Beauty Hunting

Houston, we have a problem. After months of being still and learning to spend less time at my computer, here I am PINNING like a crazy lady!

Consider yourself warned: Pinterest is beyond addictive...as in, I stayed up until 3:00 in the MORNING addictive! {I probably shouldn't have admitted that, but I'm kind of an all or nothing girl.} I mean, who can sleep when there's so much beauty floating around?!?! It was beauty overload!

Just a few images I pinned:

Source: None via LLH Designs on Pinterest

So what's the fuss all about? Well, if you love to organize and have a passion for design, photography, creativity and all things beautiful...Pinterest is your playground!

You can read more about how it works here and here, but this is what I love: instead of emailing myself hundreds of links, bookmarking hundreds of blog posts and saving hundreds of images, I can gather inspiration all in one place!

Pinterest is a great way to organize online beauty, but I don't plan to give up on my old school ways! Sometimes beauty just has to be gathered with your own two hands!

{my "real life" design files for my home}

I've always loved gathering beautiful images. I'm a natural born beauty hunter! {Read One Thousand Gifts to dig deeper into that idea.} And in the truest sense, a beauty hunter isn't one who stays up all night pinning pretty pictures. A beauty hunter opens her heart wide and free to this present moment.

Pinterest, blogging, photography, writing...all are an attempt to pin beauty down...to take it in and make it last. Nothing wrong with trying to pin beauty down, but the present moment is where the richest beauty lies, so off I go...ready to hunt...and eager to enjoy real life TO THE FULL!

Happy beauty hunting!


  1. I haven't even gone on, because I am scared I will love it too much! I love what you have to say about beauty and look forward to reading that book!

  2. I recently found Pinterest, and I got caught in the maze. :) I requested an invite last week, but I haven't gotten one. How does that even work?

  3. Hello my friend...did you get my email? Hope you are well and would love to have you join the series :).

  4. Hailey, they were slow to email me, too. Try sending a follow up email. My guess is that they are understaffed and racing to keep up.

    Megan, I was in the same boat. Too scared to start...scared of myself more than anything!

    Beauty is good, but what's beneath the hunt? How pure are our motives? For me on that first night, I was a slave to my own perfectionistic tendencies. I love to organize, but can get carried away. Thankfully, perspective and self-control have kicked back in! I'll enjoy pinning beauty when I choose, but won't be a slave to it. :)

  5. What a fun post and the images you pinned are gorgeous of course. Love seeing your fabric scrap/inspiration basket...totally pretty you so you!!

    I had such fun with you last night~ we definitely need to do that more often.
    Happy weekend.

  6. Lovely pins!

    ♥ sécia

  7. I just discovered Pinterest too! After seeing Pinterest several months ago, I thought 'whats the big deal?" I was wrong...it is wonderful! It took about a week to get my account with Pinterest too...but I guess good things come to those who wait!


  8. we are beauty hunting sisters! I didn't realize I was a beauty hunter until I read One Thousand Gifts. That was one "gift" that came to me from that book..among many others.
    Off you go girl to enjoy that beauty...and I forgot to tell you I feel the same way about bathing suits!:)

  9. I got my invite last week but have been too busy to activate it...I did tonight but I'm not going to look until tomorrow...I need my sleep tonight!!
    I also plan to email you - I haven't forgotten - just buried under to do list things....I really need a little present moment time (and maybe some tea??)!!!

  10. The Pinterest people must read your blog, because I got an invite this morning! lol.

  11. Yes to tea, Lisa! I can't wait to see what "the good eye" decides to pin! xoxo!

  12. Ok....it's official...I'm addicted!!! But it's so fun and the images are so beautiful...I just can't stop pinning!!!!!!!!


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