For The Love Of Tea

I love tea.

{My favorite tea mug.}

I'm often asked what kinds of tea I drink, so I thought I'd share a few favorites with you today. But before I do, I have to tell you that tea wasn't always my thing. 

I was a coffee girl. I started sneaking heavily creamed and sugared sips from my mom when I was a little girl. In college, I lived on double shot lattes and mochas. I met my husband on a blind date in a coffee shop. He even proposed to me with a coffee drink in hand!

But as much as I loved coffee, it didn't like me. {Coffee and adrenal issues aren't a good match!} So I switched to tea...for health reasons. Little did I know, tea is EXCITING! It's fragrant, diverse, soothing, invigorating, loaded with antioxidants {green, white and red teas, that is}...and the best part: it makes you want to slow down and ENJOY LIFE. It's a sip, savor and enjoy the present moment kind of drink. 

I started with black teas and added a little whole milk and honey to make it more coffee like. Tea bags were an easy place to start.

{My first two favorite teas.}

But I'm drinking a lot more green tea these days.

{Tazo is widely available. Starbucks serves it.}

The more I get into this tea thing,
the more I love whole, loose leaf tea...
or in this case: "pearls" of tea.

{My current favorite: Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearl.}

It starts out in little pearls...

...and opens up as it steeps!

Whole leaf tea is incredibly fragrant and flavorful.
{You can steep a high quality loose tea 2-3 times.}

Three more loose teas I'm loving right now:

{Rishi is available at Whole Foods.}

The fun part about loose leaf teas:
using this cute little tea pot!

{Also from Whole Foods.}

If I want more than a cup or two, I use the king of tea pots:

{Made by Breville; purchased at Sur la Table.}

Dang...I wish I didn't just discover the price! {It was a gift from my husband. He's a very generous giver, and I am grateful!} But I have to say: this high end teapot rocks! It's all glass and stainless, so no leaching of harmful plastic chemicals into your tea! 

Another current favorite:

{A blend of green mint and lavender flowers.}

It starts out looking like this:

And tastes great served like this:

{This will be my go-to summer drink.}

And speaking of mint,
it looked like this a few weeks ago:

And looks like this today:

{Four times the size!} 

If growing things intimidates you, try mint.
The rapid growth is so rewarding!

I wish I could sit down and share a cup with each and every one of you! The conversations and friendships that go with tea are the best! ENJOY!

Happy Friday, Sweet Readers!
P.S. I didn't say much about the health benefits of green, white and red {aka "rooibos"} teas, but they are SUPER good for you! 

P.P.S. Want to know something funny? When I left Enron in search of a more creative life {11 years ago...before the infamous fall}, I dreamed of opening a tea shop. I did lots of research and picked a perfect neighborhood spot, but motherhood and card designing became my clear calling. I've never looked back, but I still love my tea!


  1. love tea and the endless varieties! i've been intimidated by the loose leaf tea, but that cute little pot makes it a lot more appealing...

  2. I'm a coffee AND a tea girl. I drink a cup of green tea before my run every morning, then I move on to coffee. I drink loose leaf black tea (Fortnum and Mason) with skim milk and honey at the same time every afternoon. I'll put some of your favorites on my shopping list to try something new.

  3. I have never been much of a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy tea. I would love to try loose leaf tea some times... it looks and sounds wonderful! :)

  4. I'm going to come back and read this post again after I take the kids to school and get my starbucks ice tea.... I adore TEA!!!!!

  5. I'm with T, a coffee and a tea girl. My favorite tea is thanks to Alston - English Breakfast with milk and honey. The mint/lavender ice tea looks so yummy especially with your home grown mint!

  6. You inspired me to start drinking tea you know;). Now you having me thinking to try another new one. Getting ready to go in for soy wrapper cucumber rolls and " hot tea " :). Have a sweet weekend. Your garden is growing!xo

  7. I love my tea, too. And I love the ritual of tea: putting the kettle on to boil, the warming of the pot, pouring the water over the tea leaves, waiting until it steeps. You have to slow down to have a proper cup of tea. I love china tea pots and cups. I think tea tastes best out of china. My favorite teas come from Harney & Sons. Earl Grey is my daily favorite. But when I'm in the mood for a sip of campfire, I go to Lapsang Souchong. I also love Jasmine.

    Great post!

  8. okay....I had no idea that coffee and adrenal issues don't go together...I have so much to learn!

    I gave up my coffee for this 30 day cleanse....and it hasn't been near as hard as I thought it was...I've been drinking tea as well...

    I also would love more info on the juice cleanses...I'll try that one next time...my parents have a really nice juicer that I can use...my main question is...do you eat anything else while you do the juice cleanse that you suggested?

  9. I'm a tea girl too! I have a cup of that ginger peach almost every morning! I'll have to try the vanilla almond. It sounds really good!

  10. drinking the Ginger & Peach as i blog. I use loose leaves too, but usually stick with the bags for convenience. Just had a green tea with pomegranate at a Lebanese resturant and it was soooo good. Love my traditional English breakfast tea with a splash of milk the best though. When I was growing up my brother and I asked for tea every monring and before bed. Our "tea" was warm milk and honey. :)

    Quick FG question too...we tried to add back tomatoes over the weekend...was it obvious when your girls had a reaction to a food? It seemed to have a little impact, but I find it hard to tell and Andrew said he couldn't tell. I can say grapes are a-ok. Nice to start adding back foods!!


  11. I love a good cup of tea too! My husband is from Sri Lanka and we are headed there this summer and I cant wait to tour some of the large tea estates to see how real Ceylon tea is grown- it should be a fun experience

  12. Hi, Linsey, I'm french and I just find your blog via style-files. Do you know Mariage Frères teas ? they are the best ;-))) Love "pleine Lune".

    This tea brewer is amazing !!! I didn't find it on french websites. Mine is the "magic tea" by Tefal, I bought it at least 6 years ago and I hope I will keep it for a long time because it's unavailable.

    Bon dimanche ;-)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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