresh and in season. 

We also have a deep freeze in the garage, which is where we keep an assortment of grass-fed meats. {Small portions of meat with larger portions of veggies has become our norm.} Jolie Vue Farms delivers to our doorstep once a month. What service! And they are the nicest people you'll ever meet!

And a peek inside the pantry:

Rice, risotto, quinoa, gluten free pasta, grapeseed oil, etc.
{Forbidden Rice is my favorite!}

Much of my pantry is organized inside of baskets:

I pulled a few things out just so you can see we aren't suffering over here! {Not all of these were found in our pantry during Stage One of the Feingold Program, but all are enjoyed by our family now.}

Did you know there's a great-tasting, natural
alternative for almost anything you're craving?

One last peek at the food in our home:

Fresh and colorful.
{I'm a sucker for tiered stands!} 

I hope this peek inside gives you some ideas and inspiration. Mostly, I hope you're beginning to get the feel that eating naturally isn't hard once you get the hang of it...because there are LOTS of options and lots of ways to make it your own!

I've received tons of emails with questions about how we handle special occasions {birthdays, holidays, etc.}. The short answer is: we bring our own treats almost everywhere we go. I try to bring something comparable or better than what is offered so that my girls don't feel like they're missing out. And if a treat is served unexpectedly and my girls don't have a replacement, they know they can come home and have DOUBLE! I want them to know that the wait to get home and have something natural was WORTH IT. For the most part, it works! {This is where I'd love to video them someday and let you hear what they have to say!}

I know that Stage One of Feingold can feel limited and confining, but it doesn't last forever, and let me assure you: a clean slate is SO WORTH IT! Trust me! You can do this! And when you see the changes in your children, you'll WANT to eat clean! It becomes a lifestyle...one you'll love!

Sending fresh food vibes your way!

P.S. If you want Kraft to take the food dyes out of the products they sell here in the US, sign the petition HERE. They've already removed artificial colors for other countries, so why not do the same for our precious children? {Because the government hasn't forced them to, but we can...with our wallets!} I noticed that Robyn O'Brien signed it!


  1. Okay out of all the gorgeous photos you just showed, I can't get over the tiered stand... can you share where you got it por favor?? I loooove it!! and my fridge needs an overhaul.. do you take all your carrots out of the bag? or do you buy them that way??

  2. we always have to bring our own treats as well. Your pantry/ fridge looks better than mine! it's fabulous! and you eat way healthier than we do i think! But i'm trying!

  3. ps i really like your blog. :)

  4. Have you posted your chicken salad recipe? I'd love to see it!

    Thanks for giving us a little glimpse into your kitchen.


  5. looks lovely & delicious! finally added back apples for andrew - yay! no issues what so ever - did find that golden & delcious apples have the lowest concentration of salicylates, and that for all fruits and vegs the highest concentration of salicyaltes is right under the peel - so deep peeling helps. you probably already knew this, but i hadn't come accross it in the FG materials. still find eating out a challenge though!


  6. You've totally inspired me Lins. I'm still not sure if Feingold is right for us, but we're slowly replacing overly processed, sugar and dye heavy foods with all natural in my household. Thanks for the glimpse into your ultra organized fridge and pantry!!

  7. Loving all of your comments! A couple of answers to questions:

    1. The tiered stand is from Laurie's Antiques in Tomball several years ago.
    2. I take the carrots out of the plastic bag. I feel like plastic speeds up the slime effect on veggies.
    3. My usual chicken salad is from Whole Foods. I like their tarragon best, but classic is less expensive. The key is to do what makes eating fresh easiest for you. Chicken salad is so easy to make, but the less prep, the happier I am! :)

  8. Wow. That's pretty friggin' awesome!

    ♥ sécia

  9. Wow - your kitchen, fridg and pantry looks awesome - Lissa at Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh would be so proud of you. I'm jealous.

  10. this is beyond helpful! i am always so scared to try new things and waste the money! you do most of your shopping at whole foods?
    any suggestions on a bar for grace? she likes a simple bar for breakfast but i'm not sure what is good that is not full of junk? loving this:)

  11. This is so inspiring! When Avery was younger and not yet in pre-school, I found it so easy to choose natural, healthy food for her but once she started school where they prepare it all, it has made it so difficult because she always wants the processed foods. I'm challenged at what to do for her at school where all her friends get "school" food.

  12. Hey there- I started juicing a few weeks ago (using the food processor) and just got a real juicer yesterday. I've been stalking your blog these past 2 days going over your clean eating posts. Can I just move in with you guys? I promise not to drink all of your wine and I'll even wash dishes and take out the trash! hee, hee. ;)


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