Time to Get My Garden Game On

I just bought yet another gardening book...

 ...to add to my collection!

{All from Anthropologie. Cheaper than clothes!}

I'm clearly one of those people who could research something to death and never actually do anything. The perfectionist whispers lame excuses to herself. And then I look at my backyard...uh, patio. It's a mess of tree pollen and cobblestone. Where exactly did I think this garden would grow?

I was ready to throw in the towel and wait until next year {again} until I stopped at Whole Foods on delivery day. Look at all of those perfect little vegetable plants! 

Spinach, lettuces, itty bitty tomatoes...did I buy enough?

Radicchio...maybe a little ambitious?

Can we really do this?

She thinks so!

Time to put the books down and get our hands dirty!
I'm not sure where to plant everything, but hopefully I can
keep these babies alive until we find/make a spot!

Happy Weekend!
Sweet husband, I hope you don't have any big plans this weekend.
We just might have to build our own garden box!


  1. i can't wait to build our garden boxes! I can't start until the middle of april. which book is your favorite?

  2. OH FUN! I saw that book awhile back. What do you think? Practical or inspirational? Way to take the plunge. Looks like you have good help,too!

  3. I've been wanting to do the same. We have one garden box, but now that the trees are bigger I think it's too much shade...bummer. I'll have to think of something. Good luck!

  4. We did a small garden this year, too!!!

    I'm waiting on the sprouts to come up out of the earth...I check on it every single day!

    Hope you are well...the break has been so good...not sure what blogging will look like for me after Lent....will pray through it and see.

  5. To get started, I liked "Garden Anywhere" best. But I have a feeling now that I've gotten past the prep phase and have some plants in the dirt, I'll use "Grow Your Own Food" more.

  6. so happy you are going for it! do something new and exciting and good for you as well! The girls will love helping, watching and eating:) i will live vicarously through you, Tar and Lissa's gardens....I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market here in a few weeks. I just love walking around there.
    I just love how sweetly you take us into your life. Thinking of you....hugs


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