Rainy Day Green

The garden plans are on hold {a tree-pollen induced head cold kept me in my PJs all weekend}, but God has provided marvelous inspiration from his own personal crayon box today: 

Rainy Day Green!


{strawberry plant}

{confederate jasmine}



Don't you just love the vibrance of new, Spring green? So full of hope and promise...especially on a rainy day! And for those who like a little more pop, how about an orangey-red trumpet to cheer you up?

{An unexpected surprise that found it's way
over to my side of the fence!}

I may need to revisit these pictures for the rest of the week, because I don't think Spring has sprung in Minnesota! 

I've never been to Minnesota, have you? My oldest daughter's singing voice landed her a spot in a national honor choir of some sort...and Minneapolis, Minnesota, just happens to be the host city for this year's concert.

To find fresh, fun and local places to eat and shop, I love the city guides over at Design Sponge. I was happy to find one on the Twin Cities...

...but it was written in 2007 and doesn't say much about Downtown Minneapolis {our hotel location}. Not that I'm opposed to exploring other parts of town, but if it's too cold, this Southern, Spring-spoiled girl won't venture very far from the hotel!

So...any scoop on Minneapolis, Sweet Readers? Any fresh and local restaurants, cozy coffee shops, good bookstores, neat stationery shops...things like that? Because while my oldest is busting out some seriously high Ave Marias in preparation for the big performance, I'll have some free time!

Wishing you and your family a fabulous week!

P.S. We're not big fans of separate Spring Break trips, but the choir deal isn't exactly close...or cheap...or exciting for a younger sister. So my husband and youngest daughter are road-tripping to New Mexico for some snowboarding and skiing. Prayers for safety on the road would be awesome! {My husband plans to drive 17 hours straight...each way. Gulp!}

P.P.S. To see last year's {unexpected and super fun} road trip, click here. I love my husband's adventurous spirit!


  1. Very inspiring Linsey! The winter is still here in KC although it should warm up for the weekend!

    Art by Karena

  2. I've never been to Minnesota either..sounds like a fun little trip with just you and your oldest:)
    I LOVE green...yes on a rainy day...sorry you are not feeling well and plans changed.
    praying for Him to be before and behind and on either side of them in their journey...how are you?
    thinking of you:) Can't wait to hear how she did and how your mini trip was.
    xo..stay warm

  3. safe travels for all of you! it will be great for each of your girls to get some one on one time with a parent. i'm sure you'll make many sweet memories!! can't wait to see & hear all about it! your hubby will need to do a post about his leg of the vacation!

  4. What a darling blog. Found you by way of Tessa at Nine & Sixteen and while I've been feverishly trying to unsubscribe to a lot of blogs lately, yours is worth adding :). xo

  5. I'm new to your blog but, sure am glad I found it. It's inspiring, warm and lovely! I shall visit often. Jill

  6. How fun for your daughter and you and for your husband and your other sweet girl....can't wait to see pictures of the trips!

    Do you ever read farmgirl paints? Becky is SO sweet, and she's from MN.....her blog is on my sidebar if you want to get in touch with her for the scoop!

  7. My confederate jasmine has just gotten so green in the last week, and I'm too excited that it is about to bloom! I just planted it over the 'winter' (not a lot of winter in Palm Beach, but still doesn't bloom until spring)so I've yet to enjoy the intoxicating flowers.

    Safe travels and have fun! Minneapolis is supposed to be a pretty cool city.

  8. Hi sweets! i think that my white expedition has a Lovely shade of green all over it with the oak pollen! :p i hope that you are feeling better soon!


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