A Glorious Inside Out Day

I was feeling unusually accomplished this morning until I got home from school, the carwash and the grocery store to discover my shirt was INSIDE OUT!

If you aren't laughing with me yet, wait till you see the shirt:

{photographed the right way}

Um, yeah. Kinda hard to get that one confused! I'm SO NOT a morning person. But all is well! After turning my shirt around and getting my sweet sick ones settled in for a nap, I'm making the most of this glorious, sunshine filled day!

I harvested my first bit of lettuce...

{Did I cut it right? Will this kind grow back? We'll see!}

...and made my first "farm-to-table" lunch!

Garden lettuces with leftover chicken, blue potatoes and feta.
Tossed with olive oil + lemon + sea salt.

And as if sunshine, a growing garden and fresh food weren't enough,
look what's about to explode in my back yard:

Confederate Jasmine!


Don't you just love these delicate, white pinwheels?
Yet another display of God's everyday glory! 

Happy inside out day!
P.S. I'm super excited about the kitchen chat! We've got a great group! I'll be in touch via email real soon. 


  1. Love it Linsey, too funny! Wish we could see what it looked like inside out. ;)
    It is gorgeous out there today.

  2. One time I went to work with 2 different shoes on! Let us know if your lettuce grows back.

  3. Okay that's weird. The checkout lady at Marshall's had to tell me my shirt was on inside out just last week! Small inside-out world....

  4. lol... I have had those days! :) Your lettuce looks so yummy and so does the salad! Those delicate pinwheels are beautiful. HE certainly blesses us with precious goodies!

  5. I took my portfolio pictures with my shirt on BACKwards. Can totally relate to you!

  6. hugs and more hugs and always smiling:) yummy salad and I am SUPER excited about the upcoming kitchen chat...I can hardly stand it:)
    hope your little girlies are feeling better..happy Wednesday...

  7. Too funny. At least you remembered to wear a shirt, right?! ;)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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