Spring News From LLH Designs

A letter for my wonderful clients
{and anyone else who's curious about work-life balance decisions}:


Thank you for your patience and sweet encouragement during my little break from LLH Designs. I've been enjoying life to the full these last few months, yet in a still and quiet way. It's been a very inspiring and refreshing season!

I have some news for you. {Don't worry! I'm not closing up shop...just simplifying.} But first, a little "behind the scenes" scoop.

There were moments when I wasn't sure if re-opening LLH Designs would even happen. Not that I wanted to give it up, but I was just enjoying the present moment so much that future thoughts weren't racing around and stealing my present joy {a very rare, new thing for me!}. One thing I knew for sure: if I returned, I wanted to be intentional and purposeful...to honor my family, to use my gifts well and to serve you well.

As I began to ponder what LLH Designs should look like going forward, I asked my oldest daughter her thoughts. Here's part of our sunny-day conversation:
I've really enjoyed the extra time with you this Spring.
Me, too. Mama. I love being with you.
I'm praying about what God wants me to do next.
What do you mean?
Well...just wondering if I should go back to making cards or if I should give it up.
Oh, no, Mama! That's your gift! God gave it to you to bless others. You have to use it! 
What precious words of wisdom from a ten year old! So after much prayer, I finally have peace about what's next for LLH Designs.

With renewed passion, 
I will begin my 8th Christmas card season in September. I've always felt that my unique, God-given gifts and passions are most clearly reflected in my custom Christmas card designs. I'm honored to serve you in this way. 

I will also continue designing my favorite non-personalized stationery items {thank you notes, Scripture note cards, gift tags, etc.} as time allows and will offer them to you at my Spring and Christmas Open House. I hope to see you in early May for the Spring Open House! Details to come.

Now for the part I'll be giving up: invitations, announcements and personalized stationery. As I sit in my studio surveying all I've designed, it seems crazy to give these things up. But as I look out the window and consider my children, I see how quickly they are growing up. These are precious years. I know that in giving up, I'm really gaining. 

The good news: there are a number of fabulously talented independent designers who've cropped up since I first started. I'd be happy to help you find a good designer for invitations, announcements and personalized stationery.

Here are two who I know would take good care of you: Alston Wise of b.wise papers is a personal friend. And Megan Davis of Toast and Laurel is a young designer I've just discovered in Houston. I love the freshness of their design work. 

THANK YOU for all of the amazing design opportunities you've given me. I've enjoyed every single project. But most of all, I've enjoyed you. I really do have the most amazing clients! 

With joy and thanksgiving,

P.S. Something I've learned through this Spring: Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. But with prayer and intentionality, what you SHOULD do becomes refreshingly clear!


  1. I love it when children, especially our own, see something in us we don't always see in ourselves. She is a very smart young lady, you do have a God-given talent that affects people more than just being a "business."

  2. You'll never regret spending more time with your girls, and you'll still be using your God given talent. Cutting back just a little sounds like the perfect solution:)

  3. when I read your words I sense a peace. a know that you know that you know kinda peace. so true..how much He shows us through intentional prayer. no hurry and He answers. All the gifts He gives yes?:)
    I am so enjoying your little " Present Living" you might make that into something others can buy to print off? Jones Design just did a little spring print for 9.95???
    just some thoughtful words...lots of hugs this bird singing morning..oh how I love their song.

  4. Linsey, what incredible words from a beautiful child...
    your words are hitting me hard today because I am in a bit of the same place. as my business is growing, it is taking precious time away from my family. I am in the process of reading the book one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp & it has really helped me see what really is important.
    hope that you have a great weekend!

  5. What an honor it is to receive such sweet words of encouragement from each of you. Thank you! I feel peaceful and blessesd indeed!

    And Amy, I absolutely LOVE "One Thousand Gifts." a life changing book for me. I've been giving it away to friends left and right. Hope to blog about it soon!


  6. I loved reading this post--- esp your conversation with your daughter.

    You are very talented... but love your decision to focus on your family now. You can always pick more things up when life slows down and the girls get older! xo- Brooke

  7. Linsey, it is a blessing to have a child like your daughter. Familly is very important and you´re doing a right thing. Your blog is great, I always get so inspired here, looking forward to seeing your new work.

  8. What a wise and sweet little girl :)
    I need to pray more about what God wants
    before I jump into things.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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