Fresh food, fresh scents, fresh finds...
these are a few of my favorite things!

Strawberries, frozen bananas and ice with...

...local honey and Fage yogurt.

New to my collection: jasmine tea from World Market.

Beautiful farmer's market cabbage.

Ping Pong radishes...plucked fresh from our garden.

Brave girl. They were spicy!

Freshly watered cupid tomatoes.

Mint Basil candles from Target.
{One for my mom...one for me!}

A new Smith & Hawken lantern from Target.
{Perfect for al fresco dinners!}

And one last bit of freshness from the weekend:

Fresh baked drop biscuits for Mother's Day breakfast.
{A special thanks to my youngest who
loves to make things beautiful!}

Happy Monday!


  1. Great images. Esp love that precious last one!

  2. Thanks, Brooke. My youngest adds such spice to our family! There I was in my boring old nightie while she was all decked out! She loves to make things beautiful! :)

  3. Awe~ what a sweet way to start your day yesterday. Happy Mother's day to you Lins!!

  4. how cute is that little cutie! LOVE the cabbage! happy one day late mother's day. :)

  5. mmmmm!!! hope you had a lovely mother's day.


  6. Love your lantern (Tar-jay?) and I'm a jasmine tea fan too. I love the Numi Organic brand found in the market.... I'm going to try yours too!

  7. she is a doll!! & that headband, too cute!
    wonderful images my friend. i missed the mint basil. must check it out.
    i debated on the lantern. love it but trying to be good this month. so hard!
    your garden must be heavenly!

  8. The fond fits to the outfit of your little daughter!
    Very impressing!



  9. Add a little plain yogurt and honey to that smoothie....yum lunch!

  10. Lovely photos!

    ♥ sécia

  11. I didn't know that bananas froze well. Your smoothie looks so yummy. Basically everything you post food related makes me want to eat at your house! The last picture is absolutely adorable. She's so stinkin' cute! Happy Mother's Day to you, Linsey!!

  12. Sara - I unpeel the bananas, break them into pieces, wrap them in foil...then stick them in the freezer. A great thing to do when you know you aren't gong to use all the bananas you have before they go bad.

  13. Beautiful photos - that shake looks delish! Love the new lantern...I am missing Target so much!

  14. I love sending my girls outside to pick fresh tomatoes for our dinner salad...love. Great pics my friend :).

  15. I so so love the way you capture life through your lens. Such beauty in everyone. I do the same thing with bananas. For Grace's dessert... sometimes I cut up a frozen banana and a little almond milk in a blender and blend until consistency of ice cream..she loves it! Praying for eyes to see Him all around you today..xo


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