A Kitchen Chat About The Way We Eat

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I never imagined that I'd write about the way we eat or photograph one of our meals. And I certainly never thought I'd throw my two cents into the food dye debate! {Big shock: no real change and a call for "more research." HERE is a great article in response to the FDA hearings.}

Well...it turns out that my food passion is as God-given as my design passion, and as one sweet blog friend pointed out: God has given me this passion for a reason. Amen, sister.

Your emails and comments have been SO encouraging! You want change! Many of you are convicted, encouraged, thinking twice about what you eat. Why wait on the FDA to make changes when you can make them yourself? But real change might feel a bit overwhelming or "too hard." Your questions have got me thinking....

I'd love to take as much of the "hard" out of it for you as I can. {And show you that what might look hard at first glance soon becomes EASY and a blessing!}

So here's what you've inspired me to do: I'm going to host an informal food chat for Houston-area moms this month. We'll gather right here...

...in my kitchen!

I'll be talking about the Feingold Diet a good bit because that's where we found the most specific support and witnessed the most remarkable results, but you can also count on me to share tips on how to fall in love with real food, how to shop, and how to navigate birthday parties, holidays, grandparents, restaurants, etc. {The Feingold Association does a great job of helping you navigate these things as well!}

If you're interested, email me so I can get a head count {let me know if you'd like to bring a friend}. Then we'll set a date and time. We'll have FUN!

For those who don't live in Houston, I'll be sure to share the highlights of the kitchen chat here on the blog, but PLEASE keep your comments and emails coming as they help me better understand what it is you want to know!

Happy Monday!

P.S. One of these days I hope to interview my children so you can hear their thoughts on food. I think they'd inspire you!


  1. Oh that soooooooo makes me want to live in Houston RIGHT NOW!!I will be there in spirit!
    Please keep all this information coming!!! I need it now more than ever!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Love your blog!
    Tammy : )

  2. You ahve been a real inspiration the last few weeks as I begin to implement some of the Feingold phiosphies, I know I should go "cold turkey" but: 1)we have been a pretty dye-free/HFC/additives/persative feww family for awhile b/c we struggle w/ allergies and just poor eaters in general but 2) I struggle b/c my kids are not meat eaters, dont like veggies either...I use alot of pumpkin and Sweet potato in their foods/baking and we eats tons of fruit and I make/bake from scratch, etc...but I struggle w/ how to implement and use these menus/ideas when your kids are sooo picky - you are lucky b/c your kids will lamb w/ a side of green veggies but I would venture to guess that is not the norm and I wonder how to get there...? Thanks for all the great info and motivation, getting other people (namely GP's on board is just a whole other post right?:!

  3. If only Houston were just a bit closer! I would plop down on one of those cushy stools in a second to listen to you pour heart out about something you obviously care about. You've got my curiosity peaked, that's for sure. I actually read every food label today to find out which of our foods had dyes in them and was surprised to find, that at least for today ... not many. I hope you end up starting a bloggers revolution, when you do I'll be the first to join forces behind you. Keep doing what your doing, cause I love every single one of your posts!

  4. awesome post - makes me want to fly to houston to chat. you will have to check out my post this week. i'm going to post photos of my garden. i'm so excited, everything is in bloom and it's only been a month. cucumbers, carrots, onions, peppers, corn, snow peas, tomatoes, herbs. it's coming right along. thanks for all your wonderful post - love following you. be blessed.

  5. p.s. your kitchen is beautiful.

  6. Darn...wish I lived in Houston and could come. Well, I will wait for the highlights here. You will be proud. I was supposed to bring Gold Fish crackers for the snack during district math assessments for my 10 yr old. Well, from the Untruth lady, I bought the pretzel ones much to my sons irritation. I told him we are losing the dyes!!! Plus, now I know that would be a horrible snack for some kids during a big test!!! Thanks to you, Kay Heikes

  7. i am totally intimidated and a bit defensive on this issue and yet still interested..dont know if i can come or not but def thinking about it..i know you will be humble as you model this..its such a sensitive and complex issue for so many..we want to be healthy but its so hard for us for some reason..go girl!

  8. I love your blog and appreciate the range you offer. I am in another country now and admit that I took for granted so many of the healthy options I had in America. I have no idea what I am eating now, where it was grown or what was used to grow it. I look forward to reading what you discover and share so I can put it into practice when I get home.

  9. Count me in Lins- I'd love to see/hear it all broken down.
    Thanks for opening your home and heart to us for this!!

  10. linsey, i would love to visit with you also!!! maybe we would get together when i come in for the Houston Urban Market in May??? We are working hard to change our eating habits in our house hold, and it has really been hard...
    i am just soaking in all of the wonderful information that you are sharing here on your blog! thank you soooo much! XoxXo amy
    here's my e-mail...aboland@att.net

  11. You know I'm in...not in person:( but here in our virtual house. I'm so researching everything right now. Making lots of changes so I am so EXCITED about what you are about to do. I'm one of your biggest fans because I sense this really is one of your passions AND one that you can do! SO - can't wait to get started. Your FB status was hilarious btw...hugs always

  12. I so wish I lived to closer to Houston 'cause I would be there in a hot minute! I'll be waiting in anticipation for the Cliff notes version of the Kitchen Chat.
    You've inspired me to make changes in my families diet. I'm taking it slowly so as not to be overwhelmed, but just yesterday I picked up a box of cinnamon Life cereal and quickly put it down once I read that it has THREE different food colorings in it!!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and information.

  13. I bet two of your friends from north Houston will come "down!" I speak for CC and I!!!!

  14. Wow, I really look forward to your post of highlights after the chat, since I don't live nearby! I think we do an ok job of eating a good amount of non-processed food, but I'd love to know -common foods we may not be aware of that have food dyes and -tasty quick snacks on the go for kids (besides fruit, which is great but also sugary)
    I appreciate your vision for this!

  15. Hi,

    I so wish I could be there for the chat, but I'm in NC! I would love to know what kind of meals you prepare on a day to day basis. I love to cook and make our meals at home everyday but run out of "good for you" meal ideas that can be prepared in the middle of homework, practices, etc. Looking forward to the kitchen chat recap!


  16. I'm just catching up with you ...

    Yeah for the garden! So glad you made the jump and planted some goodies. You salad looks delish.

    When the food dye "discovery" hit the media I had the best laugh. This NOT new news by any means. I've been dealing with this for the last 15 years with my son. He has dye {red and blue} and corn syrup allergies. We found this out when I gave him a cough syrup one morning ... it ended with a trip to the ER and an epi pen. I've spent hours and hours of time researching foods, products and creating meals for my son , and our family, over the years.

    As a teacher, I can tell your first hand that there are many children on meds that probably don't need them. If their diet were adjusted, they could be much more successful with controlling their behavior and impulses.

    Good luck with your gathering ~ so wish I could join you!


  17. I just had to add how encouraged I am by all who are eager to learn more about what's in their food! This is how real change begins, my friends...by wanting to know more. Every single one of you is inspiring me!



  18. what a wonderful idea! how I wish I could join. the change in Andrew is so remarkable, I cry from happiness at the end of each day. It's like someone has taken all that was good in him and turned up the volume. Yesterday I watched him in a large group of children playing at a neighbor's house. Usually large groups would always create tension and within 15 minutes I would hear his loud voice over all the other kids and then there would be some drama and hurt feelings. Yesterday was so different. I had to strain to pick out his voice. He was smiling and helping others out in a game. This seems so minor but a moment like that wouldn't have been possible a month ago. I can't thank God enough for bringing you into my life. I wouldn't have made this change if it hadn't been for your post b/c I thought we already ate so healthy. To see him so happy, in control of his emotions and actions brings me more joy than I can properly put into words!! THANK YOU!!!


    PS. you and your inside out shirt story made me laugh!! :)

  19. Your posts have definitely peaked my interest and I can't wait to read more on your blog.

    I told my husband that now is the time for us to decide/make changes while our first child is only 10 months old.

    Please keep sharing with us!

  20. i was lead here by my friend, holly mathis. she sent me this way.

    thank you for encouraging people to think about what's in their food. i do think that food can most definitely be a spiritual issue. i was drawn closer to the Lord through this topic most definitely.

    our family completely changed our entire lifestyle and HE uprooted us to a farm in Brenham in which we raise pastured meats and eggs now for a living.

    i encourage the women reading this to take this journey. it's a long and hard one at times. and you will constantly be learning and growing. the point is not to know everything right off the bat, but to be making forward motion.

    if the Lord can take a processed food junkie like my former self used to be and turn me into a farmer's wife, He can change anyone. HE gets all of the glory.

    thanks for tackling the hard stuff.


  21. I love your comment, Lynsey! Thank you! And you are so right: the point isn't to know it all right off the bat, but to take one small step at a time and move forward. So good!



"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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