French Inspired Tables For Sale

Look what showed up at my house today:

A gorgeous French reproduction demilune table...

...with exquisite colors and layering!

Sadly, it was too large for the corner of my dining room, so I had to let it go to the next interested buyer {who will sell it in her shop for around $1,000}. Sigh.

But I'm going to have a smaller one made! {Table making seems to be a trend in my house!}And for a handful of Houston friends, I'm willing to have one made for you, too! And the best part: your price will be $600....not the $1000+ retail price. I love sharing beauty for a good price!

If you're interested: email me and we'll talk dimensions. {The one above was 45W x 18D x 32H. Mine will be 32" wide.} I'll probably only have 3 or 4 made, so first come, first serve!

And for those of you looking for a coffee table, this one is ready to go home with someone in Houston today. Just finished and never used:

Sure beats RH's $1200!

And no, I'm not looking to get into the antique reproduction business, but every now and then, something comes my way that I can't resist sharing with you.



  1. Gorgeous Lins! If only I had room in my house for the smaller version.
    I'm sure they'll go fast.

  2. That table makes my mouth water.... yummo!!

  3. I thought about this table all night and the possibilities of 'where' it could go in my house and what I could get rid of to make room for it. I'm still thinking so please let me know if you have any left after you receive them. ;)
    Happy Friday~

  4. are you making these? they are beautiful!!!

  5. Love!!! Looks oh so authentic. Now, do tell about the sweet tin buckets, and the "wispy" contents in them:)

  6. I found the little zinc pots at Urban Market in Houston and I collected the "wispies" on a walk through Hermann Park. They fall from the oak trees. I just love 'em! :)

    And Tara, not making these. Just sharing my "find" in case anyone else has been on the hunt for demilunes!


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