The Way We Eat, Part Deux

Have you ever found a remedy for something you thought was incurable...or relief from something you thought was inescapable? That's how we felt when we discovered the Feingold Diet {here}, but there's MORE to our story!

In the last three years, my family has fallen in love with food! Now that we know first-hand what a difference food makes in the the way we feel {and in the way our children behave}, we're addicted!

We're huge fans of the "fresh and local" movement. Farmers markets, restaurants like Haven, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Michael Pollan's Food Rules, the eye-opening documentary Food, Inc and the Feingold Association have all inspired us.

So just in case my last post gave you the impression that we're deprived and missing out {wink!}, I thought I'd share our weekend meal with you. I promise you won't feel sorry for us! 

Olive oil, sea salt, garlic and herbs...

...our go-to ingredients each day.

My husband's favorite recipe...

...from his very favorite cookbook:

{Jamie at Home}

The rub down.

In the pot and ready to roast.

{Your house will smell incredible!}

More simple ingredients...

...for our favorite side, Grit Souffle.
Always a crowd pleaser!

{You can skip the double boiler, but not the mixer!}

And we're huge fans of roasted vegetables...whatever's in season.

{Fingerling potatoes and multi-colored beets
with grapeseed oil, sea salt, herbes de Provence}

And a meal that good looking deserves
a really good glass of wine.

{Purchased through a friend's special connection...high end!}

A more affordable and interesting option:

{Bryan Davis at Haven introduced us to Charbono.
Shypoke is $33; Houston Wine Merchant.}

And a great tasting cheap and cheerful option:

{Layer Cake Malbec for $13 or $14; we like it
much better than the Layer Cake Zin or Shiraz}

And something special for my girls:

All natural...

...and Maine-made!

Why fresh? Because it tastes good. Why local? Because it's nice to know where you food comes from...and opens your eyes to what's in season. Why seasonal? Because variety is good for you...and because food is MUCH more flavorful when it's in season! 

Above all else, keep it simple! The fewer the ingredients, the better in my book! I'm loving this cookbook for that very reason!

{5 Ingredient Fix; Anthropologie has awesome cookbooks!}

Brought it home and tried Brussels Sprouts Gratin.

{I thought I hated brussel sprouts, but this was SO GOOD!}

How about you? Are you a fresh and simple girl? Do you have a favorite cookbook or inspiration?

Happy Monday!
P.S. If you decide to join the Feingold Association, look for our family's story in the April Pure Facts newsletter. I'm honored that Executive Director Jane Hersey thinks our story is worth sharing. {I would've put my inner "editor-in-chief" to work had I known my post was going to be republished! Oh, well!}


  1. i checked out the website and am not really clear on what is available for purchase. could u explain what the packages are about? it seemed like a lot of information to take in, i think thats why i am confused.


  2. Honestly, I hope these posts never end.
    I think this might just be your thing, girl.
    you're passionate about it and you've educated yourself....

    if you're looking for something to post about, this is it! :)))))

    it's hard not to be inspired to make some changes when you hear your story and see your recipes.....the fact that your husband is on board with you and your girls are excited about it makes it contagious. :)

    you inspire me.

  3. Chis, I started the Feingold Diet with this package:

    But you could also start with this one {if you don't need "Why Can't My Children Behave?":

    I felt like I was drinking from a fire hydrant in the beginning {because I was so eager to learn!}, but soon it becomes second nature. Not hard at all! I promise!

  4. Tara, thank you so much. You are right, I'm VERY passionate about the power of food...especially when it comes to children. I'd blog about it every day if there weren't so many other things to inspire me in life! :)

    I'm wondering if God might want to use my food passion in a more intentional way down the road. We'll see what He brings.


  5. Thank you so much for coming by A Daily Portion. I visited over here and now I am inspired, and hungry! Thanks for sharing your contagious excitement about good food!

  6. I am so proud:) I love these posts your doing on fresh, local and seasonal. I am an advocate for this kind of cooking. Hoping more and more people get on board and we can do away with a lot of this fast food junk and move toward healthier and happier families.
    The grit souffle looks yummy and I am a brussel sprouts fan too;)

  7. Loved reading your posts on this. I visited the Feingold website and talked about it with my husband -- I'll probably order a kit and read more. I am happy you showed that a perfectly lovely meal can be enjoyed on the plan which has motivated more toward making changes in our household.

    PS - You're right, DR Stephens is a fabulous, small production wine. We care for a home in that neighborhood of Napa Valley and it's a beautiful spot indeed. I hope it was enjoyable

  8. I've loved these posts and they have gotten me thinking. Which is good... a great time for us to start making changes since our little one is starting to eat real food!

  9. good morning sweetie!
    i had bookmarked your how we eat posts until i knew i'd have time to sit & really read them.
    i am so impressed, so inspired & still intimidated.
    healthy meal planning seems so overwhelming to me.
    but i'm praying i become more intentional & that i MAKE the time to make healthy eating a priority.


  10. Linsey, LoVe this post! we are really trying to change our eating habits! thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. oh girl! This is my kind of post! I did not see it before!!! Yum!

  12. yum! great recipe ! love Jamie Oliver's ones too. I have his book about Italian food.

    Don't know if you read French, but you have a great cooker named Julie Andrieu : http://www.amazon.com/Julie-cuisine-monde-chez-vous/dp/2841232980/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1308470425&sr=8-5

    She hosts a tv show "côté cuisine" on a french tv channel France3 (you could find the website).

  13. I love reading in French, Candice! Thank you! It helps me brush up on my French since very little is spoken here in Houston, Texas!

  14. I "stumbled" upon your blog and read quite a bit of it this evening...
    I am interested in your "diet". I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 yrs ago. Its been manageable for a few yrs until recently and I am on many meds- hate meds... anyway, you mentioned adrenal fatigue. This was once mentioned to me as well.
    Did you find the feingold diet ets helpful for aches/pains. I live near Tulsa,and at this time we dont have reputable dr. that specialize in fibromyalgia. The nutritionalist you mentioned- do they?

  15. omg - my go to ingredients are also olive oil (extra virgin), sea salt, herbs, and garlic too. and i'm a total veggie lover as well. a lot of kale, beat, spinach, etc. i love reading blog posts like this! you are truly inspiring a lot of people to lead a healthy life style!


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