I Have A Garden!

My first official garden! Just looking at it makes me smile!

I'll share the details with you soon, but for now, I'm off to my favorite restaurant with my mom where Chef Randy Evans will be sharing his passion for the farm-to-table food concept. Perfect timing!

Happy Monday, Sweet Friends!


  1. looks great linsey lou!! sad we arent shopping in Marburger today, but i am even MORE exicted about all the progress i made here at my house these past few days!!! headed to h-town tomorrow!! luv u

  2. It looks great! I can't wait to hear the details :)

  3. What a pretty little garden! I'm taking notes!

    xo, Tessa

  4. I'm planting a garden this spring, too. It's my first. I grew up in a rural area in northeast Texas and my grandparents had an enormous garden. My goal is to plant tomatoes, squash and cantaloupes this summer. I'll be interested to see how your garden turns out. Good luck!

  5. Did you plant in wine/champagne/french crates? LOVE!!!! so smart and fresh...hope you will share your how to...

  6. Jackie SharbroughMarch 29, 2011

    Beautiful! Are those wine crates? Great idea for the garden.
    I'm hoping my peppers and tomatoes will work out. But you've inspired me to maybe try some lettuce as well.

  7. beautiful Linsey...keeping my eye on you;)

  8. Looks great Lins and you know I love those wine crates! Can't wait to see what you've planted. Your yard is my favorite so I can only imagine how great the full view must look right now.

  9. Love it! We've perked up our garden too! We'll have to take garden tours at each others houses...nothing like going out and snipping your own herbs to add to your evening meal or enjoying a salad with fresh greens from the yard. Arugula is my favorite and flourishes in the spring and fall! Enjoy!! xoxoLTM

  10. love the crates! what a great idea. i look forward to hearing more about it -- soil is not so great down here for veggies.

    and i'm so glad your trip went well!


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