Food Confessions

Sometimes we swerve off the path of good, clean eating. Sometimes by accident, sometimes knowing we'll pay the price. I just wanted you to know we aren't perfect...that we make mistakes just like you will.

Today, after straying too far off the clean food path while on a date night with my husband, my head feels like it's in a vice...or like I'm wearing a super tight swim cap that's sqeezing in around my entire skull. I feel a lot like this:

{My little Laura Finley in one of her moods.}

I used to feel like this alot...headaches almost every day. It got so bad that I saw a neurologist, had brain scans and medication was prescribed. But diet and food triggers were never mentioned. Not once.

It wasn't until we started the Feingold Diet in May 2008 that I made any serious connections between food and headaches. I know many of you are way ahead of me in cluing into that, but I thought my headaches were unstoppable. Yet now it makes PERFECT sense! Of course what we put into our bodies affects the way we feel, think and behave!

I've learned that black pepper and gluten are headache triggers for me...along with some mysterious spice packs and hidden forms of MSG which I never eat at home {because it feels SO much better to have a clear head!}. But when you're out to eat, especially at a new restaurant with a killer menu and a great bottle of wine, sometimes you get this "I've gotta have it" or "I can handle it" feeling.

I always tell myself it will be worth it if the food tastes amazing. But it's never worth it.

Yet grace abounds! The best way to get out of a food-induced reaction {be it a headache for you or a temper tantrum with your little one} is to give yourself grace and get back to clean eating with your next meal. And so I did...with a fresh juice this morning {carrots, apples, celery, parsley, spinach, beets, lemon and ginger} and a clean lunch this afternoon.

{chicken salad, tiny tomatoes, garden greens, avocado, blue corn chips}

The headache isn't gone, but it will be tomorrow if I eat well again tonight. I'm on my way back to a clean slate!

So there you have it: a confession that I'm just like you. Imperfect, yet living under a waterfall of grace and new beginnings. His mercies are new every morning! {Lamentations 3:22-23}


P.S. Remember the food dye post I wrote last month? I was humbled when my youngest {who's the most chemically sensitive and reactive of us all} came home with that look in her eyes. I should've known something was amiss by her eyes. Not only could she not make eye contact, but she had lost her natural sparkle and shine. She went from looking like she was going to shoot darts out of her eyes to sassing me, to screaming at me, to violently shoving her sister, to being unable to sit still in her chair at dinner...all because of one iced cookie. The engagement ring cookie was just too much for a girly girl to resist. Some days are like that. So I had her soak in an Epsom salt bath, put her to bed early and started fresh and clean the next day. And the amazing thing: even she will tell you it wasn't worth it! Grace abounds to you, too, sweet girl!

P.P.S. More from the kitchen chat when my head clears and the time is right!


  1. oh boy... eating out is always the worst culprit for me. I never cheat on purpose but usually it's on accident when gluten is hidden in something. Hope your head is feeling better!!

    My garden is almost ready to plant! Our weather has been to cold so far.

  2. Linsey,
    My friend (and yours)Eleanor G. forwarded me your blog - hope you don't mind. Love it!!! We have just started the Feingold diet for my son about a week and a half ago. His moods have been up and down, but we continue to go forward. So great to see others that are following this path. My son also plays baseball and there are so many colored foods there...ugh!! But, we continue even though I get some strange looks...I just hope he continues to make the right choices when we are not there for him. Please keep blogging...

  3. I LOVE that picture. It captures her mood completely and thanking you for reminding me that His mercies are new everyday! and we just begin again fresh the next day. This applies to so many things. Your lunch looks so fresh...praying relief from your headache? It is so sunny here today and I feel a little spring in my step. Can't wait to hear more on your food subject!
    xo happy friday and a hug:)

  4. hello my friend!
    gosh, i feel so behind, but i loved catching up with you & hearing your daughters beautiful voice!
    sorry your head is killing you. it's not unusual for me ( & dan & caroline too) to have headaches. about 18 months ago , little bit went through the same thing, mri's ,neurologist etc. no one ever mentioned food or diet. i have little to no experience with special diet needs because none of us seem to have diet issues. thankfully caroline has very few headaches since all her testing...but if they flare up again, i will definitely research more thoroughly.
    ps. your kitchen is stunning!

  5. oh sorry, girlie! hope your head is all better now. I wish i could have come to your kitchen chat. I also wish Andrew's hand writing showed such an improvement - it hasn't. but you can't have it all. :) my parents watched him this weekend and were really able to see the difference in his moods, temper etc. he spent hours talking with my dad and creating a lego video, warmed my heart, because that would have never happend a couple months ago. they always butted heads.

    xo, Tessa

  6. I totally agree. Our nutrition affects our physiological well-being.

  7. finished the cleanse this past week and I feel SO MUCH BETTER....during the cleanse, I felt horrible...my body really did detox...I had excruciating headaches with it....and felt so foggy and sleepy that I wondered if I'd survive it...and then about 3 weeks in, things started to change and I felt so much better.....

    SO GLAD I DID IT....gonna stick to the dietary changes!!!


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