Frivolous Finds on a Friday

I love to write. And you, Sweet Readers, are ever faithful and patient to endure some lengthy, wordy posts! But sometimes, writing gets in the way. Sometimes you just want to share a few frivolous finds! So here you go:

Frivolous finds on a Friday!

A brand new teacup from Anthropologie {in stores, not online}.
Perfect for a friend who's moving to London.

Another great go-to gift:

Only $6 at Anthropolgie {here}.

A clever way to use these mugs this Spring:

Spotted on one of my favorite blogs, Haven and Home.

A great sale at Wisteria:

I don't need a thing, but I do love Wisteria!

A piece I've used well over the years:
$199 at Wisteria {here}.

This table works hard in my house:

Switching gears for all you font lovers:

A "rising star" at Myfonts.com.

And for my French loving friends, you'll love this post...how to live the French life right where you are. {It's like she wrote the words right out of my heart!} I'm longing to go back to France, but for now, I'm with Kimberly: learning to live the slow, fresh Provence life right here at home.

A favorite image from my first trip to Provence.

Aside from lingering over a good meal with a glass of wine, the easiest way to live French right where you are is to plant a favorite herb and start using it in your cooking. 

Rosemary is a great place to start.

Four ingredients to Frenchify your dinner:

Olive oil + sea salt + rosemary + garlic.

I could go on, but it's Friday. Time to do something frivolous!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Super weird spacing on this post! Oops! Moving on with my day and will just have to leave it this way! :)

  2. Great post. LOVE the skitch font. Love it!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Cute stuff! I just picked up a few of the solid anthro mugs in new York last weekend. Love your wisteria table!!

  4. I could have a mug fetish if I'd let myself. I used rosemary last summer in a marinade for steak and I fell in love. I have always been scared of herbs...but I am learning to take more risk;)
    Also,I could SO see myself living in that picture from Provence..dreamy. Hope your weekend has been lovely so far;) Not quite ready for the week to start;(

  5. Love this post - and thank you for the mention! I am so in "bring France to me" phase~ Thank goodness spring is on it's way!
    Have a marvelous Sunday,

  6. Happy Monday, Linsey!! Loved your Frivolous Friday Finds!! Those Anthro mugs are some of my favorites. I wish they still sold the silhouette ones too, I gave those a gifts several times, but wish I would have bought some for myself too!! Hope you had a lovely weekend!!!

    xo, Tessa

  7. Thanks for linking me!!!! I am just adding onto my list of things I want!

  8. Thanks a lot cause now I really really want that table AND the target baskets! LOL


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