Garden Update

I was loving the look of my impromptu garden table...

{A few people liked this enough to pin it...thank you!}

...but remember when I told you {here} how I skipped a few steps for the sake of instant gratification? Well...it's catching up with me a lot sooner than I expected!

The wine boxes are rotting already.
{I was hoping they'd last at least a year!}

Bummer, but my husband is right: if I had gone my usual perfectionistic way and done everything just right, I wouldn't have a garden today...or this year! I'd still be reading, researching, rethinking, etc. 

I'm beginning to collect new wine boxes and will use Danish Oil to weatherproof them this time around! But it wasn't too late to weatherproof the table. My super handy sister {who built the table for a different purpose years ago} suggested Polycrylic all over and a thin sheet metal for the top. And she even offered to help with her five-month pregnant self!

My sister has serious skills.
{And who else looks this cute while hammering?}

All was well until she had to return home to her two little boys. {She'll soon have three boys under the age of TWO! Another story for another time...one that includes a marvelous adoption.} When I took over, things got a little lumpy, bumpy and...imperfect.

{My sister's side on the left; mine on the right.}

I keep trying to tell myself that these lumps and bumps are good for my recovering perfectionist self, but  perfectionism and old thought patterns don't die easily.

{It looks like a poorly wrapped present!}

Wishing for a moment that I had waited on her to come back and help me finish. It's not great looking...and I'm not thrilled with the way the water pools in certain spots. But...

...you live and you learn, right? At least I have a garden! That's worth celebrating in my book...and so is this:

My first little Cupid Tomato!

Despite my mistakes {aka "tossing perfectionism out the window"}, it's fun to watch things grow and change in my little garden. The best part so far: collecting lettuce straight from the back yard:

I couldn't resist zooming in just a bit.

{These feet are more precious to me
than a perfect garden could ever be!}

So would I do it again the same way? Yes! If it means the difference between having a garden and not having a garden, I'll take the mistakes and try again!

And if it means a small victory in my spiritual journey {dying to my perfectionistic, half living, old self and embracing my living again, present moment, new self}, I'll take it! 

Blessings to you today!

P.S. Looking for a way to get you your kids fired up about real food vs. the fake stuff? Watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution together. Even if you aren't a TV watching family {we aren't}, watch it. My girls loved it! His passion for real food is contagious. {Jamie at Home is my husband's favorite cookbook. It's inspired our real food cooking more than any other cookbook.}


  1. Awe - your garden still looks great. I don't have the patience for the boxes - hence why mine is just planted in the ground. Check out my progress when you get a minute - we actually picked a LITTLE this past weekend. See what I made with it. Good luck and hope everything keeps blooming. Be blessed.

  2. Well, your little salad will be awesome. I wish we lived closer I could hook you up with wine boxes from my husbands restaurant :)

  3. I haven't been able to start my garden yet. ;( we're having colder than normal temps with it still hitting the 30s at night. I can't wait to get started! HOPEFULLY May!!! You're doing a great job!

  4. i would love to have a garden too. we just get all day full sun and i fear everything dying. i have a handful of herbs but that's it....reminds me i need to water them!
    your sis is adorable!!

  5. I love it--imperfections and all! How adorable is your sister? She's one tough lady to break out the hammer while 5 mths prego! I've been obsessively posting about some seeds I planted a few weeks ago. My father-in-law is planning to come till up a spot in my backyard tomorrow for a small garden. Yay! I can't wait to play in the dirt. I really enjoy your garden updates.

  6. the important part is that you have lettuce! way to go sis!

  7. Love this! Sisters - what a blessing! It's so fun to walk with you.

  8. oh dear! that fact you can post and laugh about it is a good sign. i'm a recovering perfectionist too and it's hard. i've come a long way though. you should have seen me in my twenties. all that unnecessary stress, who needs it! :) I would have loved to have you, your hubby, and your girls over for a dinner outside last night...grilled rosemary & garlic rack of lamb (I know you like these ingredients!!), roasted asparagus and a wonderful arugula (not grown in my own backyard) salad. all very FG friendly for the loves in our lives!! why do you live so far away??!!


  9. LOVE how your garden is coming along...okay..so you guys don't watch any tv at your house?

    how awesome is that? I wish I'd never introduced it to mine! We don't watch a ton of it, but we definitely watch it....loooong sigh!

  10. Thanks for your encouragement and interest in the gardening, friends. And yes, my sister is super cute! And super handy!

    Tara, I wouldn't say we don't watch any TV, but we watch very little. If there's a major storm coming, my husband likes to watch the weather. If there's a major sporting event, I like to watch. But we aren't into any shows (except for when The Food Revolution).

    We do love a family movie night at home on Fridays. Dinner in front of the TV. The girls love it. That's the main reason we've kept our TV, but we'd be just as happy without one. :)


  11. LOVE that wine crate idea- such a nice garden you have! I wonder if I could convince my neighbors to let me put a few crates in front of our apartment building haha

  12. Linsey-Girl! I need your help! Where, oh where, does one find wine boxes to collect? I want a garden JUST LIKE YOURS. And after I figure out how/where to find these darling French crates, I'll be on the hunt for Danish oil. Keep this delicious stuff coming. After seeing your Quatrine sitting room chairs, I almost jumped in my car and drove to H-town for a linen slip fix! Fondly--Amanda

  13. Love your garden! I have three gorgeous wine crates sitting in my living room just waiting to become like yours. I've been searching for a good weatherproofing solution and hadn't heard of Danish oil- I was so glad to find your post!

  14. I'm happy you found some inspiration here, Audrey! I'm long overdue for another wine box garden post. Had to leave it behind in Houston, but I"ll garden again in my new home for sure!


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