Unexpectedly Amazing

Between Spring Break recovery and Daylight Savings, I'm a little off this week. How about you? But I know it will feel good to take a few minutes and reflect on this year's Spring Break. It wasn't at all like I expected {I'm beginning to notice a trend here}, but it was AMAZING.

If you want to know how I usually handle the unexpected, just look at last year's Spring Break. I usually develop a serious attitude problem when things don't go according to plan. But this year was different. I am different.

There was sickness, a sudden and painful swelling of my foot {I could hardly walk}, very little sleep in a too-small hotel room, and a monthly visitor that arrived at the worst time {sorry to bring it up, but my periods are beyond brutal during the first 48 hours}. And yet I was not undone. I did not wallow in a pit of grumbling, complaining and wishing things were PERFECT and going my way.

WAIT...this is HUGE, Linsey!!! Don't miss it. God has been at work in me this year and here is the FRUIT! I was not undone and even more...I was OKAY! Instead of venting my frustration, I was able to accept each of these unexpected things as an opportunity to depend more on HIS strength and less on my own.

That, my friends, may be the most amazing part of the entire break. 
But there's more to remember...more to treasure. I had the joy of seeing my oldest daughter use her God- given gift at a very special choral concert in Minneapolis.

Such a happy girl! She always has a song in her heart.
{A huge thanks to our school's music teacher who encouraged
her to audition...then spent hours teaching her the music!}

I was beaming {and welling up with tears} as I gazed upon my little songbird on that great big stage. There were 100 children from 22 states, but my eyes were fixed on one little angel...with her fair skin, blonde hair and rosebud lips...forming heavenly sounds that gave glory to her King.

One of my favorite pieces was Vivaldi's Laudamus Tewhich means, "We praise thee." {You can listen a short snippet of their live performance HERE.} Is it just me or is that BEAUTIFUL?!?! Such mature and complex music, yet so pure when sung by children.

What an amazing opportunity and a sweet affirmation of my daughter's gifts. Oh, and guess what: we had blue skies and sunshine! Not exactly warm compared to Houston, but gorgeous for Minnesota in March! Thank you, Lord!

Laudamus Te! Good words to have stuck in my head this week!

P.S. My husband and youngest daughter had QUITE an adventure! 2,500 miles of driving and only two days of skiing {there wasn't much snow}, but our little one was sparkling and smiling every step of the way. She was thrilled to have the extra time with her daddy! It was a trip they'll never forget.


  1. that is amazing indeed!!
    i can only imagine how beautiful she sounded. what a gift !

  2. Such an encouragement to see how God is working in your life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. loved it! it was heavenly i'm sure! sweet :) xoxo's nancy

  4. You're a great mommy Lins!!

  5. You rock! Praises for new growth. God grows the most beautiful gardens. So happy you shared!

  6. beautiful! what an honor for your eldest! she is beaming in those pictures. you'll both treasure this trip forever. good for you for letting go of your expectations too when things could have easily fallen apart. life just isn't perfect, but He is and so is his will. I feel myself coming apart a bit this week with my sick kiddos, but amazingly through prayer I always feel restored, even if it's just to get through the next hour, make it through the night, find patience when it's wavering. Listening & trusting is sometimes so heart, but it always sets my heart free. xo, Tess

  7. sorry should have proofed read that! operating on little to no sleep. hope you can figure out what I was thinking, rather than typing! :)

  8. I miss you Lins. Fireside chat needs to be scheduled soon!

  9. oh linsey...I am hugging you! i am thanking Him for your fruit. this makes my heart sing. and your little songbird singing the song God put in her. I love hearing about your life. here and there. how is your foot btw? my oldest daughter is the same way with her periods...excruciating! praying a lovely weekend for you..I tried the roobios...can't sp? it at the moment but I LOVE it!


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