An Easter We'll Always Remember

Sweet friends, I hope you and your family enjoyed a glorious Easter weekend! Ours was chock full of family fun: an egg hunt, home-cooked meals, French wine and even a doll-sized farmer's market {organized by my very creative girls!}.

At church on Easter Sunday.

But what we'll remember most is the joy of listening to our little songbird use her God-given gifts to help lead worship on Sunday morning.

10-year old Hallie...
with her daddy right beside her.

We call her our songbird...because she's always filling our home with music. She'd sing all day if she could! She sets her alarm 30 minutes early each morning just so she can get her music fix before heading off to school. And late at night when she should be sleeping, she's often writing a new song or singing an old favorite.

A late night recording with tired eyes but a sweet voice.

I don't know much about guitar, but she plays her full-size Taylor as naturally as you and I breathe air. The only way I can explain it: a gift from God. Her only teacher has been her self-taught daddy, but he says she's outpacing him...picking things up overnight that took him six months to learn!

Hallie working her Taylor.

She hears music in her head...words, chords, melody, harmony...like a little Mozart hearing so many things at once...faster than she can write them down.

But behind every girl with extraordinary gifts are unsung heroes with gifts of their own. They quietly serve, love and support. That's what our youngest did for her big sister. It was the sweetest thing in the world to watch!

Laura Finley: fashion consultant + hairdresser extraordinaire!

Hallie admiring her sister's skills!

We call our youngest daughter sparkle and shine...
because that's what she does naturally.

Making things beautiful is her gift!

Sweet sisters!

As my sparkle and shine daughter would say...
I hope you have the BEST week EVER!!!
P.S. Up to this point, I've never called my daughters by name on my blog. Lots of reasons for that, but they were happy to be called by name today!


  1. Your daughters are beautiful and reflect the beautiful nature of their great maker. Your blog has been a great encouragement to me. We're relocating to Houston from Arizona and a friend shared this site with me. What a blessing. God bless your sweet, sweet family!

  2. Thank you, Christine! If you need a warm welcome to Houston {aside from the weather}, please email me! llh(at)llhdesigns(dot)com

  3. Awesome Lins. Love you!! He is risen!!

  4. Good morning Linsey,
    If we knew one another in real life, our girls would be friends. My youngest sounds very much like yours...what a gift. And btw, I haven't thanked you yet for reading our Moses Study. Now that we are done, I am catching my breath finally. I know you commented a few times and please know that it meant so very much to Mary and me. It was such great encouragement, and we were, and still are grateful.
    Much love,
    Amy :)

  5. texasjennyjApril 26, 2011

    sweet girl...luv her so much!

  6. How sweet - love this post. Wish we could have been at church to see your songbird perform!

  7. Such sweet and precious girls. She is quite the songbird~ thank you for sharing it with us. That photo of your family is beautiful Lins, you are all just radiant. ;)

  8. I sang right along with Hallie! One of my favorite songs! Such a sweet, heartfelt post!! They are beautiful inside and out. Just like their gorgeous Mama!! So nice to know their names too! :)


  9. Sakes alive! Talent for sure!
    I knew Steven Curtis Chapman and his brother when they were teenagers. Maybe your girl will someday be winning Dove awards and having her hair styled by her sister :)

  10. beautiful family....sat at the computer and just cried as I listened to her sweet angel voice singing to our King!!!

    God has given her an amazing gift/talent....and I'm so proud of her for using it to his glory.

    I can't imagine how proud you are!

  11. This sweet post brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing from the Lord. Precious girls!

  12. tell hallie that she really blessed me today.i so needed that..she is precious..and so is laura finley and your whole family..thanks lins!

  13. Hallie sounds absolutely beautiful! I was so moved by her amazing and wonderful praise of our Lord! Y'all all look so happy on Easter -- great family photo! And cute LF! You have the most wonderful family! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  14. This was so beautiful. I love both of those videos and all the pictures. I can't wait to be at home with y'all!!!! So very soon.

  15. Your family is just beautiful Linsey. I love your family Easter photo. And that wonderful, beautiful music... such a gift. Such an amazing gift. How wonderful that she is sharing it! :)

  16. Dear Hallie,

    Hallie your truly an AMAZING singer/songwriter/guitar player!!!!!! you rocked today at the Spring Fling!!!! Hallie if you were to audition for American Idol, and I was one of the judges, you would ALWAYS be my 1st choice!!!!!!! I love you soooooooooooooooooo much! Hallie I have NO idea what I would do without you!! your literally like the best 12 or 12 year old singer I have ever met!( no fense to other people). I will ALWAYS be a fan of you, your music, and your talents! NOTHING will ever make me stop being a fan of you Hallie! Hallie when you were singing at the school talent show, people saw just an awesome girl singing and playing her guitar. But I saw a star singing and playing her guitar! Hallie you are truly a 1 an a million friend! I am so thankful that God has out you in my life. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Hasenbank. I would just like to say that Hallie is a star! Your family has a talented young star who has an amazing career a head of her. She told me that she wanted to be a singer when she groes up and I think that that is exactly what she is going to be and is.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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