One Thousand Gifts

The book that won't let me go:

{One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp}

Have you read it?

{I've underlined, starred, dog-earred...}

It's a dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are.
A dare to give thanks for a thousand things.

It's a game changer. Because giving thanks changes everything. I caught a glimpse of that here...the day I wrote that giving thanks was a cure-all. But there've been so many days when I haven't had eyes for the present moment...so many days when I was half living and ungrateful.

I could overwhelm you with quotes, insights and snippets from my own list of a thousand gifts {just over 100 at the moment}, but what you need today isn't more of me. It's more of Jesus. He has the sweetest things to say to your heart and the most delightful things to show you...extraordinary blessings even in the most ordinary of days.

So grab One Thousand Gifts, find a quiet place, take it slow and see what happens! I promise it will be GOOD. And what a perfect time to start something new. Springtime, Eastertime...the time when dead things come to life...the time when He makes all things new! {Revelation 21:5}

Happy Easter...Happy LIVING!


  1. What a great post. And during Holy Week too when people are trying to find their way to be a better Christian or even just a better person. Thanks very much for sharing. :)

    ♥ sécia
    please take a moment to check out my giveaway:

  2. Perfect for Holy Week. I've been meaning to read it.

  3. oh great. now i have to quit complaining about our terrible weather...
    Now look what you've done! :) Just kidding! I just started the book as well. Barely into it yet! Sounds like it will be good for me!

  4. So many in my "circle" are/have read this gem! What a great idea as a Easter gift. I love how you leave room here for more of Jesus!

    Blessings this week!

  5. Giving this book in a grown-up Easter basket would be such a wonderful blessing...I have it too, and love her poetic prose style...

    Have a blessed Easter!

    (Coming from Tiffini's WWW)

  6. I'll have to check this book out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the info about this book...I will have to get one. Happy Easter.

  8. You know I'll have to get it. Can't wait!

  9. i just ordered two..one for my mom and one for moi..i have been meaning to get it and just went straight to amazon finally..my organic Lynsey loves it to so if yall both love it i know its good!

    plus we like thecover dont we friend!;;;


  10. texasjennyjApril 21, 2011

    chill bumps head to toe! i luv u sweet friend!

  11. Heard so many great things about this book, right now reading Sheila Walsh's "Honestly", but may need to pick this up next :)

  12. i really want to go back & read it slowly and really take notes. i find that if i'm completely wooed into a book, i do just that.
    so...hoping to start my list soon too

    happy easter sweet friend
    He is Risen!

  13. i've bought this for 4 of my friends as gifts, but have yet to buy a copy for myself...tomorrow! i know I will love it. my neighbors across the street just told me that their entire marriage (they are in their 60s) they written a gratitude journal about each other. EVERY DAY of their marriage, one thing they are grateful for that day about each other. Can you imagine what good that kind of gratitude does the heart?!! and the marriage!


  14. Tessa, that's an amazing story about your neighbors! Wow! And you defintiely need a copy of this book for yourself. You'll love it!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  15. I KNOW! I had it laying on my bedside table for at least 3 weeks before I could pick it up. When I did I didn't even get through the first chapter and had to put it down. I finished it and it does..totally changes the game. If you choose you will never be the same. Happy new beginnings to you...what gifts are all of these women? xoxo

  16. oh this sounds great, I will have to get it! thanks for letting us know about it!

  17. beautiful post my sweet friend! i am reading this book now, and it is LIFE changing!!! I am keeping a little journal with it, & also watch the book club videos at in-courage... love listing to Ann's insight & highlight!!!
    Wishing you many Easter Blessings!!!

  18. I've not heard of this book but clearly need to find a copy. Once school is out, I'll have the time to focus ~ it sounds like this requires such attention.


  19. Jo, it's definitely a book you'll get more out of if you have some quiet space and time to read. But if the quiet space isn't there for you, start the book and see if God might carve a little space out for you! Enjoy!

  20. I bought three copies for friends but not one for myself, yet! :(

    I need to do it!

  21. Linsey, I had seen this book but wasn't sure if I would want to buy it til I saw your blog. I bought 2. I just ordered another. I am blown away w/ the way Ann writes and already....I am changed. I am on page 71 and it's as if I want to just read one or 2 pages at a time and just let it soak in. Thank you for posting. Is it you that also reads the daily devotional "Jesus calling"? I have started my day w/ that for the last 2 years.........another wonderful book.
    You are precious and I so enjoy your blog. I have no idea how to blog yet....

  22. Tara, time to buy yourself a copy. You'll love it!

    Shannan, awesome that you are being changed already! And I'm with you. I could only read a few pages then had to pause. But it's totally sticking with me...even weeks after finishing.


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