Pink In The House

I've had this fun and frivolous design post dancing around in my head for weeks...inspired by the March issue of House Beautiful. Pink has always been my "happy color," so the cover appealed to me.

But pink as part of an interior design? The cover says "men love it," but I'm not buying it. Fortunately, the inside images weren't nearly as "pinked out" as the cover. In fact, my favorites were hardly pink at all.

I spy a touch of pink here:

Love it in the rug.

But how about here?

{Do the flowers really count?}

I love a neutral palette...

...but what happens when the flowers die?

Hmmm...the power of pink?

The feature definitely got me thinking. Do I use pink in my own interior design? One way to find out: walk around with a camera and hunt for pink. I knew I'd find it in my girls' rooms, but was surprised to find it in so many other places!

In our library,
my first Quatrine chair:

{Still in great shape after 12 years!}

In our sitting room {aka "formal living room"},
another Quatrine chair...

...with some pink/salmon accent pillows...

{Hand embroidery by me; short-lived hobby!}

...atop a pink, rosy rug.

A favorite pillow purchased on a trip to Provence...

...and an antique print picked up on the same trip.

{Really hard to photograph! See my reflection?}

My bedroom rug...

... and a pink-accented mug for my morning tea.

Plenty of pink in the girls' reading corner...

And yes...

...pink flowers to brighten a neutral palette!

I guess I'm a pink girl after all!

So how about you? Do you like pink? Do you {or would you} use it in your home?

Happy PINK day to you!


  1. what a beautiful home my friend!
    i love all the subtle touches of pink :)

    flipped when i saw the cover of this issue & had to have it myself


  2. am I a pink girl? hhmmm...I saw this issue and I was drawn to it. I love pink but I don't have it in my house.
    I am adding it to my wardrobe for this spring and summer. I just bought a pair of Saucony running shoes that are pink. I went on the wild side instead of the safe neutrals. I always choose my wardrobe colors in blacks and greys...thinking I need to add some color and why not pink?
    I did find a really nice pair of sunglasses in a crazy beautiful pink color at Bass Pro and I am wondering if I should go back and get them?

  3. i really love the pink! it makes me feel young again. i've just discovered your blog. i popped over from holly mathis interiors. i grew up in the great city of houston got married and now live in columbia, south carolina - so i'm closer to 'chatting at the sky'. :) i love your stationery (i'm a professional calligrapher and have always loved paper and pen) and worked in interior design in my 'former life'. these days is spent working to make 'eye contact' (love that!) with my precious two and 3rd on the way. loved your blog a few days before your 36th this year - about insecurities. you are so special and so inspirational. don't doubt the place you have in cyberspace to encourage and uplift those who are weary. your sweet spirit and love for the Lord comes through clear and strong. thanks for sharing your life and the inner workings of your heart. i am a life that is encouraged as a result. happy thursday to you, Linsey!

  4. Anon, what an uplifting comment! Thank you, sweet, unknown reader, for warming my heart today.

    Tiff, I can totally see you in pink sunglassess! It's time to add some happy to your gray and black!


  5. I'm a pink girl too. I'm wondering if I walk around my house if I would find any pink touches? I'll have to look.
    oh, and when the pink flowers die you go and buy new ones. ;) ha!

  6. I don't think I've ever met a blond that doesn't like pink. And I love dressing my boys in pink polos in the summer too. Not everday, but once in a while, so cute! In our first home I had our master bedroom wallpapered in a pink and gray cabbage rose pattern from RL. The paper was beautiful, but not in such a large quantity, I nearly fainted the day I came home from work after it had been hung. My poor, poor husband, never complained once. By far one of my bigger decorating boo-boos! Your Quatrine chairs are gorgeous and look so comfy. I learned about the company from one of my friends, they are her favorite too.

  7. I love the feature in House Beautiful by Tracery. I like that there was just enough pink to get it in the pink issue! :)

  8. i don't think men love pink, I think they put up with it if we love pink! I was looking thru your blog and I live in Houston & have an 8 year old as well! How about this gorgeous weather!! xoxo's nancy

  9. Pink did sneak into your beautiful home.thanks for sharing.

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog. I just love it. Signed up to follow. I like little touches of pink as well. I also am a Quatrine girl. Almost all of our upholstery is from there. It's so well made and so beautiful!

  11. With four boys, there isn't a lot of pink here on the farm. Oh, how I love it though... Your girls' room is gorgeous!
    So happy you left a comment so that I could in turn find you! Best of luck with the giveaway!

  12. So much I love about this! But what I love MOST is that you took your camera to go find pink! Ah ha ha....what fun!! :)

    @Tiffini - go get the pink glasses! -And then we want to see!
    Robyn Q

  13. In love {true love} with your happy blog. Love even more your shared faith, tucked amongst the writing.

    Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful pieces of your life! Thank you for emailing me re: good food from our great Father!

    In Him!! Amanda

    PS I want in on the next house-parts sale! Will drive from The Woodlands for your second-hand goodies!

  14. Yes, i am absolutely a PINK girl!! I have always loved a bright fuschia pink. i painted my entry way walls and up my staircase "Razzle Dazzle" pink - it's outrageous but i love it! pillows in the next room and tons of pops of pink all over the house. Yet with tall that pink, my house still is very gender neutral, in my opinion.
    It's such a happy color!!

  15. Beautiful pink..I love all your pink favourites :)

    Jeanne xx

  16. You have a beautiful home. I love all of YOUR pink.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. I just found you from Morning T blog and I love your blog now too;... Newest follower! The trouble is, now I have this urge to plant a garden with real food.... the trouble you have but caused my husband.... shhhh... I won't blame you...

    I do have pink.. in fact I did an entire post on how much I have and you can read it here if you have time



"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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